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When a friend told me about Arduino a powerful prototyping platform immediately, I wanted to start applying its potential to the ROV ideas kicking around in my head. A quick google search uncovered some projects that were very similar to what I wanted to do, but nothing quite the same. Nothing are not communicated over a Wi Fi network and send force feedback information. This is my Arduino. Why fly many? It can be controlled with a ps3 or xbox 360 controller or a logitech g27 steering wheel or any other controller that can be read and manipulated with Processing’s Pro control library. It only took me a few minutes this morning to configure this logitech rumble pad to work with the car. Now I’ll show you the controller’s working with the vehicle. I put the mini up on blocks to keep it from driving off the end of the table. First I’ll show you the ps3 controller. This left joystick handles the speed the right joystick handles, steering the driver. I have, for the ps3 controller, recognizes these paddles as buttons, if it recognizes them as sliders I’d use them for speed control, so instead I just use them to direct the camera. Pressing. Both paddles at once causes the camera Center. This right button pad I’ve reserved for special functions like steering and camera servo trim. I also don’t have any fpv goggles yet so i implemented a feature. I call auto camera when activated. The camera will follow the steering movement that’s handy for when you’re going around corners at speed and now the xbox 360 controller i’ve configured it very similarly to the ps3 controller, except these paddles at the back are used for speed control.

The right joystick handles the steering right button, patter special functions like auto camera and the left joystick is now used for the camera. If I want to handle the camera manually – and I can either move quickly or slowly pressing, the left, joystick down – will cause the camera Center and here’s. The logitech rumble pad it’s very similar to the ps3 controller, except you can select two input modes with a toggle switch at the back here. Either direct input or X input mode in X, input mode, the pedals at the back act as proper sliders. So I use them for speed when, in direct input mode, the sliders act as simple buttons, but the rumble function works in the case of the g27 steering wheel. The pedals which are under the table at the moment, control the direction and speed, and you might have guessed that the wheel controls the steering now I’d like to demonstrate force feedback working with the wheel. If I apply a small force, there will be a small reaction in a wheel. If I apply a big force, the wheel will respond more dramatically inside of the view I’ve mounted in our Drina uno, with a wife like she’ll Don top of it. So the Y fly connects to the Wi Fi access point, processing, runs on a computer, either a PC or a Mac and reads the controller inputs and then sends instructions to the Y fly via UDP packets.

The Wi Fi mini also sends UDP packets back to processing that will contain information for things like force feedback to obtain force feedback. I tried two approaches. First, I tried mounting a potentiometer on the car’s body and then I attached it to the steering linkage. I then programmed the calibration routine into the Arduino. It would record the pot measurements at each degree in movement, given the steering servo then, when driving any difference between the immediate measurements and those recorded at calibration time would represent to force on the steering linkage. Unfortunately, it didn’t work very well and for a few reasons, so I tried a three axis accelerometer. I mounted it in the front bumper of the vehicle. The Arduino takes a high number of readings per second and averages them. If the immediate reading deviates from the average a designated amount, it registers as a force worth reporting, the amplitude of this deviation is directly correlated to the resulting controller Rumble earlier I had the wheel set up and was driving around the house here’s a quick clip of My testing, even in its limited state, the feedback works quite well. It manages to enhance the driving experience quite a bit. I hope you like my Arduino, why fly mini and if you did be sure, to check out my blog, where you’ll find a post explaining everything in a lot more detail.


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  1. I’m working a project that requires the control of the vehicle to come from a computer after some computation has being done based on data collected from sensors along the road network. What do i need to change for me to be able to change the controller to a computer instead of XBOX 360 or PS3 controller. I really love what you are doing Kelly. Keep it up.

  2. i want to do the same thing as you.
    Before i buy this car, i would like to know have you changed any component from this car ?
    or just use their components? especially the motor.

  3. Hello sir.Did you know how to control the speed (PWM) of an dc motor with the joystick of PS3?Please if you know answer.I have searched in the Arduino forum but i can’t find anything about PWM and joystick.I use USB Host Shield and Arduino Uno.Thank you for your time.

  4. Hello
    i have weve blaster boat &
    Clamstar blue
    But loss remote
    Anybody tell me its remote MHz number thanak

  5. How much would it cost for you to make me an RC wifi enabled car which I can program to be controlled via a website, I have already made a DJI TELLO (Drone) which people can fly remotely but it already came with an API – I need something similar for an RC car

  6. Hi Blair, hope you are well, I fly FPV racing quadrotors, and just this evening I was thinking how great it would be to be able to have force feedback on our controllers so you can feel the quad gripping in the corners and also how it would be a huge benefit to tuning the PID loop as right now we have to rely on black box logs and sound from the propellers. Our quads have a 6 axis gyro, and 4ESC’s to control the motors. How challenging was it to get the force feedback working with your 3 axis gyro? Do you see a future for this kind of system in RC racing?


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