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Let me show it because here you see that that washing machine that’s a washing machine itself and inside of it you can see. There are a lot of balls and here some holes no respect us. Some dinner, so I want to do the same, but this time wave this bike wheel and 12, you you yey, hey jaw drop, is ready. I’Ve posed. All of these stop motion puppet amateurs in different positions. Each one represents a frame and if I make a stop motion of all the 360 degrees, I have a complete cycle of a work. What I will do is connect this motor to the album frame. The software I use and make the in the wheel spin from here to here take a photo repeat. The process take a photo all the twelve puppet that represents that twelve frames and the puppet will be working in a loop. So here I have the computer with Dragon Prime that’s all drop and under keyframes. This is the wheel. Each from here to here is a thirty degrees turn, so what this makes to draw on Prem sends the order to the main board that it’s here and it is a and it is a an Arduino mega. This work at the same time sends signals to drivers like this pork, this one’s bigger and, at the same time, these drivers, through these pins, sends orders to every motor like this one.


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  1. i dont know if you could but i think it would be really great if you could make a video where you make a cheap ball in socket armature that doesn’t require special tools to make, so people that want a good armature to start stop motion animation but don’t want to pay a lot for one can make their own?

    1. It is a good topic, I have in mind something to do about it, it’s posible to make armatures just with common tools, just more tedious and imprecise. Let me think.

    1. White, there is nothing white. In the center there is a motor, an axis, the cilinder that holds the rods and a blue thick paper cilindrical to hide the armatures of the other side and make easy to see the animation.

  2. Eres un genio! me encantan tus videos Muchisimas gracias por hacer y compartirlos You are a genius! I love your videos. Thank you very much for making and sharing them.

  3. Podrías haber usado la rueda tal y como era…de bici…y ahorrarte el centrar con los rayos que hiciste…igual es buenisimo….saludos.

  4. Congratulations Edu, your work is awesome.
    I would like to know how to attach arduino to dragonframe, maybe you can give me some recommendations.
    Thanks buddy 😉

    1. +Ruben Gm well you only need a usb cable to use Arduino from dragon. The dificult part are drivers and steppers, each configuracions Will be different

  5. +Mucin Yun it is not only the materials but the tools. Steel, aluminium, brass depending on the function and relarionship of each part.


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