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This has to be the best so far and of all the gaming phones it. I have looked at it’s the source of gamers phone number too. So this has now the new updated Snapdragon 855 plus, which is now the fastest Android chip you can get slightly tweaked clocks and the performance. You do notice a little bit it’s, not a huge increase at all. After all, its name, just the plus this isn’t, the Snapdragon 865, it comes paired with 8 gigabytes of ram in 128 gigabytes of very fast UF, s3 storage. In this model. Here now the screen it’s a large screen it’s got a super brightness of almost 1000 lux it’s, the brightest panel in a mobile phone that I have reviewed in the channel. It also supports 120 Hertz and a hundred sorry, 240 Hertz, as the touch digitizer rate that that is running it’s. A touch response is absolutely phenomenal. With the screen very good screen. It also supports HDR 10 we’ve got dual loudspeakers front facing on this it’s, a big phone it’s a heavy phone as you see, but it also has a very large battery in here as well, six thousand million hours to help support that double refresh rate, because in The most phones out there, all 60 Hertz is a few. Ninety hurt gaming phones, razors gaming phone and then this one too, as well inside the box, you’ll find a plastic clear cover case. I don’t particularly like it it’s, not super high quality, but to gain better than nothing and it’s included.

So you got it from day one of using the phone, and so we’ve got an 18 watt charge in here. So it’s nine volts two amps. It does apparently support Qualcomm quick charge for, but I don’t have one of those here to test that so charging time of this is gon na, be just over two hours which isn’t too bad. Considering this is a very large battery that’s within it it’s 6000 milliamp hours, and you do get a type C cable as well and SIM tray tool. Now there is no denying that the phone is a game of phone with list. Looks so we’ve got the Republic of gamers logo on the back, it is actually backlit there’s, some little lights and there you can see, hopefully that it’s changing color but it’s, not particularly bright, but when I turn off the lights, you can clearly see it now. It’S only working when you’re in the gaming performance mode. Now, when you look at the cameras on the rear, we just have to because a lot of the flagships now, especially in 2019, they’re all coming with four cameras or three cameras here. So we have a 48 megapixel Sony, IMX 586 that’s, our main camera and then a 13 megapixel ultra wide jewel tone edit II flash, and there will be samples from this camera and video samples later on in this review. Now what looks like a little vent here on the side? I don’t believe is it’s really more for aesthetics.

There’S no fan within this, but there are some accessories. You can get an add on little fan, clip thing that clips on to the bottom, where the ports are and will help keep the phone a little bit cooler. Now the phone does take dual nano Sims, but there’s, no micro, SD card support and there is no rubber gasket around this SIM tray slot here as well to help keep out dust or accidental splashes, so there’s, no IP rating with this as well. Now the start of the show here is the hundred and twenty Hertz screen, and this is an AMOLED panel it’s six point: five, nine inches with a resolution of 23 40 by 1080. It supports HDR 10 and it has almost 1000 lux. It is a super bright AMOLED panel, so you can make it out in direct sunlight without any issues. Now the side bezels aren’t too bad, the top and bottom ones. Yes are big, but we’ve got a status LED within the top bezel the sensors they’re front, facing 24 megapixel camera and two front facing very loud stereo speakers. The bottom does incorporate a fingerprint reader which I find works. Well, the phone also supports face unlocking. So you simply tap the power button, look at it and it unlocks. It is quite quick and I find it faster than the optical in screen fingerprint reader on the bottom. We’Ve got two antenna lines. You can just see them, so this is a metal frame that build and finish is very good of this phone type C: port 3.

5 millimeter, headphone jack and two microphones. Then, along the top of the phone. You can another two antenna lines and a microphone now, depending on the way you’re looking at it. This is the left side of the phone or the bottom if it’s in the dock, so we’ve got a docking port right here now out of the box, it has a rubber gasket that’s in there to protect it from filling up full of dust and it’s very Hard to get out as well and then on the right, which could also be seen as the top of the mobile phone here we’ve got the power button volume button. I like the fact that they moved them down. This is a large phone, but they moved them right down, so it’s quite easy to access both of these and no they don’t rattle around, and you can just see they’re the touch triggers as well. We have so force touch triggers one on the left, one on the right that you can configure, for example, in pub G want to be the scope, the other two fire. So the phone is a very heavy 233 grams it’s also nine point: seven millimeters thick, so it’s a large phone and it might not be for everyone due to the size, and here it is for comparison up against my samsung s, 10 plus and Huawei P. 30. Pro, as you can see, it tells above them it’s about an extra, almost centimeter taller so now to move on to the ROM, its performance and a few of my typical benchmarks and tests, and I like to run so.

I have it on the default theme here, which is pretty ugly to me. Okay, but there is an option when you first get it and boot it up that you can actually set a different thing. They’Re more of a default Android 9 theme. You could say what the icon pack there, so we’ve got a bit of bloat where that is pre installed, but more on that later, on, you’ve got an app straw, as you can see, and the performance now running 120 Hertz is just so so quick. This is absolutely blazing fast in full screen, just your mode, the fastest phone that I have used without a doubt, and also multitasking task managers. A little bit aggressive here, just like a lot of other phones, now there’s the move for bear more better improved battery life. So they’re very heavy on just closing things down in the background, and I noticed with games, especially so even chrome. If chrome was open for about five minutes, it would reload the page it’s, really that bad, so they’re aggressive there. So, look at the smooth, smooth, smooth scrolling on this now I need to be shooting in 120 frames per second I’m shooting in 30 4k at the moment. Just to show you just how amazingly smooth this is. Is it then gon na be a deal breaker? For me, when I go back to phones with 60 Hertz for me on phones personally, it’s not, but you do notice it, especially in the beginning and there’s an adjustment period there, but yeah it’s, really good let’s slide up a page here and see how quick that Is very quick to load in, and yes just so so quick here, so the ROM is the fastest.

I have use so let’s load up gallery and we’ll. Take a look first here at our storage, so you’ve got 109 gigabytes free on first use, and this is the options you get with the display, so by default, it’s on 60 Hertz and that’s to save on battery, because when you double the refresh rate and especially With such a bright screen as this one, you can just burn through the battery and I mean like losing 20 an hour depending what you’re doing that’s full time use, but more on that later on, so a system navigation, I am in full screen gestures. As mentioned I’m, not seeing any stutters or lag, which is really good and you can just run the normal menu keys, if you like, so for the display, we’ve got options here that you can tweak the color temperature. This is what their splendid app you see, this a lot of laptops and tablets and things as well, so it is up to date, but it’s only running Android security patch level of July, which is not good, and here we got all the default apps that you Get on first boot here, apart from GCM battery monitor, I installed that myself so there’s a lot of bloatware it’s, one of the cons here, Instagram Facebook and even pre installed ashphalt 9. And if you wanted to play that game, it might not be a problem, but for me I think they’re crammed a little bit too much on here.

Google pays is there? Yes, it does work, it does have NFC and we’ve got camera API to support our full. So not level 3, which Ben would be the best, but I do believe out of the box. We should be able to get working versions of Google camera here if you wanted to improve quality now, because the screen does have HDR 10 support and you could see it’s listed right here, I don’t make a range support there, which is really good. It also does have Widevine level one, so that is another positive here was such a large screen such a bright screen and being AMOLED. You can enjoy Netflix Amazon, Prime at full, high definition. Okay, so you got not stuck in standard definition there as well, so it’s, full HD. Sorry, is what I wanted to say so. Jule Bantu frequency, GPS is onboard. Sorry about the flicker is mentioned: it’s it’s, my camera here with a display, the dual frequency GPS. You can see because it’s listening ‘if I’ve and that means it’s it’s on the second frequency there. So we’ll see a lot of satellites. It will lock on to a reasonable amount and accuracy tends to stay around four meters, but very, very good signal strength. This is one of the higher ones you will see on the phone they’re right up there, most of them, in fact, all of them and then green apart from one there, which is very, very good.

Wireless good range, good strength, speeds, aren’t, the fastest I’ve actually seen from a mobile, but in the typical spot I go over to on the other side of the studio here, I’m, getting a above average wireless transfer speed. A lot of phones would just scrape over a hundred megabits per second, so very good signal strength there and okay. This all depends on carrier but I’m, not noticing any problems with the the signal strength here with 4G. The speeds are terrible and that’s, because it’s a it’s orange here in Spain well and Dan you’re at least terrible. So you were fast storage, you of s3, so that’s the same as the the one plus seven one plus seven pro very, very quickly. You can see that’s, probably faster than a lot of people’s hard drives, are sorry SSDs they’re, using in their laptops and their PCs. So the first introduced score that I ran a little bit lower than expected, so I thought what’s going on, but I think there’s a little bit of thermal throttling here and play. There is a little bit of thermal throttling what’s going to happen on all of these chipsets. So after I let the phone cool down you can see, I’ve got a much better result. Almost 400 thousands, I did repeat tests where it dropped down again. Just this show in demonstrated that yes there’s a little bit of throttling there happening so you’ve got some toggles here. I also wanted to show you here from the top.

So we’ve got the X mode that I’m currently in, which is a performance mode like a gaming mode screen recorder. Is there too, as well, which is great, and so course that’s were. The black theme is going to help with our battery life being an AMOLED panel. Blacks don’t consume so much power there and you’ll also notice that notifications they are there. They are all showing no issues there, but a very quick phone. The performance of this is just absolutely super fast, so it does have a dedicated gaming mode. So this is very similar to what I’ve seen with other gaming phones, for example like charmese black shark. So what we have here is you can quickly launch the games in this nice menu. You can see currently running it at the hundred and twenty Hertz. So if I go long here to, for example, legends you can click into game profile, and this is where you can set the X or mode. So the X mode is like there overclocking, or there performance mode and you’re able to even configure this here to what cpu speed you want. You’Ve got the system one or you can set it right here and it’s, also going to tell you that the power consumption, whether it’s gon na, be just burning through that battery or not so with this current mode set on to basically the extreme ultimate mode, you’re. Losing about 20 percent battery, depending on the brightness of course per hour, so you can get about five hours gaming in this mode, so it really rips through it, and yet it does get warm the phone.

I will check the thermals later on after I’ve done at least about an hour or so of gaming, so it did force the highest possible settings using GFX tool. You can get that on Play Store, so shadows are enabled everything’s in abled everything set to high and this performance is the best I have seen. It is just absolutely super smooth right here, maximum details. So if you want the best performance of pubsey right now and Android, I think this is it. This is the phone probably the best one to get. If you are a huge Android pop G gamer, that is so. I can look down the sights right now and there’s, absolutely just zero lag as you to expect and no problems getting kills got. One already see if I can just jump on this motorbike here and the visuals to at the moment on the highest possible settings just looks absolutely great. He doesn’t, let me get in so playing shadow gun legends here with the unlimited framerate settings. Sorry so not just 90 frames per second, but unlimited. This is an 120 Hertz and it is super smooth, I’ve, never seen this game run so well, it’s just so and I’m, not seeing those micro starters that I sometimes see so really excellent gaming performance. But yes, I can feel a bit of heat on the X extreme, the ultimate gaming mode that I’ve got. It said on all right so 42 minutes now that I have been doing a few missions playing games and there’s a Shadowgun currently running that I was playing at 90 Hertz now you’re, seeing a little bit of flicky here now, that’s, something that this camera always does.

When I’m using AMOLED panels so that’s just one thing they don’t worry about. You can’t see it in person. So I’ve noticed that, yes, it is getting hot it’s, getting warm to the touch I’m in the X mode. This is maximum performance here, so just how hot it is it getting. I know a lot of people are getting just a little bit silly and carried away with temperatures on mobiles, especially my last review that I did with the xiaomi the readme 8 pro people. Gank it’s got a heating issue, so there you go ‘ degrees. That is warm it’s hot to the touch it’s, not gon na burn you it’s, not gon na hurt you it’s, not gon na explode it’s not going to damage it it’s perfectly fine you’re on remember that at the moment, it’s passively cooled and you can get that Plug in fan there, which blows air over the back of it to just keep it a little bit cooler so let’s check again, so the rear of it is getting up to about maximum 38 ‘.1. So there we go so we’ll. Eventually, after couple of hours of gaming get up to about 41 degrees, again it’s, not an issue and on to audio so we’ve got the two front facing speakers. They sound, really good. Very loud they’ve got a little bit of bass to them so meds as well. In there and overall for a phone, they have to have some of the better speakers.

You will hear definitely good for gaming, because it’s very immersive as well, especially it was some games. They just seemed to up the volume even further and have incredibly loud, and you have to turn them down. So the boys call quality, fine, no problems there. Noise cancellation is working and all in all that’s good 3.5 mm headphone jack, as well as loud, it’s, clear I’m, not noticing any annoying static or interference, or anything like that. I gain good and I brought ya. I cannot really complain at all the audio quality on this phone, so here’s a sample now of both of those front facing stereo speakers at 100, Music. So, moving over to the cameras now I won’t show you the standard camera app because it’s all pretty straightforward. So right now, you’re, looking at a 4k 30 frames per second sample. The electronic image stabilization is very good. Now we can’t swap over to the ultra wide lens on the go here. You have to choose which one you’re going to use and then start recording now I’ve noticed that the audio is pretty much just like the zenfone click it’s excellent, really good nice bitrate as well focus seems to be working well. So this is now the ultra white. It has that excellent electronic image stabilization. It looks like I’m using a gimbal but I’m. Not this is all handheld. Now you will notice, especially if you’re, watching this on a 4k monitor in 4k 4k TV that it’s not as sharp the video quality, is not as good as the main 48 megapixel lens and with the front facing camera.

You just get 1080p but it’s very good. 1080P quality look at the electronic image stabilization again, so this is ideal for vlogging, very good mics they’re picking up my voice, excellent, really clear – and that is good a little bit ambient noise here. But you can hear that but it’s good it’s, not using any noise cancellation which they shouldn’t. So you can see I’m holding it about normal arm’s length here, there’s a bit of a crop but it’s not like some front facing cameras which are like this. That it’s way too close it doesn’t, have auto focus and there’s no front 4k seating here, but overall, this quality for 1080p is really good. Music Music, so we’ve got an amazing screen on here with really good, brightness sure it’s not 1440p, but I think 1080p is the best choice for a gaming phone to keep the performance up. There. You’Ve got the ultra performance modes, which does mean it gets really hot. So that’s one of the cons here, okay, the heat it will get up to about 40 degrees. It does get very warm to the touch now if it got up to 49 degrees or 50 that’s. When I consider far too hot some laptops get up to that. The ultrabooks you touch the top of them and it’s uncomfortable it’s, almost starting to feel like it’s, going to burn you, but this never feels like it’s going to burn you. Okay, so a lot of people getting obsessed with temperatures on passively cooled: mobile phones, okay, you can’t, get the active fan for this to cool it down, but make it even better.

You can get the dock as well, but I don’t have those accessories game controllers. Another option for this too, so just like the Black Shark, that will give you the maximum really Harbor controls is just so much better than touch. However, the touch optimization on this is fantastic. It’S super fast, the touch response and the UI at 120 Hertz really really super smooth fast, the fastest phone. I have used fastest phone at gaming as well. I haven’t seen shadow gun legends run like that before normally even on the cemetery at 855, not the plus. I see sometimes it’s like these caching micro stutters for a seconds or four just to stutters and lag nothing, absolutely nothing. It is just so good on the performance. So really we can. I criticize it. Where can I say, there’s room for improvement? Okay, with some of the photos like low light photography, I think maybe you know it’s not the best it’s, not like your flagship phones that cost twice the amount. Okay, so don’t expect it to take a photo like and make 30 pro P. 30 pro Samsung Galaxy S 10 or say the note 10, not with the selfies as well. I mean at Sony 1080p on the front, camera it’s, still good electronic image, stabilization and 4k video with the audio as well very good don’t. Get me wrong. It does take a good photo it’s, just not going to be the best in its class, of course, but it’s a gaming phone, and this is where it is the best in its class here.

So if it was to criticize a few things, Android security patch level from July, it should be more recent. Okay, hopefully we’re gon na get Android 10 on this. The other thing, too, is the size. This is the main complaint: okay, it’s, a big phone, and you know that when you get it straight away low well, as I showed you next time is 10 next time IP 30 Pro. It is a good, almost centimeter tall earlier and the weight of it that’s. The big thing in your pocket, you definitely notice it 233 grams it’s like wow it’s, a heavy phone; ok, so better live heaven showing you my figures yet because I’ve been swapping refresh rates, I’ve been gaming. So much on this that I just can’t get a proper gauge, but I can actually because gaming you’re losing about 20 on the highest setting mode, so it’s, the ex mode on ultimate you’re running 120 Hertz kill the battery in about 5 hours flat. I think, depending on your brightness, so right you put that brightness at the super bright, almost 1000 Lux, which is crazy. This has such a good screen in it bright screen, accurate screen as well, color, wise and the touch but that’s when it will just burn through that better it. I think, even under 5 hours, like really quick and and of course, the heat heats gon na, be there now step it down to 90 Hertz. I think this will then be were typical kind of use over one day phone about one and a half days.

60. Hertz which it comes with default, and you just game at the high refresh rate, because you can do that – you can set it up with the gaming mode. Then you’re looking at two days, possibly three days, two and a half, at least with a medium to light use. Okay, so it all depends on what user so that’s just battery estimates there that I’ve gauged from GCM battery monitor because it can give an update when you’re burning through the battery of just how much using per hour, so that’s handy this there’s. What can give you that so raw, if you’re in the market, for a gaming phone on Android, okay, the latest iPhones, are still faster than this? But if you’re on the Android ecosystem you’re, you love Android and you love your gaming pub Jean maximum settings. Super good performance: this is it this. Is it the SS Republic of gamers phone it’s, the one to get and it’s selling for under five hundred euros, really good price amazing spec great phone. Thank you so much for watching this long review.


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