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If one have to take the quadcopter to the left side, the right motors must be speeded up and the left motors must with speed it down so that the actual drag drag. The quadrocopter to the left in the same with the right direction. Now, how can we roll the quadcopter any idea? Ok, let me tell you: if you ever seen a quadrocopter, then you might had figured out two motors of the quadrocopter are rotating clockwise, while the other two rotates anti clockwise. This is called conservation of angular momentum. Actually, this is done to stop the quadrocopter rolling. Now, using this phenomena we can roll our quad. If we increase the speed of clockwise rotating motors, then our quadrocopter will automatically rotate anti clockwise and vice versa. So I think you understand about it. Now we have to study about leveling of a quadcopter in air, how aquatic opal knows that it is leveled or it is staying at the same place or it is hovering over the right angle. So this is the first requirement of the quadrocopter, so right controller. I have to use something which will tell the quadrocopter about its angle as compared to the ground or zero level. Now the quadrocopter must also have the input pins, which read the output of receiver and also it need to give output to the four motors. So these were some basic requirements of a flight controller. I searched on the web for the same and found a software called multi beam which provide open source code and schematics in software for making arduino based quadrocopter.

So I decided to firstly test their code and software as a building block for our own made Arduino flight controller let’s. Firstly, try multi V and then try to design a different cord for our quadcopter and figured out what are the mistakes in that code and how can we cured their schematics, according to which four es C’s were connected with PWM pins D, 3 D, 9 d, 10 And D level, with input pins, d4, d5, d6, d7 and b8 from the receiver, along with it, they used MP, u 6050 gyro, plus accelerometer module for balancing and attached that with the pin number a4 and a5, which are SDA and SC l respectively. I designed a similar board using Fritzing software and get my Gerber files ready. Then I went to GLC PCB comm to order my board because they provide the best and cheapest board in the market. I click instant code uploaded my Gerber files and selected by quantity and other related features. I provided my address, chose my sip shipping method as DHL and pay them using PayPal, get relief from custom duty charges and have a couple of days. Then you can choose the order in ordinary mail also. It will take about 15 to 10 days, but I chose DHL as I am in a hurry for that arrived to me. Let’S, complete the frame and equip the models. I bought a DJI, 450 frame and 430 ampere es es. Then I took one of them peeled off its heat, sink tube from its connector.

Then untold heard it then I added some solder to the soldering pads of the frame and soldered the red wire of ESC to the positive and the black one to the negative. Then I did same with all the four year C’s. Then I took a piece of silicon coated wire and and attach the battery socket on it. Then a dash doll wire on the frame board. I took the four arms of the frame place then upside down and place the board on them and screwed them on place with the given screws. I also use a separate piece of soft plastic form to reduce the vibrations that comes from motors and it plays the upper side of board and screwed them on place and also used the form between them. Then I took for 1400 kilo watt motors. I unpicked them place them on the frame and and secured them with the screws and did the same with the whole four motors. Then I secured the EEOC’s with zip ties on the lower side of frame, tighten them and cut the rest and did the same with all four years ease. Take out the signal wire from the opening provided on the frame, so the basic frame part is done for now. After six days, I got the order. The quality was amazing, actually without actually without wasting time. I soldered the header pins with a small magic trick. I know I am a great magician, then I attach the EEOC’s and the receiver on it.

If you want to see the full schematics and code, the link to the cord is given in the description download your code and open it in the Arduino IDE go to the config dot edge, now go to the config dot edge and find the section 1, and You uncomment the quad X then find the combined mu boards and uncomment the gy 5 2 1 gy 5 to 1 is the code for the MPU 6050 module. If you are using any other module uncomment that then search for buzzer, pin and uncomment that b8 buzzer, then sir it’s for buzzer and uncomment, the top three sections and then upload the program and the coding is done now – go to multi V, config folder and run The multi V program then check and select the port and click start check all the controls from the transmitter, whether they are going to right direction. When changing their position, then click on calibrate guy row, then click calibrate, accelerometer and then click on stop now. Just do like this, and your quadcopter will be armed now increase the throttle now increase the throttle, a slight the motor will start moving, and now your quad is ready to fly slight many times will have minor changes and finally got the best configuration now it fly Like a charm, so this way the so this was the first part of our on mate ad. We know quite a cop, true deep head for the second part or subscribe the channel for more interesting video.


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      1. @RoboCircuits thanks , will check my laptop when i get home. i asked because i also have f450 frame , thanks , will tell you if the test flight was successful.

    1. Hi.. when I’m configuring with multiwi sw for the stick movement as shwn in video apprx time 8:14 and when I’m moving my stick of tx the throttle,pitch,roll,yaw on the screen are not changing.. kindly help with this issue asap

    2. Hi… I’m also building the same the issue is the receiver signals are not getting to the board while configuring it shows invalid receiver signal and also no stick movements of tx are viewed on the multiwii software as throttle yaw pitch etc.. kindly help me for this.. I’m stuck

    3. Sir can you please send me the pic values.
      Also can you tell me how much capacity battery you used in your quadcopter.

    4. Hi, this is a nice tutorial. using the said hardware components, can this worked as surveillance/monitoring drone? Thanks.

    5. Hi, its amazing. I have one question. Can you write me, what is software in your video to simulate drone flight?
      Thanks for your answer


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