All I want to share little information about Ebyte. This is Ebyte E32. What I have here, it is said, can reach 8 Km distance, But about the distance we will talk in another video. We will see how to make this to module. Communicate I have two module here. Each of them is connected to Arduino Uno And I make the wiring on terminal block shield for Uno. The wiring is based on …, Wiring and library. You can see from here Wiring based on this picture. The difference is, I do not use voltage divider. I only use the pull up: resistors 4K7 For Rx and Tx. I give led to each module This. How it works, Transmitter will send signal. Blinking and other data. Receiver will blink if it receives the data, and I use example from this: library. send FixedTransmissionStruct and receiveFixedTransmissionStruct.. So I have downloaded the program to both modules And you see here that receiver is connected to computer, but the led still off The transmitter. I will use power adapter Now, transmitter is sending the data. Receiver also receives the data. If we see in Serial Monitor, I made also counter here that keep increase whenever it receive data from transmitter. This is a simple program. I have not tried if the distance can reach 8 Km., But I think it will be impossible with this antenna. I will try it later. That is all for now.. I just want to share this information.

. If you have any question or advice, please leave a comment..