This is the first tutorial in my series and we are going to be working with the arduino. Now you many of you would have heard of the arduino, but you probably dont know what it is yeah just some weird board. Would i find in my dvd players yeah. So you find these sorts of boards everywhere, but whats special about an arduino and whats special about those stuff. Well, an arduino is a microcontroller. Basically, like a brain, you can use to control a whole lot of stuff its like a part of a pc, but not a pc. Definitely not one. You would need to join millions of those together to make one so im going to just quickly go through the parts and then ill explain a bit more so remember. This is tutorial one setting up my arduino and making a very easy program. So this is the most important part, the atmos semiconductor. Well, i think its the most important of mind. So this is the atmos semiconductor. It is the thing which controls everything here then here we have the crystal oscillator. We will learn about that later. These two, these two pairs of pins, are the output pins, we wont be using them now, well be using that a lot later. These are the pins. The these are the pins, so the the the pins which the pointed parts go into those are the female and the things which the female going to are well obviously made.

So then we have at the reset button here we have our jack, so the for this jack. This is the jack which you connect to the pc with like you. If you have a printer in your house, then you wont be needing to buy one because the printer jack, this one is used by the arduino. So you just put it in like this. How do you know its on? First, you go into your laptop plug it in, and then you do this look at that. So, yes, we are going to be learning. How to program were going to start slow and then were going to go big, so thats about it, and this is the power supply. You can put your power in here, like maybe a charger or a battery or something now another very important part. Is this the voltage regulator? Okay, listen up! You can get this arduino for about ten dollars. Now it depends. There are three types of the arduinos. One is the original. If you get the original its from amer its from the original company, its going to be a teal color now this is a counterfeit or the italian version, but never mind they work all the same theres just one problem. The third version is the chinese version, and i bought my arduino nano with that and poofed. It was not good, so i recommend you either get the counterfeit version. If you dont want to spend a lot of money on the original because its going to be pricey or you can just get the original now, you will also be needing one of these cables and a bunch of led lights and all of that other stuff.

Well, get into that later and a breadboard so yeah this is arduino were going to be learning c language and how this thing so you see these – these are the digital pins, well be using these right now in later, tutorials well get on with the analog pins. The power pins were also going to be using them. Then we have in the arduino, were going to be needing to uh the you see these three leds. This is l, tx and rx. Tl and rx. Are these one and zero pins? You can see them here for digital, but were not going to be using them right now, so the l, these p, these pin, is connected to the second digital pin to the 13th digital pin in this tutorial were going to be learning how to make this blink. Now, youre also going to need to download the arduino ide, which is the div, which is the place where youre going to develop all of this stuff. So you can probably see it here with my mouse pointing at it. This is the arduino ide. You can go up to arduino dot cc and download it from software, and i recommend you download the latest version but never mind that now theres one thing: if you do get the chinese version, then theres going to be a theres going to be a specific something That youre going to need to download and youre going to need to watch another video of mine on that like well, not a video of mine, but i will give the link in the description.

If you buy the chinese version now, the italian version, you can probably see that this is well, you cant see, but you after this logo, there is a tm. If there is a tm written. That means its italian if theres an odd return. That means its original, and if there is no arduino logo, then that means its a counter equation. So yes thats about it. For now we have the arduino ide, wait so yeah thats that you can see. Ive opened up a project here, but were not gon na. Do that were gon na go into file, were gon na open a new project and im gon na close this one, because you have no business in that for now so Music. One! Second! Okay! Sorry about that. I think you can see the obs studio which is opened up here yeah. This is the thing ive been using. I gave it a thumbs up. It is utterly amazing. You need to download this its completely free. So if you dont want to get any money on this, then fine do it right now go get it ill, put the link in the description below okay. So when you open this im, just gon na make the screen for you. When you open this, you can see our void setup theres. This void setup and void loop. Now. What is this? What does this mean now in in c script or c language? You have to be very precise with with the with like the spellings.

You cant do anything wrong here now. You may see put your setup code here to run once if you learn some any computer language youll, be thinking, hmm wont this ruin my code or make some wrong thing in it. No in c language, anything you put after these two slashes. These two slashes will not be a part of your program. You can use them as notes now void. Setup runs the thing as soon whatever you write in here. It runs it when the program starts and then void. Loop is going to be running it over and over again, so today were going to go through some very basic things, so we have over here, you can see. Pin number 13 were going to be using pin number 13 today. So, okay guys, you can see that theres, this really big pin over here and youre going to be wondering. Why is this here and how this happened? So i basically paused the video and wrote this actually, no, i cant be seeming to write m or v or c with my computer, so yeah i needed to open this program. Anyways im going to go through everything over here, so you dont need to fret no worries. Once again, you can see this obs studio right. Well, better, keep watching it. You need to download it. So here we have pin mode 13 output. Now we have pin mode, which means that were setting this were going to be using this and which pin? Are we going to be using well be using digital 13? So we just write a 13 smack comma there and in all capitals we write output, close the brackets and then add a semicolon in most commands were going to be using a semicolon at the end or its not going to work its going to go wrong.

Digital right, this means that whatever is on pin 13 because weve defined it in pin mode were going to be get were going to be, making it go on or off high is on, and off is low, so we make it go on now. Remember, if you remember, if i told you pin 13 and all of the other digital pins 2 to 13, are connected to the l led on our board, so were going to be making it blink how well then we then we had a semicolon and if we Want to make it stop for a while. We add our delay. What is delay? I think you can already guess that this is delay in milliseconds, so you write one and then put in brackets. You smack your number theyre done. Then we also have to write digital right – l a 13 low, so it goes off now if we dont add a delay after that, its going to go, hey wyatt, you dont want that right. So you add another delay. How do we see if this is right? Now do you see this verify yeah, you press it smack it wait for this happy little green bar to fill up. You have to hold your breath or never mind just dont, because if this doesnt upload then im going to have a big mistake on my hands – hmm, oh remember: these have to be very precise. These letters you cant make them go wrong.

Okay, when it is done compiling that means that you and it does not have any error written in it. That means that everything is gone right now. This is not necessary, necessary that you use like 111 milliseconds. You can use any amount of milliseconds you want, but im just putting it in because well i want anyways so yeah we got it now. How do we upload it yeah? We just press this button. We wait for it pretty. Please please please. Please visit me on top get to the thing and upload it: okay, okay, yeah! I forgot tell you about this, my bad. Yes, we we have to first connect it to our pc and then we got ta go into port. We got ta select our board, which, in my case is arduino uno and port. Six com, port com, six arduino uno yeah, select that again and im gon na have to upload it again. I didnt quite get that yeah. Give me a minute: okay were back so well. I wasnt actually gone anyway. I just paused the video. Now you see, my port is not working. Im, just gon na go and plug in im gon na take Music, so i just changed the port. I dont know why its com6 anyways, i have to go into my device manager if its not showing you have to go into your device manager. You have to see which com is it on for me its on its on calm, 6 yeah.

So i go into tools going to port com6 and it says invalid. I refund yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, i am going to fix the swap. This is not my problem, but if its, it is not your problem, but if its yours problem then just dont watch. Okay, never mind. Okay! Now let me try it. Oh crap, crap crap, crap crap! I did it wrong. Im gon na have to re upload it yeah pvar doesnt exist, come on come on, come on whats, going on. Oh wait a minute! What if i did something wrong? You see this whatever its auto selected, you got to keep that okay, you aint gon na change it and you aint not gon na change it because its not gon na work, then not going to work. Okay, im gon na try again: oh its happened. It really has happened. Yay now. Look at this look at this. Do you see the blink? Well, i hope you, it should say done. Uploading like it is on my arduino block. So i guess you if you wrote this, you can tinker about with like the pins youre using well make sure theyre digital right and the amount of delay time you can always. You know play around with it mess about so im gon na give you some homework. Homework is boring, and i agree with you, but not this one. So what i want to do is i want you to make the led well, the ledl to blink really really fast and then were really so.

How can we do that? Let me just give you a little overview, because youve never done this before this thing.