Trabalhei na rea tcnica n at alguns anos atrs eu sempre trabalhei ele realmente na rea de eletrnica, automao industrial automao, residencial em alguns projetos tambm eu, like faltava um pouco de um, contedo mais, simples, n Z, um contedo, sempre terico que a gente chama na internet ou. Contedo complexo e eu sou uma […]

Cockpit Caseiro – Maneco de Freio Estacionário Real adaptado para o Euro Truck e American Truck

Se, desfazer porque ele, no ia, mais, usar, no cockpit, dentro esses, itens tinha, a parte inferior do Maneco de freio E, a ele me mandou, por, correio, junto com, uma, outra pea que em breve eu vou, fazer um, vdeo, aqui, para, o canal Ento, j, deixo, aqui, Meu enorme agradecimento ao de Guimares […]

Solar Charger Schematic – My EE Final Year Project

So i suppose probably the first thing to do is to just explain to you what this is so its a nickel metal hydride solar charge, controller thats. What ive put here, but its more like a solar charge at the moment it doesnt have any load functionality so anyways. It uses a solar panel […]

Prak. Elektronika Lanjut – Voltmeter Arduino

Pada resistor 1 kg kemudian dihubungkan ke, PIN ground lalu untuk yang positif ini, dihubungkan, ke, PT terminal 2 pada resistor kemudian dihubungkan ke restore yang satu kilo, lalu telah dihubungkan ke Ancol merangkainya, seperti ini, Kemudian, untuk, menguji, rangkaiannya, itu dengan, mengganti, nilai voltage, atau, tegangan, pada power Supply Lalu nanti dibandingkan, dengan, nilai, […]

Acendendo um led com sensor de luminosidade – Arduino

Negativo da nossa corrente contnua um fiozinho, Preto n corrente, contnua tem preto que polo negativo e vermelho Polo positivo vermelho t aqui 5 volts vou pegar ele aqui para colocar e nesta, pinagem aqui da placa que eu vou colocar ele aqui certinho bem, esquadrejado, n pronto, ento Vou dar uma coisa aqui para […]

Making Sound Machines Tausend dB – DIY tutorial, review, quick demo

today were going to share two exciting modules built by our friends, roland and enrique, at making sound machines. They presented these modules last weekend at superbooth, berlin, and now we are lucky enough to get to build them. They gifted these modules to us because they like what we do with the channel. Thanks […]

Simon dice con Arduino

Y evita que se dae como, los ves como, los fines de hardware entonces para empezar: un proyecto para empezar primero tienen que abrir el lder entonces voy, a mi cultura Msica ya. Que nos encontramos una y renault hay que seleccionar que efectivamente estemos conectados al puerto de las 11 conectan efectivamente y estamos […]

Prototype AnimDio v1 terminé.

Bon jai pas encore de dioramas comme lillustr donc jai repris un peu ce quil y avait dans lme inquite donc, je vais dmontrer un peu avec ce que la mme chose que ce quils avaient dans la maquette qui sont juste pour des tests et jai tout pos Ici sur le plateau un apro […]

More about the EMCO UNIMAT SL Lathe

This is the long awaited follow up video about the mca, unimate sl lathe. I made a video about this lathe four years ago and i posted it on my youtube channel and it has been extremely successful. The next burning issue is: can you machine steel on the slab? It is quite possible to […]

The Ultimate Motion Sensor and how it's made #technology #arduino.

We are going to be making a motion sensor light. Firstly, i would like to apologize for hour of the project in this video really came out, as you are about to see. Apart from the project being rough, it works pretty well for emotion, sensored, light as youre about to see in the video […]

Simulasi Arduino dengan SimulIDE

Second, digital Ride, kondisi LED menyala delay; 10. Second, medis ini, ini, untuk, kita masuk ke file, Link 1x nya kita copy lalu, kita masukkan, ke Windows, Explorer kita, paste, mencipta, hapus, untuk, double Slice, juga kita, hapus, lalu kita enter disini terkait link, satu teksnya kita copy dan kita disini bersifat, temporary jdi, ketika […]

Why Cant we use Arduino D13 pin as input pin🤔 Digital and Analog I/O Functions👈🏻

Well learn about the syntaxes used in arduino programming. There are different types of function in arduino to program arduino boards. We will discuss all the basic functions in this video for pin controlling of arduino. I hope you know all the things about the parts of arduino. If you are not aware about this, […]

Video Proyecto Final PIP Python+Arduino

La contrasea va a ser 1 2. 3 hay que cuidar bien e ingresar. Lo que son los actos antes y darle el siguiente porque si no de lo contrario, no se va a poder avanzar. Lo que es la segunda, ventana como se muestra a continuacin este consiste en simular un un semi cajero […]

sensor LDR dengan Arduino

adi, point dipimpin, satu lalu, untuk lcd nya, dipimpin 11 lalu untuk mendeklarasikan integer sensor, LDR, sama, dengan, nilainya, nol, Integra output, juga nilainya, nol, untuk, websitenya, sendiri band metal, id nya, menjadi output, lalu, setelahnya Fight club sensor LED analogread final, Dr navin LDR ini, yang ada di PIN 11 itu untuk membaca programnya […]

Grupo#11 “código azul”| Bastón para ciegos con arduino y sensor ultrasónico |

Proyecto bien por empezar utilizamos, un bastn una caja de cartn unos cables de circuito que vienen siendo un kit de cables, macho macho macho hembra y hembra hembra y un va a ser informan que vienen siendo este y, ah utilizamos una placa de arduino solamente utilizamos una Y una brett board tambin utilizamos […]

Voltmeter DC 0 – 25 V dengan Arduino UNO & LCD 1602

di, kali, bagi, lima, yang, eh, Hai, jika, kita, gitu, ya, jika, kita, itu maka, setiap, tegangan, yang terukur, nantinya, mulai, dari, rem, 123, sampai, 25Volt akan menghasilkan tegangan yang kreatif, yaitu tegangan, minimal novel dan maksimal Duos Iman sebesar 5volt yang akan, terbaca pada papan, botol 100 jadi dashiegames melihat, bahwa, jika, tegangan input, […]

Entwurf und Bau einer Leiterplatte – SMD-LED – Elektronik lernen

In der regel einen kleinen punkt auf der oberseite dinge allerdings wahrscheinlich nur mit einem mikroskop erkennen knnt hier ist vorsicht geboten, manche hersteller kennzeichnen mit diesem punkt die anode, andere dagegen die kathode berprft. Also immer das. Datenblatt des herstellers, oder testet die leds, selbst, hier, sehen, wir dass die led leuchtet wenn der […]

LED Blink in ESP 8266 || Arduino Program for LED Blink || NODE MCU Programming

So this board is a nodemcu module, so today ill just tell that how you can write a code to control the led on the chip on this board itself. So, as i have shown in the online video, also that what we simulation so we can control the internal internal led. So here the […]

Getting Started with Seeed XIAO BLE nRF52840 (Sense) | World Smallest Nordic BLE Module

Recently i got these two parts from seed studio. These two boards are based on bluetooth, low energy, 5.2 chip called nrf52840 that is manufactured by nordic semiconductor. One of the board is called seed, sour ble and the other body is called seed, sour bili sense. There is a difference between these two birds. […]

Arduino – onderdelen

Dat is de uitvoer elke klassieke computers, geeft wel een, toetsenbord, om gegevens, aan de computer toe in te voeren waarop webcam en luidsprekers zijn twee invoerapparaten enkele uitvoeren praten natuurlijk elk profielen beschikte hoeken over een, monitor maar ik, heb, gebruik, maken van een, printers of hoe het Van luidsprekers zowel van de invoer, […]