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Now you can load this finger to our. Do you know, selecting your port and board correctly? Ok, you can find it from example, and mi grbl grbl upload. Ok, simply, you will compile and upload it. So grbl is uploaded. Now we are going to add the a my inks cape extension, so you have to copy this mi xscape file and paste it in the directory of Inkscape, find the share, folder C extension, folder and paste over here. Also, you need to copy the individual file in the extension folder. Okay done continue. It’S done. Our extension is added in Inkscape. You can see over here mi grbl servo jet servo extension let’s see how to calibrate the axis of CNC plotter. So first we have to set our printing area, which is 85 by 85 mm for my machine. Okay, now I will draw a square of 20 by 20 mm 20 by 20 mm square. Okay object to path apply. Okay, so G code is generated. Now we will open grbl controller, select our proper communication, port and baud rate connected. We have load the grbl okay. First initially, we will see the basic parameters which is by default. As you can see, the acts, steps per mm and vice steps per mm is 250. Okay, we will go with current setting. Let’S see how it will came out. She needn’t started as we as we make. Our 20 by 20 mm square in inks is let’s see.

What are the measurement over here. The square is drawn is probably not 320 by 20 mm, but see what are the measurements it’s, hardly 5mm, okay. So now we have to change it: steps per mm for X and y axis. So once again in gr wheel controller. Now we are typing dollar, one. Double zero is equal to 500 or whatever. You want your step to be Music, Music Applause. This time instead looks bigger than the first one. Let’S take the reason, maybe something moving pennant, but it is 110 G back then too. So now let’s, we have said 800 steps per mm let’s see. Okay. Now it looks fine.


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Experimental Light

Lased XY Table – Version 1.0



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Comment (21)

  1. I am trying your methods. But, in my GRBL controller return “buffer is small” what this means?

  2. Hi, Thanks for your fruitful tutorial. Actually, my both motors rotate in the only clockwise direction. While I have anti direction too but motor rotates only in 1 direction.

  3. When I’m hitting “Apply” to get the gcode, I’m getting this message intstead:
    Inkscape has received additional data from the script executed. The script did not return an error, but this may indicate the results will not be as expected.

    Traceback (most recent call last):

    File “”, line 3172, in


    File “”, line 283, in affect
    File “”, line 3156, in effect
    self.orientation( self.layers[min(0,len(self.layers)-1)] )
    File “”, line 3085, in orientation
    doc_height = inkex.unittouu(self.document.getroot().get(‘height’))
    AttributeError: ‘module’ object has no attribute ‘unittouu’

    What has possible gone wrong here? Also like at second 06:00, I did not get any “continue” message while copying the extension files. It was simply copied.


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