As you can see, this is my final output in lcd. For arduino Music, as we can see, there are different components: Music, that we need in lcd for arduino Music. We have the arduino uno r3, then the lcd 16 by 2. photoresistor resistor and the led Music. Before we run the lcd for arduino. We have first to put our code, which is, as you can see. This is the code for the lcd for arduino Music. After we complete type the code, the lcd for arduino are ready to function, as you can see, the lcd below, which shows my complete name, which is in the first row. We have my first name and in the second row, is my surname Music. As you can see, this is my final output in the ldr for arduino Music Music. As you can see, we have also the arduino uno r3, the ambient light sensor, photoresistor Music led Music and resistor Music.