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I will include some the vlog, but I figured I’d show the clip to you guys right away and show you the funny things that do happen at my office. So I just a vending machine I’m talking about right here this one right here. So, ok, this one right here, so what happens is that this is empty now, because something happened. This is what you’ll do you guys will see what happened and yeah well I’m off with this normal lunch. Let me know which gasping pretty funny love you all all right check it out play you alright! Well, do it soon that can work really well after you finish that hum. Looking there you go see holy thing is: come on, no, no see that’s a selfish. Take up something for charity. I just have to top it love it you’re all valid. Now, we’ll go off, you mean like an alarm or show yeah Tony’s help it something so big on your ears, open jump it Sammy I’ll. Do it great jump in a fallen? One boss is gon na, be a good deal. I should have won. Where is Nev like this or warrants cook, it again improve yeah. What, if we’re, just looking at dmort words? Wait how come this week? This count is down 400 it’s like blowing. I will demolish you, Oh what the heck that’s right now. You can uh, not kid for you. You know the focus that’s it, but if we get like a gift that get a single toss, it’s tough to love – it, Oh, Oh, think miss a chance it up, but it’s, not no it’s, not that Music gon na go yeah it’s gon na go better.

Keep going gon na go always think it’s empty. Now it stinks exactly no, they get something next to it and then you’ll push it. The pink one get the default. Why not? Hmm! Okay! Chris is an unusual dish. Oh no, no! No wait again go again. Go again what time would that be 66? No, no! No! What you’re now look at me for okay, you should necessary know, but so many things if you gon na, be sick, so push it down the sink of a before it’s, more of a thing yeah. It actually will do people read some PCB 3000 III. I think we will respond story would be one it’s like exactly wedding. Neg include a new place, you’re gon na, like each other. Here like wait. What is he doing? Is he calling me Music, everybody? I don’t think this is pretty good more than that money. All right! Well, I won’t be stalling and plug it stinks. No.


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A modular, Arduino Mega-controlled delta robot for your desktop.
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This interactive floor recalls the precariousness of standing on an icy surface, enhanced with imagery, sounds and physical dynamics.
safe image.php?d=AQDDp  jywcEiEdX&w=720&h=720& v6%252Fshare%252Fplay icon overlay - arduino vending machine
su4JBa1y normal - arduino vending machine
Tue Mar 25 06:36:51 +0000 2014

RT @zaidharithxh: Vending machine jual john menggunakan Arduino

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Mon Dec 28 18:36:40 +0000 2015

RT @zaidharithxh: Vending machine jual john menggunakan Arduino


DIY Videos : DIY Vending Machine – Arduino based Mechatronics Project



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  1. Congrats on theft under 50.00. Class A Misdemeanor. I’m sure the vendor was thrilled. Would’ve been quicker just to walk into 711 and walk out with chips. If you’re gonna shoplift at least have the balls to do it with the owner present.

  2. I started off really liking the channel but I’ve been click baited a couple times by you. I don’t appreciate that and I don’t watch channels that do that regularly. Best of luck but I’m unsubscribing.

  3. That’s a system called surevend.

    The spiral keeps turning because there are sensors at the collection tray that know the first bag did not fall, so it keeps turning until something drops.

    They all got stuck though.

    Whoever fills it should use deeper spirals or smaller bags.

  4. You became thieves and posted a video of it.. smart..
    The guy who owns the vending machine is just going to remove it so you and your colleagues won’t have one. Fucking idiots.

    1. Seriously? I can see your point re-stealing… but I don’t think the owner of the machine or even the much less wealthy grunt that re-stocks them, are going to miss a few bags, considering the disgustingly ultra overpriced items. Buy a small bag in a dollar store for like 50 cents (cost 20 cents / profit 30 cents), but the machine charges $2.00? (cost 25 cents / profit $1.75) They could half the machine contents each time and still turn a decent profit. Why? Because they are ROBBERS like all convenience stores… even worse.

      Machine operators are pathetic… some people, middle of the night, dying for a snack, gladly feeds the machines exorbitant amounts of cash for a cheap thrill… and thinking back… oh, 35 years when snacks were 3 times the size for a dime, and what you get now for $2.00 man, what a mega RIP-OFF. So yeah, if the machine makers create a machine that can be hacked by a smartphone, then they deserve the payback of also being ripped off. It costs LESS to grow a potato today than it did 25 years ago… but go look at the price of potatoes now! LOL. I remember buying 50 pound bags of yukon gold potatoes for roughly 60 cents? not much more. May have been a dollar… but not the $50 today for the same bag. Now imagine how many potato chips you get from 50 pounds? Astronomical, at 30gr a bag for $2.00ea. Machine ops are NOT losing a penny.

  5. So how is this “LITERALLY” the best? How is the “THE BEST” literal? You can say, he was LITERALLY on fire, because he WAS on fire! I just don’t see how the words “THE BEST” get translated into the literal sense. Maybe it’s just me, I don’t know. I kind of thought I knew /some/ English.

  6. That kind of happened to me once when I was in school.
    you put in a dollar and let’s say you choose A1. But 2 of A1 and 2 of A7 both come out. And then your dollar will come out in coins.
    I got everything in that vending machine for one dollar.
    My math teacher found out and got me in trouble.
    Detention for a week. Plus scraping out gum from the hallways during recess.


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