We know that arduino has several built in buses for fast. That transfer, for example, displays usually use the spi protocol. Various kinds of sensors are often connected using the i square c communication protocol. There is also the popular ua art or universal asynchronous receiver transmitter protocol, which is often used with a usb interface to exchange data with a laptop or computer. But all of these methods have a serious drawback. They do not work at large distances. Imagine a situation where we need to collect data from sensors, on the roof of our houses and depending on the sensors location or depending on our hardware and software setup. We need to transfer a signal from this sensor or these sensors to our arduino. On the first floor, how can we make it possible? Well definitely need a powerful noise resistance interface, one that can be used for years and in this course we will cover this. We will cover uh wireless and our long distance communication methods between two arduinos or any two microcontrollers, whether they are arduinos, picmic controller or any other type of microcontrollers. Now we often want to perform remote actuation of several actuators, such as lamps motors and other actuators, and getting this done from a distance is a bit hard job or a bit complex job. So in this course we will make it as simple as possible. Now what you will learn in this course, you will learn what is the main working principle behind long distance serial communication between arduinos? You learn.

What are the hardware required to make this happen? You will learn what is rs 485 and how to implement this communication protocol. In your long distance serial communication, we will take down the schematic for connecting to arduinos using rs 485, and this serial communication protocol is a wired, long distance communication between two arduinos. After that, we will discuss the receiver and transmit our program for rs 485. In the second part of the course we will talk about the circuit assembly and we will break down the hc 12 module working principle for long distance wireless serial communication between two arduinos. We will perform communication of the arduino to arduino using the hc 12 module, and after that we will discuss remote device activation. We will understand. We will explain how serial communication works with a radio transceiver. The last step will be creating pcb for our project again in this course, we will cover both wireless and wired long distance communication methods, im sure that you will gain a lot of knowledge in this course.