The development of an automatic plan monitoring system by employing an arduino software and hardware in particular, so the objectives are for the students to gain skills and information in a ranged situation. For example, the analytical knowledge required to address the engineering design problem Music by using technology as well as entrepreneurial skill and traits required throughout the product manufacturer Music. Next, for the significance of the project, our project will have a significantly positive influence to students, especially in terms of usefulness of the syllabus and exposure to the outlook of an engineers job prospect, in this case, mainly in the use of arduino. As for the mechanism of this project, it is based on the application of the syllabus to the design and development of our selected topic, which is automatic watering plant system and all the way to the finish output of our system. So this project will allow us to create an automatic watering system gadget with maker culture and tinkering characteristics, Music. Moving on for the scope of our project, the aspects of the work completed for this project are as the following. So, first up we are going to be focusing on developing an automatic watering system plant system that will water the plant whenever the soil moisture is low. Other than that, we will only use the arduino system to develop the automatic watering plant system, and also the system will notify the user whenever the tank of the water to be used is going to be empty next, the model of our project is made by using Material that are cheap and easy to obtain, and, lastly, this project is going to be using the normal temperature in malaysia to get the average moisture and dry level for soil in malaysia that were going to be using in the system thats it from me.

Thank you. I want to explain about 3.0 real life application. Okay, farmers are having self difficult watering their crop this day and they didnt of agriculture its because they dont have a good question and how much electricity is available even through easy update. They must form the water and wait for the feet to be at a quick water rate which forced them to stop doing other course that are equally essential to them, resulting in the waste of valuable time and effort. However, there are is a solution and auto brand motoring system. Not only acids farmer, but also many other gardener is watering. Their plant plant that are healthy may lose an amount of moisture once you increase the most of the greenhouse air massively high humidity over 80 to 85 percent must be avoided, since it might increase basis incident and photosynthesis. Efficiency, condensation on plant surface and greenhouse structure can be avoided with suffering, painting consumptive eating and painting using a cooling system as during hot summer morning, rice, the humidity, the greenhouse yeah for our groups problem statement. We have identified two main problems, the first being that people who are busy tend to forget to water their plants. Therefore, their plants cannot live healthy. Next farmers tend to face problems in water irrigation during times of water scarcity. Those two problems are the main basis of why we chose the automated plan monitoring system as the title for our project. So our objective of the project were to develop an automatic monitoring system by using arduino uno.

Secondly, to understand the function and control of each electronic component and how it is integrated to the automatic watering system. Third, to learn the program. The automatic ordering system, by using basic arduino program, language for to create an automatic system that will solve the majority of irrigation and agricultural challenge. Fifth control and conserve both water and power increase agricultural productivity with tiny amounts of water. Okay. For the purpose idea, there are three functional components in system: there are soil, moisture, sensor, motor pump and ultrasonic sensor. The arduino board is programmed using the arduino ied software humidity sensor is used to detect the soil, moisture content or pump is used to supply water to plant annually. They tell us when the bucket is empty, so moisture and temperature pre determined range, insert perpendicular for average plant, moist development, Music threshold and then set off automatically in the system mentioned before it will be used for our solenoid sensor. We determine the amount of water remaining in our watering container. A blue led you need when the water labelled the bucket is less than 2 cm when the bucket is contained in water, they actually turn on. Next, i will be talking about the materials used by our group in order to accomplish our automated time monitoring system. So, firstly, we have the arduino mega and we also have the soil moisture sensor. Both of these components were provided by ukhems laboratory the rest of the products we used were purchased through shopee online store.

These products are the rgb led light the breadboard, the relay module, the water pump ultrasonic sensor, the oled corrector display the piezo speaker, the 330 ohm resistor. Besides these components, we also bought a flower flower pot with soil and also a water bottle to store our water. As the water tank, we also use a capacitor, a step down converter and a humidity sensor, Music. Okay, for the purpose idea, there are three function: components in system: there are soil, moisture, sensor, motor pump and ultrasonic sensor. The arduino board is programmed using the arduino ied software humidity sensor is used to detect the soil, moisture content or pump is used, supply water to plant, and already that tell us when the bucket is empty cell, moisture and temperature predetermined range insert perpendicular for average plant Voice requirement the according to the system, is Music sensor threshold and then set off automatically in the system mentioned before. It will be used ultra solid sensor to determine the amount of water remaining in our watering container. The blue led when the water level is less than 2 cm when the bucket is contained in water, barely Music, hello. My name is today ill. Give you a walkthrough for our project on recording the circuit design, the results, the problem that we face and the compression. So come on Music, Music, hi, hello, everyone! My name is frieza amira and im going to explain about this system and what company that we use for this project.

So, as you can see, we are using the ultrasonic sensor to measure down the water level and down there. Weve got water farm, and here we got the step down converter, and here we got the relay with capacitor here and we are using the arduino mega and, as you can see, weve got the visa speaker, the lcd, the humidity sensor and the soil, moisture sensor, module And here weve got the led to notify us whenever um the water to here is at low level, so yeah im going to switch on and lets see how it works Music. So, as you can see, this is our display and yeah. This is Music Music. So, as you can see, whenever the uh the moisture is below 300 um, the system is going to pump out the water so whats the soil, so yeah. Here we go thats all as you can see here. The moisture level is more than 300. So the really will not allow the water to pump out to our soil all right and, as you can see here, the led is turned on. This is because our ultrasonic sensor is now detecting the water level is more than 12 centimeter. So it indicates us that we have to refill the packet all right. Thank you, Music, Music. This is to lower down the current output to the motor, which is from 7 volt to 5v. After that everything turns out well, Music. In conclusion, the project achieve it goals by doing this project, a lot of things that we have there, such as electronic knowledge and abilities, are learned and developed in a highly practical way, so, secondly, hands on experience is required to gain knowledge and abilities in use of Both arduino ide programming software and the arduino board.

Finally, the desired engineering design process skills are used and learned successfully. The concept does answer their problem statement. It was designed to address, which is to innovate from the finding challenge of gardening, which is having to water. The plant on a regular basis, so the project or system of the product provides a solution to the problems they made by delivering an automated system that performs plan watering based on the soil moisture.