Why we need this board. This is the picture of five co founders of arduino board in italy. This arduino board was created by the interaction design institute in ibria coast. So why we need to use this board because of its small in size and has all the components like a computer at work and its very user friendly what you will get on this board? It has many digital and analog input. Output, pins for fast processing have a ceramic resonator memory storage depending upon boards, one reset button for further use and an arduino ide for program this board. So we divided all types of boards into three category at the beginner level. You can use these boards, and these are the microcontroller cheap, corresponding the boards in these boards have some extra features and the mcu chips respectively. Now most widely used boards in industries are iot boards, so these are the corresponding mcu chips. Here is the pictures of all configurations of three category boards. You cannote down it for your use. In this video we will talk about arduino uno r3. So here is the configuration of this board. It has atmega328 mcu chip, 16 megahertz ceramic condenser, one reset button: an icsp header, six analog input, output, pins 0 to 13; digital input, output, pins out of them six pulse width, modulation, pins, one 2.0. Usb power jack now see the tutorial how to download arduino software and install it first open your google, chrome and type arduino software download click on any https link of arduino software.

Then click on windows, 7 and newer. If your system is windows, 7 or new version, otherwise you can chose linux or mac. As per your system, os from the open tab, click on just download and select the folder to store it. It will take five to ten minutes as per your network connection. So keep patience you can program maximum number of arduino boards by this arduino ide. I am first forwarding the video for you after downloading select, show in folder now double click on it. Then i agree. Click next, then click on install now close it. You can see on the desktop, have one arduino.exe file? Double click on it at the beginning, default program will open. It is a blink led program now connect the arduino hardware board through usb cable, go to tools, select the arduino uno from boards and chose ports. Now, click on upload after uploading, the program you can see built in lead is blinking in your arduino board.