This example includes three elements: the stm32 ever board, the t5l smart screen and the pcb structure of the smart screen. The piece based structure is to facilitate the video explanation. The example implements three types of control: four ios for controlling the leds on off one pwm for controlling the brightness intensity of the lcd ios for controlling the ultrasonic rangefinder. Next, i will use the phone case to demonstrate at this time. We can observe the change of the parameters of the ultrasonic range finder on the screen. The development of the power functions is based on t5l asic. The smart screen used in the example belongs to ekt evaluation board series from the pcb structure. You can see some interfaces such as ios urts, kins pwms and the fsk, which are convenient for users to develop the wiring of the examples to connect the through whole path of the smart screen to the stm32f board, with dupont wires. While the uart2 of the smart screen is connected to the urlt of the stm32f board, the vowel ring diagram is, as shown in practice, the t5i kt series products can be directly connected to external devices, such as motors via the through hole pad. However, in general, the smart screen is more often used in combination with stm32 ever board. These two rows are the stm hardware interface resources such as io and pwm, etc. For a detailed description of this part, users can refer to the stm official website.

The actual welding used by the users should be based on the needs and definitions. The wiring in the video is just to provide a reference industry applications such as lights for steam ovens, high speed blenders in the soy milk makers can be controlled through ios or other hardware. Interface. Resources next is to explain the development process which is divided into gui development. In the stm32 program development. The tool used for gui development is degas. The configuration files that can be parsed by the t5l asic are generated by the gas interface configuration. They contain. Information of touch display, background icons, etc. That will be configured in the software then download the generated configuration files to the screen, and these two softwares on the left are for secondary development. T5L small screen is pre installed at the underlying program of t5l os and is mainly responsible for serial communication. If there are other needs, you can also use c51 development and download the t5l51 bin file to the screen when developing with cfl one. For the first time there is a situation that uart cannot communicate. In that case, you can write through the uart part of the program, or you can contact the customer service to get official program. It should be noted that the cycle of the glass is 20 milliseconds. The above is the introduction to the development part. This picture introduced the t5l smart screen and the stm32f4 board once again. The hardware interface resources of the smart screen, including urt kim pwm ad and io, can be used directly.

Only the mode of io can parameters etc. Need to be configured and enabled with reference to the t5l development guide and the interface definition of stm32f board can be found in the stm official website of the corresponding model development information. Next, the program section is described. The program based on ios and the pwm is as follows: this is an established code with a total of 337 lines. The main part of the the program is in the main function. This part includes configuration and output mode of ios initialization of pwm parameter configuration of ultrasonic rangefinder in the specific use of ios. You can refer, choose commands for the meaning in function of each line of code, including the ultrasonic, rangefinder timing, data acquisition and the transition and display on the screen. If users need to use a same function, you can directly refer to the code in the example for different modules. Viewer will provide the corresponding reference code. After complete the code in click, build, a hex file will be generated which can be converted into a bin file by using the d1 download for 8051 tour. The dr software covers various touch and display functions that will be used in general. Development such as icon, display, touch button, etc. Music after the interfaces are configured, cool hmi can be realized commonly used. Various functions have been encapsulated in the controls. Only the corresponding parameters need to be configured and one of the more important parameter is vp.

The specific usage can refer to the t5l development guide. The communication between the smart screen and the effort board is achieved by means of serial data.