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They are basically one and same computer. This is the main computer. There is HDMI wire connected into computer screen, it’s, basically, a computer which is running as the one like a big computer, but in small size this is called Arduino. They are basically one since they are connected through a cable. They could be connected directly with each other, but in this time they are connected through USB hub, since we need so many USB port and that brass pairing happens to have only two of them. Raspberry also has a internet connection, port and power wire in the hub. We have keyboard connected USB mouse connected and these two in this time they interact from the Sun also. So this is the computer. This is our Twitter port and our Twitter is here for it: output pins. All of these sockets are for programmable output. When this says that signal from port six signal from port six will come from the port or Twitter part, six on the wire, we have installed into raspberry a program called C bar. It can identify codes like where codes. Yes – and this is webcam also connected into the hub – which is supposed to read the QR codes into the raspberry – there is a memory programmed for precise QR codes. It is supposed to send a signal into the art winner and art. Winner is supposed to give an output signal for a let love in climb station. It could mean that one let lab would be for vouching the climb station for five minutes.

Second, for ten minutes and third for fifty minutes, so when the code is shown into a camera, the raspberry program will predict it and identify the code, compare it into the memory and, depending on its class, it will light on one of those LED lamps. Without presenting on starting to climb station, raspberry is oil, as we can see, and these are the codes which we are going to so for the camera. Now here is the camera and we are going to start from class number one code 101 and on the screen. The program is given a frame for it when it becomes clean, it is predicted. Now it is red. Okay, whoo, just low quote: 102 tada. It was the first lat love and since the raspberry has register – and this code is used now, it’s erased from the memory. Even if it sees it again predicts it identifies the code with a green frame. The LAT lab will not light it’s a used code, so class number one plus number, two, two zero one. The system is slow because prosperity sending a signal all the time through through HDMI cable. In this case, we cannot see the picture, but it works faster. So in the real laughy wouldn’t be using an external screen, and this is how it works. Group number three: zero.


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