arduino yun tutorial

  [adrotate banner=”7″]   Also in combination with the ideas: 31 32. Real time clock module. We will make a data logging example where we will store the data of a temperature sensor to the SD card and import it into Excel to make a chart out of it. But first let’s take a look […]

arduino uno datasheet

  [adrotate banner=”7″]   Take a quick look at the Arduino Uno board that came with the Arduino starter kit that I purchased. This is the box then initially is in and there’s the Arduino. Now, at the heart of this board, is the Atmel microcontroller chip it’s, the largest chip on the board for […]

C0285 IR Night Vision Camera Module 5MP with IR Fill Light for Raspberry Pi 4B / 3B+ / 3B / 2B

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arduino quadrature encoder

  [adrotate banner=”7″]   Now all the examples you’re going to see in this video we’ll be using the Arduino, but really you could use any microcontroller, so let’s let’s get started now. I’M. Not going to really get into the details of the pros and cons between using a rotary encoder and a potentiometer […]

arduino optocoupler

  [adrotate banner=”7″]   We can do that using relays relay is actually a switch which is electrically operated by an electromagnet. The electromagnet is activated with a low voltage, for example, 5 volts from a microcontroller, and it pulls a contact to make or break a high voltage circuit. As an example for this […]

arduino boolean

  [adrotate banner=”7″]   It is a name like we might make up the name ‘x’ and we might give it an initial value. So this is a totally reasonable variable. The integer x that you can’t exactly see cause inintelligible x, equals 100 let’s. This is crazy. I’M totally out of sync here, but […]

NANO CH340 V3.0 Board Shield ATMEGA328P Improved Version Solderable Board

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arduino 12v battery charger

So I come up with a solution. I made a small capacity tester based on Arduino Nano today I will show you how you can make a capacity tester like this first go through the schematic. I have done this on. Freezing the main circuit is consists of a lithium ion battery load register and […]

arduino esp8266

  [adrotate banner=”7″]   I mean just 5 dollars for WiFi module which works easily with let’s, say: Arduino is way cheaper than an Arduino yun or other WiFi shields. So I went ahead and bought 3 of those quite a while ago, And today I will show you what they are, what they can […]

Raspberry Pi C2444 Aluminum Metal Shell 4 Generations Passive Cooling Housing Raspberry Pi 4B High Quality Cover

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arduino led strip

  [adrotate banner=”7″]   If you remember about two years ago, I posted a project called the music reactive desk lamp and today we will be revisiting that project. So let me tell you what I have in mind: okay, here’s. The plan. Imagine a room, for instance, the living room with a tall floor, […]

arduino 5v to 3.3v

Also, software you can download, which is the Arduino development environment that you can use to program. The different boards, almost everything in the arduino world, is considered to be open source. That means i can go online and find the schematics for these different boards and i can go and get the source code […]

arduino 74hc595 7 segment

  [adrotate banner=”7″]   So what does IC does is that it it is able to shift multiple outputs so by using three pins on the Arduino we’re able to control eight LEDs and to just give you an idea of what this IC can. Do. You have a small scrolling example for the eight […]

arduino 3×4 keypad code

  [adrotate banner=”7″]   We are going to see how we can use this four by three keypad to get the data on the screen, something like that. One, five, eight or any number that is pressed. You will see it. You can get the code and I’ve ready for this project by clicking at […]

arduino for dummies

  [adrotate banner=”7″]   We will show the Arduino IDE with which you can write code, build and transfer the program to Arduino about the concept of compiling and how to program. Arduino we’ll talk later in this. We limit ourselves to describing the IDE when you start the Arduino software will open a screen […]

arduino 1.8.9

  [adrotate banner=”7″]   First of all, open your favorite browser and search for Arduino, and the first result, which will appear here, will be the Arduino website. So this is the Arduino website, which is Arduino, dot, C C right so just enter into this website, and the first thing which will we will […]

arduino pins

  [adrotate banner=”7″]   Is awesome, hi I’m going Mohammadi senior editor and make in this project by Trevor. Shannon you’ll learn how to use your Android phone or tablet, along with an Arduino, to communicate with a strip of full color LEDs. Just imagine what you can light up with this fun and easy […]

arduino yun web server

  [adrotate banner=”7″]   Leonardo and it’s got an ethros linux processor on board, with built in Wi Fi, so it acts as both a leonardo and a Wi Fi linux board as well. You get the power of both in one when you first plug it into your machine. The union will show up […]

arduino mqtt library

  [adrotate banner=”7″]   Again, in episode number 29, we were able to connect our device to an existing service in the cloud and get useful information for us today we will get active and either switch something somewhere in the world or start something on our esp8266 from somewhere in the world. How can […]

arduino real time clock

  [adrotate banner=”7″]   . Today we build a real time clock., As you can see in the display. We have here date time and the temperature.. All this is accomplished with the use of only one chip.. This little chip is the DS3231 chip.. This one here.. Let see how it is built. The […]