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So now the question is: does it indeed still work? They both work, those motors last time that was quite uncertain, but, as you see whatever happens, it’s powered up and you don’t have to know him to see any the hilt going was almost animal because I haven’t given input yet doing so now, and what you see This led already go I’m pressing. This switch that I love our house to Senate, but I have to keep giving input and well so far nothing happens with the green LED. So I have to keep in mind that I give input, and so far it doesn’t really look like it. I give a vision resistance to this matter in this room. The right way that one as well, when you write wait. What is NTC and this embassy should give my failure, but it’s calling wrong fast. So I can’t really see it unless I break it that once again give me what input well turning the public to the left to the right and does indeed make stuff, but then again the ripe and fresh and for sorry speed as well so I’m. Not quite sure how things coordinate right now, let me turn up. The left me try again now right again anyway, and this led there is looking fast, which is what some things we except for that, except for this small LED. So maybe I should replace it. Another thing I want to do is to replace this switch, that is by buying this Frenchman, one actually boil, and then should be alright.

That is next step out and replacing this one. This Envy all right first thing is to replace this switch, that we get with. Not away this, which has the connectors, which I’m going to show you now, and this switch has only two things. So what I need to do is make sure that the wiring does find one use for the drug measurement. Now I won’t be meeting all these connectors anymore, so those go – and this signal has to go in a place between this wire that goes to one side of the switch and the mas, and I want to click this led in place so, but I also want To put the switching so, what I am going to do is making sure that this wire of the resistor is going lot closer. Then this led is going to be what in this direction, when this one we’re going to be, and the question is: how will this go, but this wire can go because this was to the switch, but this switch already has some wiring so I’m. Putting this just straight, and then this power goes in so now this should be working if I’m correct, yes, sometimes absolutely fine, just a mile class, and that goes so. This reasoning with one wire I can use. Of course I can replace this wire I’ll jump wire. Small one, but the question is: is it small enough if this one small enough by looks of it it just could be yes, so then this one goes out.

This wire goes out oops. This is a bit fortunate with the distance, but it is seated so let’s save two wrong wires. I can use and it still works. So let me now turn up the volume. Let me give some input and this one goes and now I should be able to press it now. There’S input anymore little input see, and then it goes again. I press it stand still nice to press it. Some reason it doesn’t stand still. Hmm. It should feel it just did, but on the other hand, it doesn’t mmm absolutely into that button right, that’s, a replacement of the switch now for replacement or attack. The led next thing is to check on this led for which is available right now, this one so let’s try to get yovan out, see if it indeed is broken, led so oops out of the way for a moment. Now, if everything is alike, this one should work it once I’m doing something else somewhere, so let’s give it input and all right this one goes out and on off and on this one doing the same. No, it clearly is not so I’m, not, unfortunately, to check for the output of the wire. The wire is right here. What does it do? Is it connected even connected to? I agree, that’s not a very good question and also check that in comes some measurements which I didn’t prepare. So I have to actually set up a multimeter and to get it clearly come on.

I will use the analog multimeter again and if you have seen my videos before then you know it has needle which is easy to watch. So this is not a meter since the pinnacle with become for the mouse, and my question is where to measure. Well, easiest is right here and it doesn’t measure anything at all. So but this area a little bit to me so as you can see it quickly, it doesn’t show anything at all. Now I told the pot metal, I noticed an input at all, give it input this way again. Talk about me trap still, doesn’t show anything now. If it doesn’t show you hear anything, there will be nothing here either. So the question is what’s going on. I cannot measure frequencies and let’s go here again yeah that works, so this is which pin again nine. No. I have to measure not a pin now it is p9 and if we look into the code, where is p9 k9 get 512? So I have to be able to measure frequency which I can’t do with this multimeter. So in comes a digital one, 450 measuring so with the footage measurement in Israel. What is the frequency managed measurement now, maximum measurement, now 20 kilohertz and it’s going to measure well for now right here and it says about 120 kilo Hertz now one 120000 should I change? Should I change the port? Well, 8 is available. So let me change 9 into 18.

Do I have to see something? Yes, it isn’t there. It is a 2 folder that’s, a very good question, because not everything is available as PWM. So I will assume that 8 is not available. Sp mm. What is available on 1313 is available, 10 is available as well. So then I will guess I take I change from 9 to 10 just to see whatever happens, we’ll be finished, but this one say is, and here basically the same could be placed. No doubt ten that’s one thing, and now this one, the wire to be changed into this port, which is actually 10, but I still have to upload so there we go uploading. Yes, everything comes from standstill because of the uploads Music that’s it so now, starting again, oh yeah. Now the most important thing right now is well let’s, just give it input and the measurement. This is 90 knots, whether that’s something that. But what does that footage measurement say so change of millimeter? Not that I can’t do it with this one that I think this one is a measure in terms of visibility, so once again let’s measure something that it is still absolutely nothing did I use 10 before, possibly so what to do next? Well, there is still one present being 13 so and 13 is this one? So let me use weapon all right. I use Trent here and well for now ouch using ten at two places. Oh that’s, not very clever, really so this one yeah that’s a problem with the Cardinal I was 10 intently in four places and 10 isn’t even activated.

I asked ten four five, four five Sophia and I left, and four zero and 4 is also connected as a diode. If you Mattel oops – and I realize that I actually was using ten here with them – do anything is starting to use form which doesn’t work. So what about everything? If I comment out of ten here, it will work. Well, then, I have a problem right here, because M is obvious because it apparently this doesn’t work. So what does work going all the way here I have 13 left well. 13. Have exactly the same tivities I don’t know, but what I will do is change the wire from 10 to 13 and let me take all right then leva hot and 213 note that’s 12. This is this asserting that obviously works. Obviously, did I code 1013 already good question well, if 13 in the code, except for initialization, no one, no one in particular. So now this very, very, very wiping. So let me say this is becoming 10 and this is becoming 13 and 13 so abroad, interesting somewhere. Again, all right, that’s, correct, now login! Well, there you go well what’s, a nice effect, something different than I expected that it isn’t and there goes a pop meter. There is now working in the led anymore in this one, the school years. However, I need some further soda once yes, pressing switch. Does that work somehow? Well not exactly the way I like it, but something does work all right and I’m so surprised how, despite the code that I have written, also the right side, that Anita is influencing the left side ravine.

So things tend to work, not quite as I understand it. So now another thing is that when looking here well in tennis rolled out now the nine is ruled out. So why is it root out anyway? There’S a frequency, but no voltage apparently remembers me. Do I do actually yeah what to do with it? Alright last part of this video, where is the analog multimeters still in place? Let me show you what it actually does well there’s, not much that it is actually. As long as the probe is in place enter his input, then it shows someone on her fault and I’m. Okay with that. Well, it brings a lot. The a multimeter is slow, so that means that there goes again so yeah. There is a nice effect because it first went the middle when first straight to and then a little bit less, and you see it again, it will do it a little bit and it signifies that it is actually going to do this because of the right is Our degauss and if you would have the digital multimeter, then you would see the digit going and well noticeable reading and now you’re against you go to tool and then down a little so that’s because of the well let’s say reaching speed is not a new data Set that said, but you go yeah using again input. This led is connected to two to four the bright one, this one, and that obviously gives, with the same with the same value, a different behavior.

Then turning this repeater and shows quick, fast and blinking of this led, which should be anyway now right and everything is dependent on the input from the keyboard master laptop, so that works. This works, there’s no works. So if I go there and this one, we actually won’t make this one works this one, the motors work, this replacement button works as well, oh, and by the way, right now, the multimeter is even showing almost five foot four for something. Now I go with this again, so not quite sure how those differences are explained, but anyway yeah. As I said, this is working as well what’s. Next, I don’t know more experimenting, of course, and something else and that’s laughing is that when there is no output of no input on the keyboard, this motor shows them all now, let’s reset and with input it slows down. So those are so quite remarkable: control. Okay, that’s it for watching. If you like this video, please subscribe to my channel otherwise funding, tritter reform and Instagram. Please donate to keep Venus coming your way for more information on donating. Please see our website and oh my website, more information on other projects and lots of pictures and it’s, obviously going to be contained.


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