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I agree to meet our team and you cannot find an easy way to do it. Yeah. You are in the right place in this tutorial. You will have an idea to test Modbus RTU code with just an RD and also the computer on the internet. You can find a lot of information about more laws. I am NOT going to talk much about it. Just I want to try to say a few things about: Mobile’s mode was the popular communication protocol for industrial devices. It is used with rs, 232 or rs 485 physical protocols. Modbus RTU is asphalt wheel protocol, not an Hardware. This is a commonly misunderstood. What I saw on the internet to test Modbus RTU algorithm, you don’t need rs, 485 or rs 232 physical lines, physical protocols in the early. No, there is an what what is a cellular communication problem are. Do use this protocol with an USB cable. You can send data from the computer, please Rd know, and this gives us an ability test, our software without any PSEO device. So now let’s check. What is data frame? Look likes our student to send slave address design unique ID for each devices. The slave address is generally a byte, then function code, there isn’t data, it chains n times 8 bits and cyclic redundancy check which is used for error. Calculation yeah, as I said slave address, is that unique for each device function called shop. What you want to read or write data length depends on the question.

Crc is used for error check. As I said, oh let’s see a simple example. I want to read 5 digital inputs on the art even with, and what bus are you protocol? Ok, the slave address of the Arduino is 17 B. You can change it, it does not matter or function. Code is 1. You need to send one to read. Digital input. Request should be like that element, which is an hex code which is equal to 1701, which is a function called the data steal data. It means actually just try to meet f5 to sleep oops. Okay, don’t have to worry about it if last ones the CRC calculations from muscle this one response should be like that exam slow address again. The first bites the function code, data and, lastly CRC. This is from slave we’re in this try now the real example. If you can find a lot of information about the story and Modbus what I get, actually you can find the link below the video, so let’s see a real example. You can find this tester in my website I found on the internet. There is a link where I found it so first send the code. The coat is ready. Our deal is on the compar tu 142. Our slave ID is 17 connection is okay. We want to read the digital image, which is a read for you. Okay, we want five to yourself: English, okay, like this fight, the binary representation.

Okay, this contract is okay and I start pulling as its seen in the communication monitor computer computer and our Dino cone case with Modbus now, so we can’t increase the speed. If you want, like 600 milliseconds, sell it faster now, 400 and second still working blues, you know it is HC still working good. It responds every it responds after every each question: it’s, good and let’s. Now we can make it the first digital input is one here.


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Comunicación RS485 con Arduino y conversor MAX485










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  1. I’m trying to convert this code in order to work in an arduino UNO, but i’m having trouble. Any advice?

  2. thanks for your video Ulas, what if my arduinomega has a COM port higher than 10? i cant make it work with modbusmat

    1. EDIT: i needed to restart computer after changing ports …..i already changed my mega port to COM8 but Modbusmat now doesnt even Open the port ( i tried my sketch with arduino uno COM7 and i know it works)

  3. Merhaba rs485 SimpleModbusSlave çalışan bir sistemim var.Ani elektrik gidip gelince tüm hat bad veriyor.Elektrik kapatıp 10 sn sonra açınca düzeliyor.Bunun için ne yapabilrim.

  4. “modbus algorithm ” -> “modbus protocol” or “modbus communication”…..there is nothing related to an algorithm…

  5. hello Hulas. I`m working with your code with an arduino 1 but I`ve a problem, arduino uses com10 and modbusMAT1.1 said: “com 10 does exist” , the same ij port 2…somebody had the same error???

  6. What should I change code for Holding Register value?if you have code for read holding register values kindly please share your code…


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