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Many many viewer’s write comments to me for make a tutorial how to add Arduino library and model into Proteus simulation software To Day I showing how to add Arduino library and model into Proteus let’s. Do it first time I run my Proteus simulation software. Now I copy download URL form you can download URL. For my video description, I give I give a new library model zip file from google drive. I give download link on video description and now copy file cut, create a new folder based in folder. Now i can unzip this zip file now open folder here to see a known instruction text. Please read instruction text and 2 file idx by leb file, open instruction text file, open local disk, see folder on your computer and copy the two file and put on program file into your C Drive, No professional and library and go click well. Library folder. I copy both 2 file and paste here already. I have file here so replace that the file in the destination – I close, this folder now open my simulator Proteus application and component pick device write here arduino. Then you see here, arduino and all arduino model here now fast Lilypad and second now fast pIck lilypad second pick arduino mega third pick arduino nano 4th pic, arduino uno 5th, pick arduino UNO SMD package and 6th pick ultrasonic sensor sonar sensor, you all right! Ok! Now i put my working area from mega nano.

You know dip chip, you know smd chip, ultrasonic sensor, so here you see our simulation model. So thank you for watching my video please subscribe if you want to get new video notification.


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How to Install an Arduino Library from a Zip File #Arduino

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U8glib with MINI12864 Device 1



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  1. For those who can’t find the LIBRARY folder, mine was in
    C:\ProgramData\Labcenter Electronics\Proteus 8 Professional\LIBRARY


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