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This particular project we developed using modified learning resources, lights and sound buttons. We have an out of box review on these buttons elsewhere on a website we modified them so that we brought out through a 2.5 millimeter of phone jack to the control box. The button press signals and also a signal to manage the light and the sound. The logic behind the functions is done with a Arduino Uno controller, so we fit that into the project box. Also, we have the connectors for the buttons and then four LEDs, red, green, blue, yellow and a reset button. So basically operation is straightforward. You turn on power and it’s ready to go and then it’s waiting for the first to respond. So in our case, we programmed the Arduino not only with the first respond and you in this case. We can see that the yellow button responded first and this corresponding LED is lit up solid in addition to the lights continuing to flash on the button, but we can see that the green light is blinking quickly, so they answered. Second, the blue light is blinking less quickly and they answered third and the red button is not blinking at all, which is they didn’t answer or they answered? Fourth, so you can see one of the modifications that we did to the lights and sound button is that we control the lights separately from the sound so that it buzz first answer but or makes its individual sound.

They each make a different one and then continues to light up after that, after you’re finished, you press the reset button and the game resets and it’s ready for the next round. So again, in this case, the blue button was the winner and the green button was press second and the red button was pressed. Third, so we’re pretty pleased with this project. It was a great first project if you’re thinking about using the Arduino and haven’t used it. Yet very handy for taking the inputs and driving the LEDs and the and the button logic we put in a light test mode. So if you hold the the, if you hold the reset button down for three seconds or so then it verifies that all the lights are working and all the buttons are working, of course, there’s an easter egg in there too, for anyone who’s reading the program or Programming, your own, you can see what kind of Easter Egg you might want to put in. So all of the instructions for how to put this project together are on our project notions, comm website. It obviously tears down pretty quickly just a few parts. In our case, we used three feet and six feet: stereo phone cords for the game. We also got a tackle box that fits all the pieces very nicely and and makes it convenient to to bring and carry with you so now too expensive to go. Get a nice little container to hold all of the pieces fits the buttons and the controller and power supply an AC power supply will fit in here nicely also.

Maybe the programming cord for the Arduino you’re so inclined on the other side is space for us to put in the phone cords and a little detachable catchable tackle box within a box set up here and there’s room for pencils and game supplies and question cards. And whatever else that you might want to include as a part of your get up and go setup so again, we’re very pleased with this project using the learning resources, lights and sound buttons. And do it yourself project box, with some LEDs, resistors reset button and Arduino Uno again, all of the instructions for how to do this project are on our projects, notions, project notions, comm website, including step by step instructions, the complete part list and the Arduino program that We use, and we thank you for tuning in and checking us out – we’ll see you next time.


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  1. Next obvious step; wireless! …. the inevitable project creep, or infinite improvement project begins. Haha

  2. Great! I need this exact system to work for 10 – 20 kids. Te system must tell me who buzzed in 1st to 20th.


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