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So you might recall that this is a for motor controller board controller board for four motors, and I had this placed in here and, however, I still have to figure out the placement of the to ord. We know boards the uno and the mega here and in trying to figure that out, I have a few different options, but one that I kind of stumbled upon is seeming pretty attractive right now. So basically, I could mount this above the relay board here and that would free up the space. Sorry about that and I’m ran out of memory, so it was saying so this frees up the space for the mega and begoo. No actually has holes drilled into the back side here and here that match up with holes here and here, so you can actually mount the uno on top of the mega. All Arduino is our set up this way. So as long as I can fit the mega into this area here, I basically stack these two that way, and then this board, the motor controller board, can fit in right there in this orientation here and that will make for a very nice clean set up the Problem that I ran into, however, is you can see here that I’ve got the power jack and here you’ve got both the USB ports for the mega. So basically, the board needs to be oriented in such a way that I can still gain access to those ports and, of course, supply power, which will come from the 12 or 12 volt battery pack.

Now to confirm this, I went online to make sure that I understood the powering options of the Argent arduino boards and that’s kind of what i wanted to touch base, because i thought it was pretty interesting with all the options that are available and thought it would Be pretty cool to look that over with you guys, so I found this terrific article and I’ll include the link, of course, but I wanted to go over some of the particulars, so it basically talks about all the power supply options, kind of cautioning people against making Really bad judgment calls and frying their boards, which of course would be a bad thing and it’s pretty much. They were coverable, so it goes through a lot of fundamentals of wiring diagrams and that sort of thing it talks about different battery setups parallel series that sort of thing in particular it covers the voltage requirements, which is what I really wanted to make certain that I Had figured out properly, it talks about different battery options like lipo versus other options and Rovers cases. It is lithium polymer. So so here is that terrific diagram so different boards, the mega, for example, will have an extra USB port for communication with the Arduino. Excuse me with the Android, but basically they’re all set up the same way. You’Ve got the USB port. You’Ve got the external power, jack e and you’ve got 5 volt, 3.3 volt and VIN, and I didn’t actually realize that then was a could be used as an incoming power source.

So you can actually power the board through the pin, pin connector there in Rovers case he’s, going to get power through this jack which and it works out fantastic, because this Jack can accept voltage up to 12 volts. It actually explains in detail further down that it’s. 12 and a half folds, which is exactly the power voltage on our batteries, so that’s going to be the way in which we’re going to set up Rover for the power once it’s off the USB connection to the computer. So, coming back to the layout stuff, I just need to make sure that i need believe enough spacing to ensure that the jag actually has room to connect it to the board, of course. So, looking at this again, you can see that it is going to be a pretty tight fit because of the way this jack is kind of enclosed in this rubber stuff. So here’s a close up of that jack, as you can see, there’s quite a lot of plastic here so i’m, most likely just going to shave off a bunch of this stuff in order to make it a little bit more kind of fit friendly. But that shouldn’t be too big a deal, so there you have it I’m not going to tackle that aspect of it. Just yet because I kind of want to keep myself from getting distracted with this sort of tangential project stuff and really focus on just getting the key pieces in place and testing and getting rover rolling again.

So I’ll focus on that. And but I do feel better. Just knowing kind of what the options are and how to place those boards yeah it’s, you kind of don’t even realize how much effort goes into thinking through the wiring and layout stuff. It’S easy to get excited about the programming and getting you know the robot to actually come alive. But a lot of work goes into just putting stuff in place in order to make that fun stuff possible. Not to say that the you know the mechanicals and architecture and layout stuff isn’t fun it can be to. But anyway, you know what I mean.


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