My name is reza and welcome to discourse design, custom, gsm and arduino board in altium designer. In this course, we are going to design the custom iot industrial gsm board and arduino in rtm designer use sim 800c module from simcom company as our gsm module and 18 mega 328 pe assembly version for arduino. As our mcu in esport, we dont use any module in this board and we are going to design every section from scratch and our custom schematic based on datasheet guidelines. This course is suitable for beginner to intermediate level, and we are going to teach you from opening altium designer to send word for fabrication. Lets have an overview and see what we are going to learn in this course. You will learn how to draw a schematic and pcb layout consideration for gsm module like power supply design, gsm antenna, bluetooth, antenna, sim card and indicator led Music. We will learn design dc to dc switching converter for gsm module and pcb layout consideration, design, custom schematic based on atmega328p microcontroller and how to bear an arduino bootloader Music. Also, we will learn emc and emi consideration for pcb layout how to draw a schematic and make footprint for components and make your own altium library. Our custom board will include dc to dc converter 5v linear voltage regulator, dht 22 temperature and humidity sensor, keypad time and 8 ic external eeprom sim800cgsm module 18 mega 328p smd version, smcu 1.3 inch, oled display and 3 release.

Sim 800c is a complete quad man. Gsm gprs solution in smt type, which can be embedded in the customer application cm800c supports quadman, 850, 900, 1800 and 1900 megahertz. It can transmit voice sms and data information with low power consumption. Music lets take a look at sim 800c features. Sim 800sc has general features like controlled via 80 commands supply voltage range from 3.4 to 4.4 volt, low power consumption, mass operation, temperature, maximum 85.6 cubic per second downlink, or opening speed, ussd take exam, pdu mode for sms and bluetooth. It also has some software features like embedded tcp or udp protocol ftp or http mms pop3 or smtp dtmf, jamming detection and bluetooth version 3.. It has some interfaces like analog audio interface, rtc, backup, usb interface, serial interface, interface, 2, external 3, volt or 1.8 volt sim card adc gsm antenna pad and bluetooth antenna. I am raza khatiri. I work as an electronics hardware, design engineer for three past years. I have done many successful projects like c800c driver board, a smart relays, board data center data logger and a smart gardening device. I hope you find it useful. Thank you for watching.