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You look really tired. I’m, not tired, I’m, just not wearing any makeup, Because I’ve got more important things to do like build a contraption that feeds paper to a robot arm. So it can help me write 2000 holiday cards., I was gon na, say: it’ll be good.. I don’t know if it’s gon na be good, but it’s gon na be something.. Have you ever thought about what it would be like to live with an industrial robot arm in your house, Starting to sound like a really bad, dating app quotHave? You ever consider marrying her robot armquot I’ve not considered marrying a robot arm, but I have thought a lot about what it would be like to have an industrial robot arm in my house, because KUKA has decided to lend me one Yeah. I think it’s a really good decision, They’re delivering their LBR iiwa to me tomorrow and the holidays are coming up and I want to send holiday cards to all of my patreon supporters, but there’s almost 2000 of you. So Why not use the robot arm I’m getting tomorrow to help me right, 2000 Holiday cards? I got these paper rolls and I’m working on making a contraption that just slowly rolls it and then I’m thinking that the robot arm will just hold a pen and they’ll. Like scribble on the Paper as it goes past – and you know what I realized, This is the first time I’ve tried to build a robotics project that actually works, It’s it’s weird, but this is like what people usually use robots for who knows.

Maybe it turns out I’m also the queen of well functioning robots.. I don’t think we have to worry about that. I might’ve … Harvested parts off of the soup robot.. It always feels like grave robbing.. Quotoh. Sorry I’m, just gon na have to take this one motorquot. So I’m thinking this is like the platform that it’ll write on and there’s a servo motor here that pulls the paper through and a controller there You can adjust the speed with. I don’t know if this is actually gon na work. I picture it working pristinely in my head, quotQueen of robots that work really wellquot Refined, robots. I’m, the queen of refined robots. Are you fucking kidding me …, Nooo Incoming Educational moment? I use a lot of servo motors in my projects and they’re really good, because you can tell them what position to go to One thing: that’s not great about server motors Is that they can’t turn all the way around unless they’re continuous, and that means you lose The position control, But you basically get like a fairly cheap DC motor. For this project. I need one that can spin around continuously and I was convinced that the one I used in a super robot was continuous …, but it turns out that it’s, not I do have continuous motor, is on the chopping. Machine. Okay. We’re gon na grave rob the chopping machine as well. – Oh my god, It’s so weird for you to see this end of the room.

It’s all in the same room. My workshop is like 10 steps away from my bed. This is my robot travel bag. This is also the coffin of pretty much every previous thing, I’ve built.. I think it should work now Oj S. I m o n e w. I s h e s, y o. U a h a p p y h, o l, i d, a y quotSimone Wishes you a happy holidayquot. Anyone can see. That. It’ll be really long holiday cards for people – oh wow, But that’s, a problem for quottomorrow Simonequot, because quottonight Simonequot needs to clean this mess up. Okay, good night., Bye. I’ll see you tomorrow. Bye, I’m, getting my new pet. Today. It really feels like I’m, getting a cat, quotkinematic kittyquot, but a lot more expensive, because this forearm is like 100000 and I still can’t believe that they’re letting me borrow one. It’s out here in the garden It’s such a weird thing. I’ve interacted with this robot arm. A little bit at the KUKA office, They like had me over there and train me on how to use it, and it really feels like this Mythical creature. Almost.. It moves like a Griffin UhrggImgonnatakeabreakandsitdowforasecond. Does it look really penile Cameraman, quotClearly you’re exited to have it quotClearly? I’M exited to have quot, Oh Scott, I might be one of the first people in the world who lives with at least with this type of robot arm in their house.

I don’t know what type of pioneer that is, but I’ll take it. Also for all of you who are very worried about my well being for now, This is what’s called a quotcollaborative robot armquot, So it has forcetorque sensors in all of its axes, so … like it won’t crush humans. I was hoping that it was gon na be able to do some sort of like writing on these cards. I have quickly abandoned that idea. It’s gon na squibble.. Is that a word squibble scribble? This is just gon na, be one very long signature. If my patreon supporters would wan na fame the signature they’d all have to get together. All 2000 of them and tape it all together. quotSquibblequot quotSquidquot quot Kiblequot Sksssk quotSkigglequot. What was it cameraman quotYou just say it at the same time: quotScribblequot and quotSquigglequot Sschhs quotScrigglequot It’ll. Just be like baby drawings, then you have to be like quotWow Thank youquot. I think we’re ready to start this Let’s plug the servo motor feeder in oj quotHappy Holidays Here’s, a linequot. This person who gets this one right here is getting a very special piece. Its almost like I don’t have to be here. It tells the story its a very long story. It goes from quotlong and straightquot to quotno let’s improvise a little bitquot D It’s almost doing like a quotPolka grisarquot. It is it’s like these sticks that look like a quotJquot and you eat them No I’m.

Getting no response from the Americans in this room. Multiple Cameramen, quotCandy Canequot, A CANDY CANE, YES it’s, drawing candy canes, So actually every Friday and a couple of weeks forward, I’m gon na do a live stream using this robot arm to automate different tasks. We’Re gon na have different guests on and it will be fun Friday at 1100 a.m. PST Come and hang out and also let us know what you want to see us automate in the comments. We’Re thinking like …, I don’t, know …. I need ideas. Give me your best ideas. I think that was at least another … … 100 holiday cards, Okay, Bye and happy holidays and extra happy holidays to all my patreon supporters. Come enjoying the shitty robot nation. If you’re feeling inclined … Just look, This is the type of value proposition.


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  1. this project is fucking fantastic, so much fun! never wear make up. it’s bullshit,i like your videos without make up way better. also you don’t have to shave your legs either for us. of your pits. unless you want to.

  2. Unfortunately the brand “Christmas Card-O-Matic” is already taken. How big was the contribution of the 100000 dollar robot arm compared to the scavenged paper conveyor?

  3. The fact that the paper moves makes the arm moving somewhat pointless. Everything about the arm is pointless.

    They got to programme robot arms to make christmas cards and this is the best they could do.

    This is not a well thought out project at all.


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