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I will show you how you can use the Arduino Wi Fi shield to read out the state of a button which could be like a door sensor or window sensor and tell you if your window is open in your home, and I will show you how to Retard this value directly into brother to see if somebody has written in into your home or if some window of your home has been opened. So here we go so the first step is other word consideration and what you can see here is Arduino board. So what I just did now is to plug in the wireless shield into my Arduino Uno board, and then we place this small push button into the breadboard. The next step is to turn out this resistor right into the breadboard and it will be used to the pulldown resistor for the digital input pin. Then we have to put some wires so first of all the ground wire down into the ground of the Arduino board, then the next one to Trinette is the positive power supply which alternate to the 5 volt on the arduino board. And finally, this is middle pin which i will turn it here with an orange cable into the pin number 2 of the arduino board. So now, at this point the hardware is completely configured and we are ready to write software. Ok. So at this point your hardware should be all set up and we can start by testing the individual components.

So the first one is a arduino Wi Fi shield. So what I just did is I loaded the official stage for the wpn networks, which will just check if we have wireless tension. So I will just upload this jet into my Arduino board and it’s done and then I will open the sail monitor. We should open show us some information about the network, so that’s the name of my network and now it should just turn it and spray informations, and here we go and so this inner strands you have the IP address, and this one is for important. You should note it down and we’ll use it in the rest of the tutorial now, but to the hardware for a bit, because I want to show you what the shield is doing when it’s working correctly, and you can see that this little LED the link LED Is blinking in green, which indicates that you successfully establish a link between the board and your wireless router? So at this point, if you see this, everything is going well. Ok! So now we tested the wireless shield and will noticed our hardware system for the small push button and you can see. I have a very simple ad wheel, stripped. I created a button to pin number 2. I just really really still read function and I print the state of the button on my segment or, and I wait for some time and now I’ll just upload.

It stretch rotate it’s done and now I will open my self monitor and you can see that I have. I have a lot of zeros, so every millisecond I made a new read a new reading and from now all the state is 0 because I didn’t press it and now I will just go in to press the button and, as you can see instantly it changed To 1, so I still have my finger on the button. I will use it and I can see the button which interest rate okay is now we can never look at the final script see all we will made a software for this project so it’s again, based on the official Arduino stripped of to clear to wireless network And what you have here in the loop is we actually look if we have a client which turn it to arm to over server, which is running on the Arduino board, and this client vulnerable will be our computer that will access directly the Arduino board with the Whales chill and if a client is present, what we do is we create is very simple, HTML page to answer the client and which yet you can see, I will check this door status and, if it’s false, we just prints that Ares in the che on the Browser if it’s true, it means something pushed the button which means vulnerable in automation that the door has been opened and then we print alerts at the doors been opened now.

The only thing left we have to see is all: do we get these door stages and you can see that there’s a function here set those studies, but this just said result is too true. So all we get to schedules from the door or the push button. Well, it’s all done actually in in the setup and II. Sorry about that and in setup you can see that now I use this attach interrupt function to set the person status and why I’m doing well. In the previous example, I just use a digital rate, but if you do that, while the client is attesting to your page, the Arduino is busy to send the answer and in the in the meantime, the statute of your button could change. And this means, for example, let’s somebody entered your home yeah a door or a window, and you didn’t detect it. So I use this in terms of the Arduino board, which means whenever there is a rising edge. So, whenever the status of this button goes from zero to one, I automatically totally set those statutes function which will interrupt the code for the ball. If a client is Turnitin, it will just enjoyed the crowd and directly go to this set door status function. So this this really made sure that our code is working properly and now I can just try it. So I will upload it’s code it’s just go back to the hardware for a bit and you can see now that when I’m accessing the board, with my browser – which I will show you in a moment, you can see that this other LED the blue one is Now blinking, which means the board has been accessed remotely via the wireless.

So now we can just go to the browser and make sure that everything is working well and if you remember, I told you to write down the IP address. If you are doing a board – and this is what we will need now so just type in the IP address, so for me it was this one and it just tell me everything’s, ok and now I will push the button actually I’m pushing the button right now And no state to just change and we go it’s a alerts. The doors been opened because I just pushed the present the push button on the a jeweler board and the cool thing about this. Just close my browser to troll the game and the cool thing about this is that now the adrenal board is still turn it to my computer. But this really doesn’t depend on your computer, so you can just plug the Arduino board and the wailers shield to any power source and it will just work by itself and that’s it’s. Really, I think, a great advantage of this Wireless shield for the Arduino board, so that’s already the end of this first video on the old channel. I hope you enjoyed it. Don’T hesitate to comment right here on YouTube and go on the corresponding article on our website. At open dimension net, I included the link in the YouTube video description and on the website. Don’T hesitate to comment to modify this project and then to share it.

That’S a whole idea of off my website sent you and see you all this time.


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