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So this is the Express no cash inside extremely urgent and what is baby the fastest course. This is here is Arduino basic. It is a very nice kit here and see that open what’s inside, but it is the lid of the Arduino faded and yes, a lot of electronics. Here we know basic. It is a very nice to hear they make that in a very nice plastic here. First, you can find the evening segment in a year it’s, a four by four segments and oxygen final, one and EG second also file. This 8×8 LED matrix and also find these very nice breadboard, whether that’s read by the n NT 102. So it comes with the LED bag. Thumps will be asked from LEDs and bottle caps and the switch it that isn’t very sisters, the potentiometer buffers from both reach and photocell, and also comes to the chips with the search pieces. Your sisters, please, can find this baby header and also on the site without of the connector. So if it sounds good, be your multiple choice, ir remote and also comes in the stepper motor I get to meet and all they come to be a button that’s. This button record the turn 6 2004 Music and also come through the water network. Members noting how to be very nice anytime. What with our seafood, we can put two three four spiral in this: I think about 20 25 values, and now they can find these about.

The sound modules and accountancy before SP, Ramirez’s right and now they come from this rule. Eight weeks and I’ll just apply this RPG LEDs and also you can find with any disease center and also five. These are SVU nicely solve all Audrina. Oh no. This is a very nice Arduino Uno, r3 it’s, a open circuit, open source, electronic photocopies have fun so ltbcn or LCD or means looks like crystal to say and also comes with the Mojo on this side. If you freeze ice IC or LCD 16 ounces, empty here becomes super mojit that you’ll have four PS is very easy to program it and also find this driver module, because it is a four LEDs to tens here and also the power connector right here. Also, you can find this a keychain module and also RFID module this the receiver, and also it comes to these tethers and it’s a white card for our transmitting the receivers clear, RFID. Also you can find this keyboard. You see one two or three for about 4×4 keyboard it’s lots of process right here, just be cable for uploading. The software, video Arduino, actually, power cable. It comes with a 9 volts battery pack and also, if we collector to get a beginner owner. You can find these jumper wires. This is one if the 65 jumper wires Music. This lot of exonic let’s talk about 36 or 1700 and it is a sharpie. So the promo code is welcome.


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    Saya menjual ARDUINO UNO R… seharga Rp65.000. Dapatkan produk ini hanya di Shopee! #ShopeeID



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