How To Install Arduino IDE 2.0 On Windows 10/11 [ 2023 Update ] Arduino Uno Complete Guide

I am going to show you how to install Arduino on the Windows operating system and then also, I am going to show you how to write a simple you know, Arduino program and how to run that on our Arduino. So, Im going to show you the hardware, your connection with your laptop and […]

Arduino + OLED = Serial Port Monitor und Debugger

Nur noch fr Experimente bei den OLEDs habe ich mich mittlerweile auf, die, SPI, OLED eingeschossen, also das ist wirklich hier in meiner Krabbelkiste alles zur Verfgung, ich zeige euch mal was ich vor habe den Mikro verbinde ich hier mit dem OLED ber den. I Quadrat sebus einfach SDA, an sda beim auch noch […]

Top 10 Arduino Projects 2023 | DIY Arduino Ideas

It is very important to clean and sanitize all items during covet, but sanitizers should not be used on fruits, vegetables, packed fruits and other items. Let us check out this DIY Arduino disinfection box, that uses UV rays to kill viruses without water or chemicals. Music. Foreign Music scarecrow is a decoy or mannequin […]

ChatGPT instant C++ script for programming – Great for Arduino beginners!

This Advanced AI can create custom programming code based on your specifications. For example, I told the AI I had an LCD screen and a soil moisture sensor. Not only did it write the code, but it also told me how to wire the modules to the Arduino. This AI could be incredibly useful if […]

Arduino Nano passes the banana test!

The same punch is a much larger development board, but it can fit in really tiny places. This is like a banana, but thats really not the full story. I mean what is an Arduino Nano anyway, if you go to the Arduino website, there are seven different types of Nanos listed, all with different […]

I Asked ChatGPT To Write Arduino Code in 2023 (THE RESULTS WILL SHOCK YOU)

So this is what Im going to show you today in this video. So if you go to the website of, you can click and try the research version of chatibility, which is actually a very Advanced chat. Bot uh, which uses deep learning models to actually use a lot of data on the […]

How to build your Own advanced Arduino UNO | DIY | JLCPCB

All Electronics enthusiasts should be familiar with this board. By the way it has some outdated things like the type B USB port, which is bulky when it has only female header pins for connections. The barrel Jacks also seems very traditional, so I decided to build an updated version of Arduino Uno and I […]

How To Make 4 Digit Passcode Door Lock using Arduino

It is an interesting project. I hope youre gon na like this, so without further Ado lets start this video. This video is sponsored by jlc PCB, which is one of the largest PCB Manufacturing Company of China. First, I have created schematic diagram of the project. Then I created PCB layout and then I […]


‘ Arduino, i ozdoby witeczne Dzie dobry. Poniewa akurat arduinowe spotkanie wypado akurat, w wita postanowiem, omwi, tak, zwane, inteligentne, diody, RGB, z, ktrych moemy, zrobi ozdoby na choink albo ognisko do szopki. Sprostowanie. Na pocztek mae sprostowanie., W poprzednim odcinku wkrad si bd a Wzi si on z, niesprawdzonej, do koca przeze mnie informacji, […]

DIY CAM Profile plotter machine | Arduino based project | Prototype

Thank you, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, uh, huh, Music, all right, Music, foreign, Music Applause, Applause, Music. Thank you, foreign, Music, Applause, Music, foreign, Music, Music, Music, foreign, Music, Music, foreign, Music, Music, foreign, Music, Music, foreign, Music, .com. Glcpcb is worldwide known for their quality and fast PCB production. They are offering high […]

Regalo da Arduino? (e troppe stampanti) – 🎅 Unboxing Natalizio

Ok da un piccolo veloce Unboxing di Natale visto che mi sono arrivate Un po di cose in questi giorni allora in realt, ho messo su anche questa scatola, rossa per questa roba boxta su Instagram perch volevo farci delle storie di Instagram, sulla Unboxing in realt poi il Contenuto era una figata, quindi ci […]

NOOB learns to install VS Code for Arduino

Lets do this. You can learn this all right, Josh, you got a Mac right. I do okay, so lets go ahead and share your screen and go ahead and open up a browser window, Google, whatever and just search for vs code – and it should pop probably one of the first things that […]

Arduino Einstieg (15) – Zeitmessung mit der millis()-Funktion

Here we see our first Blink program again.. We set the switching time with the delay function., But it has one major disadvantage. During this time. The program is stopped and no more program code is executed.. For example, if we want to build an interval blinker that should change the blinking frequency every 5 […]

A Viewer Remade my Old Project! Is it any Good?

And even though its perfboard construction, with all the hot glue snot, does not look very appealing. I would nowadays still say that such a project is pretty handy to have around., Because by simply putting it in series to your power source and load, you can see exactly what voltage and current it demands […]

RPI Zero 2 W vs Arduino H7, Which one is the best for your project?

. This is Eric. In this video Im going to make a something special comparison.. As you know, RPI Zero 2W is the cheapest SBC.. It works based on a Linux based operating system.. The price is just 15.. You can have an SBC at this ridiculously low, price., Insteadto, be sure its very slow., […]

Arduino Einstieg (2) – Aufbau und Schnittstellen – Externe Anschlüsse

Options. Not to be overlooked is the microcontroller circuit.. In addition, only a few peripherals, such as a clock, the USB controller and the voltage adjustment and stabilization for an externally connected power. Supply., And that brings us to the first connection. – A normal plug in power supply can be connected here with a […]

Arduino Einstieg (7) – Input – Bedientasten abfragen – Vergleichsoperatoren

. Today we try to read in digital values. At the connections., The task is very simple.. An LED is to be switched on and off with two buttons. Lets. Look at the circuit construction first., The LED with the series resistor is again at connection 2.. The two buttons are connected to connections 3 […]

How To Make Arduino Mecanum RC Car using a drone Transmitter (Tutorial)

I hope you are having a great day. Well, I dont know how to say it but Im: sorry guys for not uploading any video in the past six months, yeah sure I took a lot of time to upload this video and or site. I do have my reasons and excuses ready, but I […]

Snap On Scope Graphing / Arduino Project

I hope everybody had a good Thanksgiving. I had a great one, and I am thankful for all my uh viewers and subscribers, and also the members of the membership site um, to show my appreciation for you. I got something for you all here. I got this little Arduino set up and Im going […]

Pass Arrays to Functions in Arduino

So if you want to learn how to figure out how to pass an array to a function or multiple arrays, then watch this video because thats exactly what were going to dive into foreign subscribe to our YouTube channel. To get more videos like this, alright, so lets get started. So the first thing […]