I am supervised by toyota, zambia, brahmin. So, first of all i will go to introduce of my project. The project aims to design a crowd monitoring system to maintain a crop hub cloud based servers and mobile based device help users to control a view group status monitoring by hardware device. This could help produce a more result with less manpower, while maintaining crop hub to minimize growth. I have three goals for this project: first to design and develop an internet of thing based iot system for monitoring plant health next to test the purpose system; functionality based on soil, moisture, humidity and temperature ph level and automated watering. Lastly, to verify the effectiveness of purpose system with a real life case study will be used so based on this project, i figured a few problems which stayed with a plant group. In recent years there has been a surge in interest in indoor plants which can be utilized to produce a food or simply for decoration and health benefits. Plant health is a required site for long term. Land sustainability, poor plant health can lead to decreased growth, yield and quality, as well as plant feeds. Three problems that may plan the head is difficult to. Maintaining plant growers are having difficult growing, high quality groups and, most of them no time to monitor plant health. Well, this is an illustration for this project where here we can see about the sensor plates on the blend to get a reading for the parameters that have been set before sending the data to the next method, which is a firebit.

Basically, soil moisture will place onto salt to detect the moist of soil for ph level sensor water level, which is a fluid switch and water power will place on water storage. Lastly, for the humidity it plays at a system block to detect humidity and temperature of the surrounding for the result and analysis. The implementation of this project was tested here. The result that was appear in firebase after the system run. This firebase will collect the real time, data and story next. This is the interface appearing on the users smartphone after the data received from firebase, linked with arduino studio. Before conclusion, this project has come out with a new way for agriculture sector. For the conclusion, this iot and arduino based software development for smart plan monitoring system will include both software and hardware development. This device is designed to monitor group and make more easier. This is an arduino ide setting here. All the systems need to monitor. The crop has been set now the system is running. The system will start when waiting at reach a reading of 100 percent Music. When the reading has reached 100, the system will start sending a signal and a response from the sensor will be received in arduino ide. We can get to know the readings of the crop by using a ceremony tab Music. When the data has been received, it will be sent to the firebase as a cloud to store the latest data readings.

The firebase setting will read the reading in a real time. In firebase also, we can set firestore to store all the data. Additionally, if we want to see the data analysis that has been done, we can look at the project overview Music. As you can see here, the symbol of the android, which is this system firebase, has be connected with android studio Music in the android pseudo setting. This is the setting on the user phone here. All the data received by firebase will also be sent to android studio to get the reading setting on the users smartphone if view through the phone, the data will be seen by the user in the setting of their respective mobile phone Music anyway. For hardware esp32 will be connect to the arduino ide Music. Here, the hd 22. We read the surrounding condition in terms of humidity and temperature. The float switch, which detect the water level in the water storage will read the water level if the water level is high because there is still water in the water storage ph level sensor will also read the ph value of the water in the water storage.