. Now listen. I love the Arduino Uno, but hear me out going from the Arduino Uno to the Arduino. Mega 2560 is like upgrading from a soccer dads minivan to a double decker bus sure they both get you from point A to point B, but one allows you to bring the kitchen sink. Lets start with the basics. The Arduino Mega has 54 input output pins. The jargon for that is gpio and that stands for general purpose: input. Output, 54, pins – that is three times as many as the Arduino Uno. The mega can also assign more pwm pins than the Arduino Uno. Its also got 16 analog inputs, thats 10, more than an Arduino Uno and twice as many as the Arduino Nanos, so thats a lot of technical jargon. But in short, it means the Arduino Mega. 2560, rev 3 can connect to a ton, sensors, actuators and other peripherals than the Arduino Uno, or the Nanos can its like your dining room table when you have a bunch of family over at the holidays, and you start putting in those leaves theres a whole bunch. More space for everybody to sit down together, the Arduino Mega 2560 also has a ton more memory than the Arduino Uno. Its got eight kilobytes of SRAM four times as much as the Arduino Uno, 256 kilobytes of flash memory eight times as much as the Arduino Uno and 4 kilobytes of ee prom four times as much as the Arduino Uno, whats up thats, pretty stupid Josh.

I dont even know I dont even know what that means. Thats dumb, this means the Arduino Mega has more space to write your programs more space, to run your programs and more space to store data for later and lets not forget the multiple uarts that an Arduino Mega 2560 packs. If youre accustomed to an Arduino Uno, then having a single serial Port is kind of the norm, the Arduino Mega has four uarts with four uarts. You can communicate to multiple devices at the same time like a Bluetooth, module or a GPS module or other serial devices. Now the reason why the Arduino Mega 2560 rep 3 has all this additional stuff is right. In the name, 2560 refers to the atmega 2560 microcontroller, which is the brains of the Arduino Mega development board. Another great thing about the Arduino Mega is that most of the shields that are designed to work with your super common Arduino Uno form factor will also fit and work perfectly fine on the Arduino Mega 2560 plus the operating voltage on the Arduino Mega is 5 volts, Which is the exact same as the Arduino Uno, so it makes for an easy upgrade from an existing Arduino Uno project and, finally, its worth noting that all of the code that you write for an Arduino Uno will work just fine on an Arduino Mega. Adjusting for PIN numbers and functionality accordingly, maybe its obvious to you. But if your project needs lots of input, output or lots of Serial ports or lots of memory, then the mega could very well be the best fit.

Sometimes, though, when we get something we like to get the bigger thing just because we think its going to be better. Let me be perfectly honest here, though Id say the majority of simple microcontroller projects, where you have a couple inputs, you control a couple outputs. You have a little logic in between, for that in Arduino Uno, almost always has enough IO and enough memory, plus it costs a bit less so Id recommend getting an Arduino Mega when your project actually needs it. I guess one other reason might be. If you keep an Arduino board in your chest pocket you know like one of those things and then somebody shoots you the chance of the Arduino Mega. Stopping the bullet might be bigger than an Arduino Uno and definitely larger than an Arduino Nano. So it could could save your life. So this video right here is the next video youre going to want to watch its going to show you everything about the Arduino Nanos that you need to know to make a decision whether or not its the board. For you. This video right here is going to walk through all of that stuff theres.