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arduino gps speedometer

    What this is so this big old mess of stuff here is actually functioning as a GPS tracker, so there’s two parts to it. You just have to read in the current location using the GPS, and then you use the sim module or the some module to send that to a web […]

arduino battery monitor

    So I come up with a solution. I made a small capacity tester based on Arduino Nano today I will show you how you can make a capacity tester like this first go through the schematic. I have done this on. Freezing the main circuit is consists of a lithium ion battery load […]

arduino 0-5v output

    What we’re exactly what we’re gon na do in this video. I know I mentioned Arduino, even if you’re not using Arduino are not familiar with Arduino. This video will be useful for you as well, if you’re just trying to take a PWM on a different type of microcontroller and use it […]

arduino join strings

    So the the path that we’re on we’re trying to get to this place, where we have there’s this large body of text that we’re loading from a file or there’s all these numbers that are coming from some website or some URL someplace we’re pulling data in from Somewhere and we’re, almost […]

arduino jtag

    Jtag stands for the joint test, action group and I’m sure you’ve, probably heard of JTAG, and you may have even used it in terms of programming, a microcontroller or an FPGA, or you andor, using it as a debugging interface, or something like that. For example. Well, that’s, not the only thing […]

arduino servo motor

    , Then I’m, going to show you a practical example where we make a simple laser, turret. Finally, I’m going to show you how to program an Arduino to control the laser turret using a free, open source, visual programming, language called XOD.. What is a servo In this context? The term servo […]

arduino 3 wire temperature sensor

    Well, look at a couple of different ways: you can code for this versatile device and we’ll even add an additional component to our circuit to make our results far more accurate, so there’s a lot to cover today so grab your sensors and welcome to the workshop Music. Hey welcome to the […]

arduino esplora

    Il sensore di temperatura un accelerometro triassiale abbiamo poi un sensore di sono microfono abbiamo poi degli ingressi formula rappresentati da dei pulsanti abbiamo qui sulla, parte sinistra un joystick con un pulsante sulla che si ottiene la cui funzione si ottiene tremendo la abbiamo, un buzz per l’emissione Di suoni abbiamo un […]

arduino 4-20ma transmitter

    These are extremely robust and actually very easy to use. Even if you just want to interface it with an Arduino, all you got to do is add a voltage drop, resistor 250 ohms. We have whatever battery doesn’t matter. Doesn’T matter goes into the sensor itself, then through here, whatever amperage is […]

arduino 2 dimensional array

    So in the last tutorial we have learned about the arrays for a single dimensional arrays, an error is nothing but the collection of similar elements, and in the last tutorial we had an example of marks. We were storing the mark of a student in the array and what, if we want […]

arduino beginner projects

    , USB USB. Arduinos, USB 9 DC 5 quot quot, 5, 3.3 Ardui TX RX, GPS, 2, 13, 0S, 1S., 5V, 1, 0V, 0., 1, 0., 6, 0, 5V.,, USB. COM, Usb. quotquot AnalogReadSerial. quot, A0, 5V quot. …, 10K, 1K, 0, 5, 9600, A0, sensorValue. sensorValue, sensorValue, Serial.println, USB 0, 5, […]

arduino kids

So let’s get straight into the action to make breadboard Ben. I use the following components: an arduino nano 2 photo resistors and two 10k ohm resistors to continuous rotation. Servos, some acrylic, a caster wheel to model aeroplane, wheels a breadboard, some breadboard jumper cables and some batteries, one for the Arduino and one […]

arduino 9v output

    Goal is to keep it simple and make a device that most electronic hobbyists Could replicate., I will show you how to make a device that will automatically switch output of quick charge, 2.0 power supply to 9 or 12 volts.. You can select the output voltage by making simple modifications to the […]

arduino quadcopter kit

    If one have to take the quadcopter to the left side, the right motors must be speeded up and the left motors must with speed it down so that the actual drag drag. The quadrocopter to the left in the same with the right direction. Now, how can we roll the quadcopter any […]

arduino 0-5v input

    Maybe – and it came to me because my friend asked me to he – wants to sell LEDs in the interior of his car and take out the old bulbs and he wanted blue. So I figured why not allow them to have every single color. So we got some of these […]

arduino xml library

    You can get more information using the link in the description, but for now let’s get moving step. 1 download the arduino project browse to cohesive computing code at UK, slash help download the LCD menu sample project you’ll, see in Arduino project and some XML files open one of the files and […]

arduino 328p

    This is the genuine article. You look on the back. You have all the markings that indicate that this is a genuine Arduino made in Italy, open source, electronics, prototyping platform. This is an dunno revision 3, but the other two are clones. Now this one looks very similar as the full size, […]

arduino weather station

    . Today we build a real time clock., As you can see in the display. We have here date time and the temperature.. All this is accomplished with the use of only one chip.. This little chip is the DS3231 chip.. This one here.. Let see how it is built. The DS3231 chip. […]

arduino output voltage

We can do that using relays relay is actually a switch which is electrically operated by an electromagnet. The electromagnet is activated with a low voltage, for example, 5 volts from a microcontroller, and it pulls a contact to make or break a high voltage circuit. As an example for this tutorial, I will use […]

arduino string

    This is going to be a short lesson, but an important lesson in lesson: number five. We will be using the same circuit that we have used in the last couple of lessons. Specifically, that is this one here you can see down in the lower left. We already have it hooked up, […]