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They made a piece of strip board to mount the components, mount the transistor to the board solder and trim the ends bend one end of the resistor around a pair of needle nosed pliers mount into a free strip on the board and the other end. The same line as the first leg of the transistor in solder and trim the end Music take note that the diode is directional. It was silver ring around the base, turned one end around a pair of needlenose pliers place in line with a second and third legs of the transistor solder and trim the ends. The tachometer has five wires as follows: white slightly dims a unit and turns on the dash lights when the headlights are turned on black wire is the ground red? Is the 12 volt positive, always power on yellow is the ignition on wire green? Is the engine rpm signal place and solder the red and yellow wire from the Tecla meter, in line with the second leg on the transistor Music? What I can also do place in my place and solder the green wire from the tachometer in line with a third leg of the transistor place and solder, which I come in a black wire into a free line on the board. This will become the ground line, place and solder. The 12 volt power supply positive wire, the same line as the transistors second Lake place and solder the ground wire from the power supply to the ground line on the board Music, to connect the Arduino, nna place and solder.

A new black wire into the ground line, place and solder a new yellow wire into the same line as the outer leg of the resistor place and solder, the yellow wire from the resistor to the d9 pin on the Arduino Nano solder, the black wire to the Ground of the arduino nano Music power on the techno meter and plug in the USB cable download. The latest version of sim hub and install the self extracting application head up. The Tekamah click on Adreno display, then hardware fitting open the Adreno setup tool rename the device. Then scroll down to the tachometer and type one to enable select the communication port and then then a bawd click on upload to Audrina. The hardware will be detected set up and check the function. Click on display and deloused click on test max rpm fine tune.


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Thu Jun 28 03:18:40 +0000 2018

RT @MicrochipMakes: Need a new tachometer for your car? Use an Arduino, LCD screen and LED strip to display engine RPM:…

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RT @MicrochipMakes: Need a new tachometer for your car? Use an Arduino, LCD screen and LED strip to display engine RPM:…



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  1. Hey, Just getting the parts but the link to the Diode doesn’t work. can someone tell me what part number it is please

  2. Hello friend, you have the simhub v5.2.0 that you can upload, because I have the same tachometer as you and with the new version of the simhub I cannot configure it and the old version cannot be found anywhere.

  3. late to the party but god damn it amstuido youve gotten a sub watching this stuff is awesome and im trying to build a semi (heh) – realistic semi truck cab for ats because i have nothing better to do with my life atm and i can tell your videos are gonna do it for me haha

  4. I found an “SAAS Tacho 52mm White Face” tachometer on sale today, do you think that would be compatible with doing this?


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