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We make use of two numbers s type of X base for this demo. One USB Explorer bowl and an XP break code board or needle 1s2 module is to be configured as router and another one has coordinator already know. You know, is used to receive and display APA data, yet dos, which is used as a digital input. The dos, which is connected to the xB, which is to be programmed as a router, always connect the sensors to the router xB coordinator xB is connected to ordinal. First, let us configure the X piece plug one of the xB onto the USB board connected to PC fire up the X CDU software and click on the search button on the top select the port where xB USB is connected here. It is comp. 7 click on next and then accept the default settings and click on finish. Xcd. You will discover the xB is connected to the port click, Add selected device on left pan of the X CDU. You can see the selected XBee module click on that to load the data to configure this as a router click on the 4th icon, which shows a down arrow update frame where window opens here. Select the ZigBee router 80 function set four rotor your programming ad functions. It and not api and click on finish now. This xB is loaded with the router. 80 Finbar enter a random value for the pan ID as 1 2 3, but this should be same for both the radios enable the channel verification JV so that the router joins the coordinator.

As soon as it is powered up, the operating channel CH will be assigned automatically where, when it joins the coordinator, you cannot change it manually, scroll down to enter the destination address. This is the serial number of the other xB enter the d h dl values. You can change the node identifier, as name like router leave the bar read to or default 9600, but it should be same for both the radios and the io settings change. That di was 0 configuration to 3. That is, spin 20 of router is set as digital input. Di was 0 is set to 3, which represents digital input, and I was sampling rate, enter a value of 1 3. 8 8. This is the hex value which corresponds to 5000 in decimal, so a digital sample will be sent every 5 seconds by this router. You can make use of the windows. Calculator for hex conversion X, 1, 3, 8, 8. Converted to decimal is 5000 milliseconds, which is equal to 5 seconds and finally, click on the right button to confer confirm the changes the pencil mark icon is the right button, click on that to confirm the changes from the USB board and then plug the other radio. This radio has to be programmed as coordinator open, the XE to you and then click on the search button, select the port and then accept the default settings. Click on finish, select the added device to load data click, the update, trim, bear icon and then load the ZigBee coordinator, API frame bar for router.

We programmed with the 80 finger four coordinator. We should prob date with coordinator APF in bear. The pan ID should be same as that of the router enter 1 2, 3 and then the destination address should be the address of the router enter the DL and D H values. This is the serial number of the router. I leave the bar rate to the default 9600. Api should be enabled to 1. If you select value, it is for escaping characters, leave it as 1 and, finally, click on right to save the changes. The second radio is loaded with coordinator APA fimble plug the router radio onto the USB breakout board. The door switch is to be connected to this radio. This is a normally open door switch when the magnet comes near the reed switch. It becomes closed. Connect the positive rail 5 volt to the top of the breadboard. You can use it as a positive rail and ground to the negative rail pin. 20 is connected to the door. Switch an LED is connected to show the door switch position, whether it is high or low. This is the connection of the door. Switch to pin 20 of router connect the USB cable to power up now when the door switch is closed. The logic high is applied to pin 20 and when the switch is open, logic low is supplied to pin 0 open 20. The other radius coordinator, rodeo, which is plugged down to the xB Explorer on board the Rx and TX of X B, is to be connected to TX and rx of Ardan.

On this coordinator, xB is powered by the ordinal board itself. You can see the LED blinking once per second indicating that it is a coordinator. Now we shall upload a testing sketch to our Dino while uploading this sketch remember to remove the TX and rx connections of the ordinal. This is the sketch to be uploaded and a wide set up. You begin the serial connections at 9600, baud and under loop. We wait for the buffer to fill up more than 21 bytes. A four loop is used to display all the 22 bytes of data in hex, with comma separated, remove the txrx connections of at the ordinal and then upload the sketch on to the ordinal board. When done uploading connect back the txrx wires and then open the serial monitor, you can see the 22 byte length of data, starting with the 7yi. This 7yi hex value is the starting delimiter. You can also see the address of the sending radio the 64 bit address of the sending radio the last, but one is the digital data bite. You can watch the twenty first byte of data. This is the last birth to 1 data when the door switch is closed. This bite changes to one now it changes to one and when the door switch is open. This changes to zero, so the condition of the door switch is transmitted to the other end. We shall upload an advanced sketch to print whether the door is open or closed under the loop.

We wait for the full length of bytes to receive, and then we check for the start, delimiter 7e and then skips the data bytes. We do not require, after that. We print the string door is closed or open according to the byte received and by it one is received, the door is closed and when 0 is received, the door is open. You can watch this on the serial monitor now. The switch is closed. So you get door is closed. Now the switch is open. The door is open.


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  1. can we operate at a time 4 different colour LED bulb using XBee series 2.Is Yes what changes must be do in API frame.

  2. Data Sampling Values are not changing, Values always 0,10 (D4 Input) the same as the digital Mask. XBee S2 (Modem Type XB24-ZB)
    Any Idea, thx for idea?

  3. hello i have 2 xbee. 1 is coordinat and the other is router . i want to send 2 different data. i use an array .sending code : int a = 10;
    int b = 45;
    int data[2];
    data[0]= a;
    data[1]= b;
    for(int i=0; i<2;i++){
    delay (500);
    and the receive code :
    if(Serial.available() >0){
    char a =;
    char b =;
    but it dosen’t work can you help me?

  4. sir this is easy to do with xctu but if how could i do this all using coding in python or c language

  5. Great video mate… Really need your help… Trying to wirelessly transmit soil moisture content signal from an xbee to another hooked up to my pc like this video..m but I’m having trouble transmitting any data, however the coordinator xbee keeps receiving random data. Using series 1 btw… Really appreciate your assistance.


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