The topic for a project is automatic irrigation system using arduino. My team members are nachan gokul kedar naval shivam introduction. Irrigation is artificial application of water to the land or soil knowing when and how much to water is too important aspect of watering process to make a farming work easily. The automatic irrigation system is created, problem faced in agriculture over irrigation under irrigation, objective to minimize manual inventions by the farmer to prevent excessive wastage of water electricity working. This project is arduino uno to control the motor. The arduino board is programmed using the arduino ide software. The moisture sensor measured the level of moisture in the soil and sends the signal to the arduino in watering is required. The motor pump supply water to the plants until the desired moisture level is reached. The circuit used in the project is soil, moisture, sensor, arduino 5 volt battery 5v water pump, 5 volt relay arduino uno. The arduino uno is a micro controller board, it is 14 digit input, output, pins 6 and the lock input or 16 megahertz ceramic resonators. A usb connection, a power jacket and icsp header and a reset button. The arduino board is programmed using the arduino ide software moisture sensor, soil moisture sensor measure the water content in soil. A soil, moisture probe is made up of multiple soil moisture sensor. Soil electrical conductivity is simply measured using two metal conductors paste apart in soil, expect that dissolved salt greatly the water conductivity and can cont the measurements, the soil electrical conductivity sensitive, the variety of soil, salinity and temperature, as well as water, water bombs.

The water pump is used artificially supply water for a particular task. It can electronically control the interfacing in it to microcontroller. It can be triggered on off by sending signals as required. The process of artificial supplying water is known as pumping advantages. It is highly sensitive working. According to the soil condition, its low cost and reliable circuit, complete eliminations of manpower system can be switched into manual mode whenever required. Conclusion in present days, especially, farmers are facing major problem in watering their agricultural field. Its because, having no proper idea about when the power is available, so they can pump water even after they need to wait until the field is properly watered, which makes them to stop other activities. Here is an idea which helps not only farmers, even the watering gardens. Also, which sends soil, moisture and switches the value automatically when the power is on Music, oh Music. I would like to thank zeel college of engineering and research pune to give us such a great opportunity. Thank you zeal.