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So when a new Arduino came along the Arduino young, I was kind of powerless to resist and I’ve had to buy one at the enormous price of fifty five pounds. So in this video I’m going to set this thing up, the setup process is quite complex because I want to do this over Wi Fi and then I’m going to run a couple of sketches and see. If I can see what the big deal is with the Arduino urine and whether this high price tag is really justified, so here’s my setup, the young is not connected to anything other than this mobile power bank just to provide it with 5 volts. Everything in terms of connectivity to the PC will be done over Wi Fi now in order to download sketches to the UN. It has to be logged in or connected to your Wi Fi network, but, of course, fresh out of the box. It doesn’t know how to do that because it doesn’t know which network to connect to, and it doesn’t know the Wi Fi password so there’s, an initial setup that you have to go through in order to put those details into the UN so that it can connect To your Wi Fi network, so the u n, ‘s initial state fresh out of the box is that it has its own local area network, its own web server and its own Wi Fi hotspot, and you can connect to that hotspot with a wireless device.

Now my pc has wireless disabled because it was never very reliable and I’m using gigabit ethernet. So I can’t use my PC to connect to this thing so I’m, going to use my Nexus 7 tablet now being a wireless device. The tablets actually ideal for this initial setup, because Wi Fi is very easily set up so I’m just going to go into settings and Wi Fi and you can see all of the local Wi Fi networks, including my own network, which is dis, HQ and the Arduino, Is hotspot and it’s called Arduino young and that number is the MAC address of the Arduino zone, Wi Fi module. Now you can see that the Arduino young Wi Fi network is unsecured, so it’s a nice easy one to connect to so let’s press, Arduino, UN and it’s saying saved obtaining IP address and connected. So we are now connected to the Arduino ‘z Wi Fi hotspot. Now all the instructions for doing this initial setup are on the Arduino website. You simply go to learning getting started and then down here, there’s a list of arduino x’ and there’s the arduino urine – and this is the getting started guide now in the guide. Under the section linux, it says once you’ve obtained an IP address, open a web browser and enter HTTP, arduino local or 192 168 241. Well, arduino local doesn’t work, and i did a bit of searching around on the internet and lots of people having this problem.

It. It might work on a macintosh because of something called bonjour, but it doesn’t work on the tablet so i’m just going to use the IP address. 192 168 to 40.1. So, on the tablet i’m going to open the Chrome browser, get a new tab and then start typing in that address 1. Now, because I’ve done this before it’s got that stored, so that’s the address let’s go on that and we’re now logged in to the web. Server on the arduino urine now this is a direct connection. The tablet is talking directly to the Wi Fi access point on the urine it’s not going through my Wi Fi network, now there’s a password here, it’s simply arduino i’m, going to type that in the password field and we are logged in and we can now configure The device there’s a little bit of information here on the two networks for the yeren, the Wi Fi network and the wired Ethernet. You can put a an Ethernet cable in that wired Ethernet socket, but I wanted to do everything over wireless, so let’s hit configure and now I’m in and I need to set up or it’s telling me to set up a few basic things. It’S telling me to name the Arduino well I’m going to leave it called Hardware. You know it’s telling me to put in a password and confirm that password well I’m, not going to do that I’m just going to leave the existing password, which is Arduino it’s, telling me to put in a time zone so I’m going to do that.

But this is ridiculous because I now have to scroll up through hundreds of these locations to get to Europe, London, so I’m, going to do that now. So there’s Europe, London and let’s select that ok, so that’s going in as my time zone now, I need to tell it which Wi Fi network to connect to well. I want to connect to mine, which is called get HQ now. I’Ve actually got two access points on my network, so I just select one of those, the top one, so it’s now going to try to connect to get HQ and it needs my Wi Fi password so I’m, going to type that in off camera. Of course, so there’s, my Wi Fi network name get HQ the passwords in there it’s using wpa2 security and now I’m, just going to say, configure and restart now. What happens now is that the urine is actually rebooting, that’s, probably not obvious, but there’s a progress bar there. Now the wireless icon on my tablet has disappeared because the Yoon’s network has vanished and now it’s reappeared, because the tablet automatically tries to find a network it’s. Now saying I’m offline, but the tablet will now be connected back to get HQ because the Arduino young Wi Fi hotspot no longer exists so that’s pretty much all I need the tablet for now I can. The the Arduino Union has logged itself into my home network via Wi Fi, because it has the Wi Fi password in there.

So I can do everything else now from my PC, so the next thing to do is to open up the arduino ide. Now you have to install a completely new version of the IDE. This is version 1 point 5, point 6, r2, and when I tried to install this, it said it has to uninstall my previous version, which was one point 0.5. So I had to accept that remove the old Arduino put this new one on and the reason you need this new one is because the old version doesn’t know about the Arduino. U, and so, if I come down to board there, is the Arduino UN listed now the. If I come down to port, it can see the Arduino at an IP address on my home network. Now my IP address ranges are 192 168 dot, 1 and the Arduino has been given the IP address, 1.27 and it’s been given that by my DHCP server, which is actually in my Rooter there, my draytek Rooter, so that’s what’s, given the yearn the IP address 1.1 To 7 now I’ve opened the blink example sketch, which does the high for one second low for one second, on the LED, but I’ve already got that sketch loaded in you can see. The red LED is switching on for a second and switching off for a second. So, in order to show that a sketch is actually being transferred via Wi Fi to this Arduino I’m, just going to change those delay times so I’ve changed the delay times to 200 milliseconds each.

So the LED should blink a bit faster and now I’m going to upload the sketch now you’ll see it says, compiling sketch and here there’s a progress bar now up pops, a security box which says you need to type the board password to upload a new sketch And that’s, because because the board is on Wi Fi, anyone could get to this Arduino, so there’s an extra layer of security. Now the password for this board, I didn’t change it from the factory setting so it’s. Still our doing there I’ll type that in so there it is Arduino and I hit upload, and it now says uploading now, there’s, nothing to see on the Arduino. There are no flashing lights, just show that the blinking LED has stopped. So that must mean that we’re in communication – and in fact now you can see that we’ve got the much more rapid blink, so it has taken in the new sketch with the shorter delay times. So we have successfully uploaded a sketch to the Arduino over Wi Fi. There are no connecting wires from my PC over the network now. This is all well and good. We’Ve successfully uploaded a sketch to the Arduino with no wires great but 55 pounds. Just to do that.


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Arduino Yún Shield

Arduino Yún Shield



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  1. Do you plan to purchase a proper screen recorder with your channels growing popularity? I love the videos, but I often get nausea from the way that you are recording your screen. Anyways, keep up the good work!

  2. Two questions first have you done a tutorial on the getting started with Arduino Uno and where or how have you accumulated your seemingly vast knowledge of electronics ? I bought an Arduino Uno must be two years ago and because I didn’t get it up and running I just shelved it.

    1. use ANY power bank amps doesnt matter capacity as well but make sure the output voltage is around ~5v which is what all usbs use!

  3. hi,
    for the arduino.local to work you only need to set up avahi in the system you are using to connect to the yun.

  4. Hi, i have problem to connect my Arduino Yun, already it appears as the following name

    Linino-B4218AF03692 in the list of networks, and not “Arduino Yun…”
    as i saw in several examples, and i want log in, it told me that
    password is not correct, and i must delete “coockies” ,i did it and it
    changed nothing, the password which i did is “arduino” , should i make
    another one? as the password which we have behind our modem or it is
    realy a problem of coockies in my laptop?

    1. This has been updated since the video. Connect to the Linino wifi and type in arduinoyun.local. Password is arduino

    2. i did it but it didnt work, i tried doghunter and it worked, now have problem to configure my arduino, when i enter to and i connect my arduino to my network wifi , and i restart ,i dont see any reaction on my arduino as a light or signal and after and befor it finished i connect my laptop to my network wifi , but i can’t enter again to the interface of arduino ,i dont know why,

    3. After it has restarted, the Yun get a new Ip adress. You can get it looking at the device connected on your wifi homebox, or looking in the Arduino Ide :
      – in the card conf menu, you must see a new port with where you can get yun ip
      – using “wifi status” sketch that you can get in Examples/ Bridge menu

  5. it took a little while but your instruction were a big help. doghunter was my linino password instead of Arduino. also I used a Galaxy 6 running on Android for the WiFi hookup.

  6. can can some one help …….. i am using yun shield for first time. new to ardunio.

    I am getting below message .

    avrdude: error: AVR device not responding
    avrdude: initialization failed, rc=-1
    Double check connections and try again, or use -F to override
    this check.

    /usr/bin/run-avrdude: line 65: can’t open /tmp/efuse: no such file
    avrdude: error: AVR device not responding
    avrdude: initialization failed, rc=-1
    Double check connections and try again, or use -F to override
    this check.

    can some one help.

  7. Hi Julian,
    Nice video. Thanks.
    Please let me know where you can get that green chequered table mat ? And what is it called so I can search on the Internet.

  8. Hello Jillian,, you forgot to mention you need a micro to micro cable , as you did go from your yun to your tablet, cheerio .

  9. I have bought three Yun for a High school project. AM having difficultly connecting it to a network at home or at school. First, the Interface to make those connections is totally different to what the Arduino site explains it as. I even get an Error AJAX…/0 reading. Can anyone help?

    1. You must have a linino/doghunter version, with a white theme Gui. Password is “doghunter”, for the ajax error, try to clean browser cache ( history, cookies…) Or use private mode in your browser. It solve me some mistakes. Else take a look at /etc/uhttpd or /etc/config/uhttpd to see how the webserver is set.

  10. Go read about the boards on
    Yun is basicly a uno with an arm processor and linux kernel.
    Kinda like a Rpi.

  11. I couldn’t get passed the wifi configuration for some reason. When I hit configuration, there was an error message about AJAX… and the YUN disconnected. I tried to look up the problem on Google and it seemed that a lot of people had the same problem. Do you have any suggestions? I’ve tried to restart the device and repeat the same steps but still can’t get my Wifi conf. to work. Thanks!

    1. Try to clear your browser’s history, cookies… Or use browser in private mode, if it doesn’t work take a look at webserver settings in /etc/httpd or /etc/config/httpd

  12. Why does Yuns (you’uns in Pittsburghese) needs a Arrrrrd-yooooooo-eeeeeeno?
    I think some people just get off on saying Arrrrrd-yooooooo-eeeeeeno … serious …
    Maybe it will come to something someday … but seems to remind me of the very early days of RS Tandy computers where you spent hours connecting devices and programming just to see a little dot go across the screen … exciting stuff then …. I suppose …
    Some kind of misteek with this Arrrrrd-yooooooo-eeeeeeno & just seems like somebody (not mentioning any names here) has just been sold ….. well , you know ….

  13. hello pls i need your help:
    i am working in an acadimic project in wich they demand me to use 2 cartes of arduino yun with dragonlink , one carte with the transmitter and the other for the receiver , and try to transfer a signal, if you know someone who has worked with a similar project or some documentations programme-code.. pleas help me
    these is my gmail:
    Best regards


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