I said you: there are four things: digital output, digital input, analog output and analog input right, so we have studied this digital output and we have studied the analog input. We have two more digital input and analog output. Okay, so today we will start with the analog output, and i want you to remember this all these things, these things also, so that it will be easy to proceed with the analog uh. Sorry, analog output, okay, guys, fine, so thats fine. So what can an analog output? Be? Okay, so you know you already know about digital output right. So what are the outcomes we can give either high or low or in other words we can give one node zero? What is this, or in other words, we can have five voltage or zero voltage? Okay, we know about analog inputs right. We can have different values from 0 to twenty three yeah yeah thats, true, okay, analog police, or in other words we can have inputs from zero to five voltage, so that is converted into zero to thousand twenty three units. This is fine. So what is the basic difference between input and output? Is output means we are giving out from arduino right? For example, we are giving a digital output right to some actuator, so to an led is something input means we are getting something from the external thing to arduino, okay from a sensor or something right, so that is only different different between input and output right.

Nothing else actually, so if i take it here, okay, guys here, im sorry take it here. So if analog input is what what is that taking zero to five voltages from a source? Okay, then, what can be analog output same thing right, giving 0 to 5 voltage up externally outside from the arduino thats. All right see these guys. Okay. So i wanted to see this so secret. Analog input means taking input to an a 0 pin. No, a 0, a 1 or 2 analog pin you are taking an input from a variable resistor or sensor ldr or whatever analog output means same thing: 0 to 5 voltage. You are giving from a pin right to to some something else: okay to external thing, right, maybe to an led, maybe two and two, an output uh create a thing right, maybe to a motor, maybe to some actuators. You know actuators. What actuators is actuators means something that can give get an output. That means, for example, we have sensors, you know what sensors do they take input right? They bring input to arduino right, the other one theres, something that takes the output from the arduino. That is called actuators. Okay, guys, so actuators are normally a leds. Okay, they are giving output from arduino right theyre, getting output from the arduino and giving something to the user right, showing something something to the user led motor. You know they are working again opposite side of the sensors right.

Sensors are taking data and sending to arduino, but these actuators are taking data from arduino and sending outside okay, so they are actually but in another word for something we are giving output of zero to five voltage. You understand, so that is simply analog output thats! Nothing! Much different right so only difference is this is zero to five. This is also zero to five. This is coming inside the pin. This is something we are giving out of the arduino. We create this particular voltage depending on our purpose and giving out. Okay guys. There is only difference in between analog input and analog output. Basically, okay, im, sorry guys the voltage going direction, okay, people, so i hope you understood what im talking about. So we will proceed from the next video guys. Okay, follow me up in the next video guys and yes consider subscribing us.