This is also an arduino or atmega328 based, robotic pcb. We can mount n2d motors to this pcb, so we can use this pcbs as the chase of the robot. With this pcb, we can build different types of robots, like line followers obstacle, avoider, bluetooth control, and many more also. We can use this pcb as an extended version of arduino. So in this video i am showing how i designed and made this pcb so lets get started. This video everything starts from circuit here. I use dc edi online designer to disable my circuit after designing the circuit. I converted that into pcb and designed the pcb here. I choose a circle shape because i like the 3pi robot, then i downloaded the gerber file to print the pcb. I chose jlc pcb because they offer only two dollars for five pcbs and also get free coupons for new customers to order pcb click on order. Now then, just upload the gerber file, then you can customize your pcb parameters like silk screen, color, pcb thickness, etc. Here i choose black color and thats. It now choose a shipping method and place the order. After one week i received the pack from jlc pcb Music. So this is the pcb everything is looking good and perfect. The quality is awesome. Next i cleaned the pcb with acetone and started soldering. I started with the ch340 ic Music, then micro, usb and other smd components: Music, Music after completing the smd component.

I started soldering. The through hole components me Music after completing all soldering, i placed the atmega328 ic on its socket Music. Now i connected the usb cable to arduino board. Then i uploaded the basic blink code and you can see the working Music on the downside of pcb. There are leds for decoration and we can turn on that with this switch. Now i uploaded the new pixel code and you can see the pixel led show enough for today. So this video is the first part of this series. I will upload more details about this pcb in coming. Videos, hope you enjoyed and learned something from my video. If so, please like share and subscribe all up to you thanks for watching.