I mean to open it up. You have to open the four screws here and its more easy. If you press the corner together, then the screws will get out easier. So we have the windshield for the microphone here, which should always point downwards when you put it in the jungle thats the number one most important thing and lets open it up, so we have um. The this plug here goes to the solar panel. On the other side, on the front side, this plug here is the battery which connects to the battery. You can take it out if you want to change it easily. Here is a push button which will wake up the device after it is in sleep mode. So when you forget to turn off the device, it will go automatically into sleep mode after one hour, but you can wake it up with a push button or just turn it off and on again, which does the same. This push button is also used to stop. Recording when you turned off bluetooth, yeah heres, the sd card just push it and it will come out and heres a usb power plug which you can use to charge the batteries here, but there will be no charging indicator or whatsoever. So you have to just leave it on overnight and it will charge the battery is full now to turn it on and to pair it with your app. You need to push the on button.

Then you will see here down here the status the blue status led. So if you can see it yeah, the blue status led basically shows that the device is on and when its flashing like this, it means its ready to be paired with your app after you paired it with your app it will um lit up. It will lit up all the time. Blue. The red led shows the battery status. In this case. It shows that the battery is full. So when the red led is always on it shows, battery is full if the red led is completely off. It means the battery is not full and not empty, so in medium stage, and if the red led flashes every second, that means the battery is empty um. What else um theres some the microphone is some on this side here you can just take it out by pulling the wire, it looks like this theres, a silicon ring at the top to make it watertight. Just in case. You need to change the microphone because thats the only place where water can come inside normally yeah, thats um it already.