My name is adil in this video. I will show you that how you can make your own arduino door system, so please subscribe my channel and press the bell icon things required or need for this project. Arduino servo motor battery connector to connect arduino with battery and also battery jumper wires, few jumper wires and an ultrasonic sensor. Here i show you the diagram designed by freezing, so here it is, you can make it easily by downloading downloading freezing so how to make it. First, connect the wires with ultrasonic sensor shown in the video, so first pin is pin is vcc connect vcc on arduino pin number weiyan connect the we vcc to vin then connect trig on the a2 of arduino. Now connect echo to a1 of arduino owner, as shown in the video, then the last gnd of ultrasonic sensor to the pin gnd of arduino uno. Now the connection of servo motor, the yellow wire goes to a0 and the red wire of the servo motor goes to 5 volts on arduino uno and the last the brown wire goes gnd of the arduino uno, so connections are complete and now check it that it Was working or not so here i connect the battery with the arduino uno and it was working perfectly. So i take a piece of a cardboard and cut it from both sides to make a door. So i paste servo motor at the side of the door made by cardboard now connect the wire with the servo motor, as shown in the video now connect the other side of the wire on the door now check it again.

It was working or not. So i connect battery with it and it was working perfectly so i are also attached ultrasonic sensor on the cardboard. So when object come in the forward of ultrasonic sensor, it opens after three thousand to four thousand milliseconds it closed.