This one comes with the on the remote control that we need to glue together. It has sensor ultrasonic, pretty fast in a 4×4 im, going to show you this open box now Music, how we doing everyone. My name is daria from and i have to see yeah plenty robots and this time we have a four to four wheels right and this one is nice because it includes the remote control and ill show you right now, this open box all right. So we see right over here, the four wheel drive car kit. This one is pretty simple to put together. Remember you can always get the information from the github thats. What i like about this, you can download the all the files and give you here. You download the pdf file, so the chassis is. The main thing is pretty simple: its only two acrylic parts, its gon na, be pretty simple. To put that together, we have the four wheel. We have see these motors um before you know the projects they are pretty powerful, yeah theyre cool when its four. They can pick up some speed, so we have four of those batteries. 18. 1650. All right, you need! You need to get the batteries for this. Okay, no batteries included. There are three points yes, 18 and yeah 650 at 3.7 volts. I will leave you the link right below this video, a few things here. What we have to build so this one has some parts: acrylic mechanic part the remote shield, also the main board control, usb cable and uh screw sensors, and much more so this one.

This one is your remote control that you need to put together thats. Why? I like this, because it has uh its nice to control this. You can control this with a password too, but i think with this its much better, so you need to put together a few parts, but i like this remote control, they use a nine volt battery and that there and the two sensor boards. So one includes one you have to install here and the other one and is to go into the car uh. We need to reprogram dress with adreno were gon na have to program this later on. What is cool, remote control? It does i like this again. You can use the app if you want, but i think with this is much better its cooler and better to work with that, so thats thats, the remote control all right so that on this box, if we include the screws some sensors here, this is the rgb Module the controls there. Let me see yes, yes, this is rgb module. We got all the screws tools and and cables rgb lights, all the cable, even tape. Any type of the tape is, if youre going to do like a sensor. Yes, it has sensor below. So it will follow the line, so you can have this and put in the table and do a circle and well follow the line and include all the sensors there right if you want to activate that alright, so thats that and this this part and again yes, This includes rgb the jumper, cable, usb cables and the bracket for the motor mechanic, and they wont expand out all the cables for that.

And then this one includes um the receiver, and this is include some of the receivers that was below so thats the one it will follow the lines the bluetooth transmitter. We have a little servo here, i think thats – to move the head ultimate, ultrasonic, part ultrasonic and the main shield or the main board. I can see that we had already head. This is the infrared, so that will be the one it goes up in the car. Even includes that remote control, if you want – but i think one you build the other one its much better – and this is the board for the ultrasonic and thats it. This is all the parts that will require to build this super cool car. Everything comes pretty much. Nice and organize it thats what i like it, and these uh instructions are pretty pretty. I will have to say they are pretty clear to follow and i always said review it before it starts all right reveal and then youll be super okay with this thats. It guys so what im gon na do. I will leave the link right below this video and the battery is too because you need batteries to work with this car. Alright ill see you next time.