Learn Arduino in in a minute

So what is an arduino im? Sure youve heard about these things a million times by now and if youre confused, you have every right to be because the word arduino refers to so many different things. Keep watching and ill explain all of them. Microcontrollers are integrated circuits that are basically tiny computers. They […]

Arduino Gas Sensor with that we will connect Buzzer Means Whenever Any Gas come buzzer will sound 🔊

Buzzer means whenever any gas will come near the gas sensor, then buzzer will blink and i am going to do in laptop. If you also dont have the stuff, you can also do in your laptop, and if you want to support me, just hit the subscribe button and dont forget the bell icon […]

DIY Arduino radar gun

Let me get it like the police cage point it at your car, its not a gun and, like um, see how fast youre going im gon na make one of those um diy, obviously see it. Doesnt look rebuilt, um, yeah, so im gon na show you how that works. Okay, so here we […]

✅Gel Antibacterial 🩺 Automático Fácil 🚨Con Arduino

Nada. Ms que decir vamos con el vdeo Msica entonces mis amigos, lo hemos estado utilizando un servomotor en eje 99, 6 r es un botn de este es un servomotor como estar utilizando un sensor t srt 500 que es comnmente para un seguidor de lnea vamos, a dar Un solo vamos, a algn […]

Traffic Light Controller with Arduino UNO using TinkerCAD

You know using tinkercad circuit design, Music lets create a new circuit and Music rename the project name with traffic light signal using arduino. You know Music for circuit designing. We would require an arduino board Music, one breadboard Music, 3 leds, Music, 3 resistors Music do and change the color of the led as […]

Arduino For Loops Experiment 2 | What are Delay Commands | Explained in Hindi/Urdu

I have connected ground with arduino ground and for providing positive signals to both leds. I will use, Pin 2 3 of arduino board, so here i have completed all the connections Lets move out to there coding session. In my previous video, we had designed the same code as mentioned now. We will change […]

Project Arduino, Membuat Running LED

Club nah pada film ini, ilangin, kita, Nyalakan eh sore atau kasih comment see yang kita, ingin Nyalakan yang itu pada, pin, pin nomor dua pintu 02.00 pada Arduino ini Allah, Hai, sedangkan, sedangkan, PIN Musik Tengah, salah, PIN sisanya itu mati mati oke takut tertulis digital World sore Musik c232 adalah haid itu hidup […]

Instalación del programa Labview y programación en arduino

Se nos abrir, esta ventana, el cual, vamos, a poner nuestro lado de usuario y le damos siguiente se vern estas ventanas al principio, se ver donde se va a instalar el programa le damos siguiente y se nos abrir, esta ventana y le damos, siguiente sin elecciones, abrir, Esta ventana y seguimos las siguientes […]

Light Animation Control Using Arduino And MATLAB Based GUI

My name is abby emanuel here with me, and my group members usman allah ahmad alex balaguji israel. Who is the title i put the text. My project is light animation using matlab gui. This project comes with two parts: the software and the aggregate parts in the id. In the software pass, a gi […]

introduction to Arduino Uno board || difference between microcontroller and microprocessor.

I hope you all are safe and sound in spandemic. So far we were talking about the proteus tutorial series, where we have learned about lot of things like how to install proteus software, how to use different components like oscilloscope r graphs, or how to configure different components as per your requirement. So now […]


Once t shirt, warna, objek, color, mikroba, jadi, warna, Hai, hijau game, saya, mulutnya, Untuk, Yang poten, dua ini, kita, buat, tapi of Patent dua, M2 teksnya; ah, ah mencuci pakaian, oh Hai, warnanya, juga, kita, rubah, hai, jiwa di sini, ya, ini, kita program, untuk, pacarnya, ini, kita, Tinggal klik dua kali cuma ngasih, […]

Arduino Semáforo y sirena

Es una sirena vamos a mostrar cmo es de que funciona esta sirena y nos damos cuenta que en 100 de el color azul el color rojo, azul rojo sencillamente lo que hace tenerlo y vamos, a visualizar el cdigo que se cre mi nombre como este que funcionan Los pines y vamos, a ver […]

How to use 18650 Battery Shields (USB charger, Arduino, ESP32, ESP8266)

Now what ive done is gone and purchased all three of the available sizes that you can actually get now. The key difference between them is that the first unit holds one battery. Second holds two and the last one holds four of those 18650 cells. Now lets go through the specs of these units. […]

Temperature and Humidity Monitor Device using Arduino, OLED, and DHT Sensor in Bangla

Kilo ohm resistor 80, one kilo, ohm register duty female to male. I serial header, male 2 male 1. Serial header motto says: Music Music Music in jack. It should have higher 800.96 inch metro into either contrast level displays. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0cvalt8teq0

Development news For new KC868-A8 Arduino relay module board

I will show you our new product. This is kc868a8. This is updated version of the a4 board and this board also, you can use arduino ide write any code on esp32 module, and this bar have eight channel relay output and eight channel digital input, and this this time the most important is use. […]

Arduino programming for Beginners: Why should you choose Arduino?

The concept of arduino programming ive been in this community for over six years now, and i feel a burden to pass on another to people like you watching this video. In a way that is simple and its easy to understand, so what is arduino arduino is an open source project or community. With […]

Arduino Signaling TTGO T-Display Using Digital GPIO Pins

How did i get my arduino uno to signal my tt goatee display that its time to do something thats an interesting scenario, so i accepted the challenge im going to use these two simple example sketches from the arduino ide button and digital read serial now. Both of these remarkably have the same wiring […]

RGB LED Random Color With 433MHz RF Remote and Arduino

For this project, you will need a 433mhz rf module. Rgb led module, jumper, wires, arduino and viswino program wire. Everything according to this schematic go to visuino.eu and download and install viswino software Music start viswino and select the arduino board in our case its arduino uno. Add random color component Music, Music, add […]

How To Setup A ws2812b RGB LEDs With Arduino Nano

The items youre going to need is a ws2812 neopixel rgb leds, an arduino nano, a usb cable that will connect to the arduino nano three alligator clips that will connect to the rgb leds and three jumper wires that will connect to the arduino nano now lets go Ahead and assemble this project and […]

Urna Eletrônica com Arduino nas Escolas [Espaço do Aluno] #Sextiou

Net o professor Antnio Carlos l de Pernambuco construir um projeto muito til pessoal ao lado do lado de toda sua equipe estudantes e Olha s que legal ele fez, uma urna para contar os votos E quem seria, o prximo representante da sala e tudo isso usando, o Arduino e, a programao ser mais […]