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3v and Arduino Nano Realizaremos Configuracion y conexion en modo servidor enviando, caracteres, desde, Socket hacia Serial. We will Configuration and connection in server mode, sending characters from Socket to Serial ESP8266. Se configura en este caso con comandos AT a una velocidad de 9600 baudios ESP8266 is configured in this case with AT commands at a rate of 9600 baud En la red hay una gran cantidad de personas interesadas en este modulo On the net. There are a lot of people interested in this module. Todos los parametros son configurables. Con comandos AT All parameters are configurable with AT commands. Codigos de ejemplo sample code Montaje … Mounting … socket con direccion ip y puerto asignada, al modulo socket with ip address and port assigned to the module Conexion al COM7 puerto de programacion del arduino, Nano COM7 port connection to the Arduino Nano programming Conexin, a router que Se conecta el modulo por wifi, Wireless router that connects via wifi module, Conexiones, entre ESP8266 y arduino, Nano Connections between ESP8266 and Arduino, Nano Para la comunicacion, entre arduino y ESP8266, se utiliza la libreria Software serial For communication between Arduino and ESP8266. The library is used, SoftwareSerial La alimentacion del modulo, debe ser, a 3.3VDC. The power module must be at 3.3VDC La libreria softwareSerial transmite atravez de los pines definidos como D10 RX y D11TX SoftwareSerial library transmitted right through the pins defined as D10 RX and D11 TX Abrir Arduino IDE, Open Arduino, IDE, Abrir, SoftwareSerialExample, Open SoftwareSerialExample, Nota Se debe tener Cargada en Arduino IDE la libreria, SoftwareSerial .

.., En my blog pueden descargarla Note, You must have loaded in the Arduino IDE SoftwareSerial library … In my blog can download Modificar velocidades a 9600 en ambos puertos Modify speeds to 9600 in both ports, Eliminar print de prueba Remove Print test, Envio bidireccional de datos entre ambos puertos, Send bidirectional data between two ports: Cargar, a Arduino Nano Upload to Arduino Nano Cargado Loaded, Abrir, Realterrm, Open Realterm Terminal Serial TCP, IP Conectarnos al puerto serial del Arduino Com7 Connect to the serial port Arduino Com7; 9600 baud Open Abrir Send Para escribir caracteres al Arduino Open Send To write characters to the Arduino Habilitar EOL Concatenar salto de linea, a trama CR LF Enable EOL Concatenate newline by frame CR LF Enviar quotATquot y Presionar Send ascii, Send quotATquot and Press Send ascii Modulo responde quotOKquot Module responds quotOKquot, Perfecto, Perfect Abrir, Display y cambiar ASCII, a ANSI para, no ver fines de lnea, Open Display and change ASCII to ANSI, not see the end of line Comandos AT para, modo servidor AT commands for server mode AT RST, Reset Module reset Reiniciado AT CWMODE1. Como ya, habia realizado el cambio, el modulo me indica. As had already made me change. The module indicates AT CWJAPquotSSIDquotquotPASWORDquot RED WIFI, enviar hasta recibir quotOKquot send to receive quotOKquot AT CIFSR. Ip DIRECCION ADDRESS MODULE IP MODULE from DHCP Example AT CIPMUX1. Multiple Conections AT CIPSERVER18888 Enable Mode Server: Port 8888 Listo.. el modulo creara la conexion en la IP 192.

168.1.508888 Ready .. create the connection module in the IP Ahora.. Abrir Realterm para conexion, en la IP, Now .. Open RealTerm for connection to the IP Lo que se envie desde el puerto COM7, con comandos AT .. llegara al Socket What is send from the COM7 port with AT commands, .. came to Socket Configurar realterm al Socket Socket Set RealTerm to Cuando se abre el socket por el serial. Se imprime quotLinkquot indicando conexin, When the socket is opened by the serial quotLinkquot, is printed indicating connection Enviar caracteres desde, Socket hacia Serial … simplemente se escribe.. ejemplo quotSOCKETquot Send characters from Socket to Serial … simply type .. example: quotSOCKETquot El COM7, imprimira quot IPD0 SOCKET quot. The COM7 will print quot, IPD 0 SOCKETquot envio desde COM7 hacia Socket se realiza con comandos AT Send from COM7 to Socket is done with AT commands 1 Se envia conexion 0 y cantidad de caracteres30 Comando quotAT, CIPSEND030quot 1 Connection 0 and number of characters: 30 command. Quotat CIPSEND 0.30quot It sends Luego el Modulo, devolvera quotgtquot indicando que se pueden escribir caracteres. Then the module will return quotgtquot indicating that you can type characters: upssssss …, Nota, Se debe tener la cantidad, exacta de caracteres, a enviar … Note. You must have the exact number of characters to send … En este caso tengo un error en el comando quotAT CIPSEND030quot y envio la cadena, quotSERIAL quot que son 7 Caracteres quotAT CIPSEND07quot.

In this case, I have an error in the quotAT CIPSEND 0.30quot and sending command chain quotSERIALquot, which are 7 Characters. Quotat CIPSEND, 0.7quot, 1 Enviar quotAT CIPSEND07quot 1 Send quotAT CIPSEND 0.7quot 2 Esperamos el caracter quotltquot 2. We hope the character quotltquot 3 Send the string quotSERIALquot 3 Enviamos la Cadena, quotSERIALquot Probemos nuevamente Let’s, try again Gracias, … .Si quieren, mas Suscribirse …, Thanks …. If you want more …


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#RT @pimylifeup: A basic Arduino web server using the ethernet shield 🖥
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Thu Oct 23 09:20:11 +0000 2014

A basic Arduino web server using the ethernet shield 🖥









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  2. for some reasong my module doesn’t get coneted to already configured wi-fi but still led is on, with only the 3.3v in the VCC, you need to power the second pin of the first row with the 3.3v, and in arduino uno works perfectly but in arduiono nano v3.0 it auto shutdown, the leds power off.

    1. Hi, Although this version works with AT commands I would advise you to use your ESP8266 module with Arduino IDE,
      open a universe of possibilities, look at some examples

      Programming ESP8266 with Arduino IDE


  3. Hi!
    how do you connected your ESP866 so that it have enough current of the 3.3v of the arduino :O
    please help me

  4. Hello
    I created this list with all these tests, the protocol MQTT and ESP8266, I hope it serves you and shares or subscribes

    And watch my latest videos

    Public MQTT Broker HiveMQ & ESP8266 DS18B20 (Onewire)+ Node-RED

    Quick View Emoncms OpenSource in Hosting Arvixe

    Quick Test ESP8266 + Google Script app IoT Connection Full


  5. Do you have video explain how esp8266 communicate with arduino Mega2560? I have problem for sending data from sensors from Mega to Firebase via Esp8266. if you have pls share me thank.

    1. PDAControl Yes I used to work with only nodeMCU but now my project have to use more relay that NodMCU pin not enaugh, Atmega2560 with ESP8266 built on board Very difficult to config with DIP Switch , Now my project is stucking.

    2. PDAControl even this product already have description about switching DIP but in the real practice doesnt work.

    3. That is the complicated of equipment, which are not practical, I have used the nodemcu with 2 serial ports one to program and another to debug .. and the case of the Wemos, maybe not possible, the best would be to start Esp8266 and arduino mega independent for initial tests … less headache and you spend $$$. If the approved prototype design your own pcb I have been testing a company that makes them at 2 dollars


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