TOP 5 Arduino Based Projects You must try to build your own 2022

Thank you, Music! Thank you! Music, Music, oh yeah, Music, foreign, Music, Music. Thank you, Music, foreign, Music, Music. Thank you, Music, Music, foreign, Music, hello guys. Here we have a brand new oscilloscope in our lab from the brand name, phoenixi, its model number is 1014d and during the unboxing I found bunch of […]

How to use Rotary Encoder with Arduino

We were using a pot to light up all LEDs in this 8×8 LED Matrix this week. Well, look at Rotary encoders, the electronic parts that are also the type of position sensors, but they achieve the same objective in a completely different way. If you want to see how rotary encoders work and how […]

Testing the Arduino Marble Gate

The Arduino is acting like a power switch. So when the LED lights up, the signal is turned on in this solenoid pulling the iron bar into the solenoid and then when the Arduino shuts the power off. The solenoid is releasing the iron bar and this movement is opening and closing the marble gate. […]

Nuovo ARDUINO in ANTEPRIMA MONDIALE e non solo! Maker Faire 2022

Il video con il copyright della musica della macchina Tek cambio al volo magliettina per volta 2022 mostriamo un modello alla schiena oneste e loro sono. I rinforzi con le casse dacqua Salve Ah Gazometro Ostiense pensando lanno scorso allora abbiamo Marco che lautore delle magliette overvolte 2022 ma anche ne avete sicuramente visto in […]

DOS Games On An Arduino?!

This particular board is meant to sort of be compatible. I think with Arduino peripherals. I I think these are standard, headers Im, not really sure I dont really play with arduinos very much, but the difference is rather than being based on an AVR or whatever. This is based on an x86 platform, specifically […]

Lauflicht ohne DELAY! LED Lauflicht mit millis() [Arduino für Anfänger] C++ programmieren lernen

Beispiel, fr fnf LEDs, entschieden man, kann natrlich auch, mehr, oder weniger nehmen, je nachdem fr was man, sich entscheidet msste man, dann allerdings den Code, noch anpassen da die LEDs von unserem, Arduino, plus seitlich angesteuert werden knnen Sie, sich, eine gemeinsame Masse teilen und die, schlieen wir Jetzt, an einmal in den massepin […]

#251 8-bit Shift Register for your Arduino's LEDs or 7-Segment Display

. How did the digits get displayed on here anyway? Lets have a talk about shift registers and dont go away its far far simpler than what you might think. I want to give a big shout out to PCB way PCB prototype the easy way now. First of all, theres a little bit of […]

13 New Arduino projects you must try in 2022!

We will see some amazing projects made with Arduino lets, get started number 13 pocket sized computers were very popular in the late 90s and early 2000s, but then they were replaced by modern smartphones. These pdas are almost obsolete. Now so volos projects decided to make this from scratch using a custom PCB a […]

Reviewing the Arduino IDE 2 0

We will have a look at the new Arduino IDE version 2.0.0 that was released last week mid september 2022.. It has taken quite a while for the Arduino team to come to an official release of their new IDE a in March 2021. More than one and a half year ago, I had a […]

Arduino IDE 2.0 – Overview and New Features

If youve ever done a project with a microcontroller board like from the arduino board or the arduino clones, maybe an esp32 board, raspberry pi pico, the challenger 20 40, all the balls from adafruit theres. So many boards youve probably used the arduino ide, use the arduino ide to write the program and then […]

Controlling Water Flow with a Solenoid and Arduino IoT Cloud Part 2

You can check out commercial for pay Design Services, electronic Design Services at All right lets get started. Okay, heres a slide. I showed in part one so Ill just go over it quickly, but heres our whole setup. We have our esp32 board, which is our brains behind it. It can connect to […]

Il NUOVO IDE 2.0 di Arduino è quello che ci voleva!

I ragazzi di Arduino e quindi quando escono le novit vuol dire che il mio supporto Comunque porta dei frutti e almeno piccola parte del mio supporto portare. I frutti parliamo del leader 2 che uscito ieri in versione definitiva dopo, quasi tre, anni di sviluppo e negli, ultimi mesi Poi hanno cominciato, a rilasciare […]

Simple 3D Printed Enclosure Design – ARDUINO GIVEAWAY!

In that video, you see a lot of custom 3d printed housings, and today what i wanted to do is actually show you with a brief tutorial how i design and 3d print my custom housings. This one here has an arduino uno inside and, if youre interested in winning stay to the end of […]

Build an Arduino Mass Driver – Cool Science Project

If you would like to build your own for a science or engineering project, lets start with the basics and talk about the operating principle and how this thing works. Here i have a wire coil wrapped around a hollow tube and a cylindrical piece of steel that i cut from a steel rod. Im […]

✅Cual Resistencia lleva un LED para usar con un Arduino

A m se le ocurri al fundador de arduino, no eso es un clculo y se hace ms o menos un promedio de cul es la resistencia, limitadora de corriente es una resistencia, a limitar la corriente; para que no se nos vaya, a quemar los leds porque. No se vayan a daar porque un […]

Arduino Cloud Explained

Your data remotely share, live updates with other services, and much more in this video were going to show you all. You need to know about the arduino cloud environment and its advanced features im liam from arduinos content team, and this is condensed video to get. You started with our cloud ecosystem check the […]

01 Getting Started with ESP32 | IoT Development | Arduino IDE setup | ESP32 pinout | GPIO Led Blink

Well, look at the esp32 specifications and some of the common development boards that are currently available in the market. Youll learn how to configure your Arduino IDE so that it allows you to communicate and upload programs to your esp32. Take note that we are no longer using the Arduino Uno board for this […]

How to use interrupts in Arduino projects

For starters, the quality of sound is really bad. Then i did not script the voiceover for this video, so you have a lot of ease and ass and generally i sound like im falling asleep and of course i made the rookie mistake of having an annoying loud background music, but the main reason […]

Controlling Water Flow with a Solenoid and Arduino IoT Cloud Part 1

com. All right lets get started all right, so heres an overview of what we plan to cover in part one and two. So first off were going to start with a linear, solenoid thats, going to be integrated with a valve to control. You know water or gas or oil flow, so well talk […]

Arduino with Vim & Rust?

This would give me a lot of the good parts of the arduino ide, just right up front right away within vim, and i could use vims build system but thats, not how we do it here. No, no, so im gon na make something of myself. Of course, plus were using lua, which means […]