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This is a what we’re going to do in this class. Okay, general, a digital output. You see the ballast for in a pot: okay, let’s begin, okay, open the arduino, ide and we’re going to include some libraries, okay they’ii turn either the car library also include the multiples library also included multiples, IP e e and z, a 28 j6 e h library. Okay and we’re going to add some some variables. Okay, this is the take Modbus address. We’Re going to use publically is this is, and it’s going to be 4 to 101. Okay, also, add the word sensor: pin okay I’m, going to be the I’ll input? 0. Okay. Also an object, our mod IP option and also our timer it’s gon na that we’re going to use okay. Now let’s go to that boy. Setup: okay, we’re, going to add some Sorrell bogging to to see the valley it’s optional. You want to see the valleys posted by over adamak. Okay, you can type anything I’m going to type some some words. Okay, you can type anything with the point: zero X, if e 0 XE d, okay, don’t, forget to count and to see 1. 2. 3. 4. 5: 6. Ok, don’t forget that now let’s add the IP address IP address. Then we’re gon na send this values to our object. Okay, to configure the object. Okay, now we’re gon na add some. This develop the sensor pin to our register. Okay in the address.

Okay, now we’re going to update the milliseconds at the beginning. Okay, now let’s go to the board loop. When I use an MV task to update, say okay, then we’re going to update and compare our balance every two two seconds: okay: I’m, going to update this okay. Okay, now water adds also our which is there to update with the analog right over sensor, pain. Okay, polish, from able to 1044 okay. We are going to also pray in this in the in this surreal. Okay, because we want to see the values and that Talos let’s give it a name. Arduino want to class okay, since the pain is not the prayer. Okay, that’s it problem: okay, let’s go now don’t, let okay let’s, download and we’re going out same here. If the wan na pain to the device – okay, okay, okay, now let’s see it’s. Okay, let’s go to the the plz okay, now let’s we’re, going to add it on your blog and FB it’s, going to Arduino and be okay. Now, let’s click. Ok, now we’re going to add, go to the interaction communication. Others mode participate models, quiet, okay, now use multi instance. We IQ always true, always for mud, push most see room okay to address it’s going to be this valley because of this okay. Now, data line is going to be just one: poly, ok and and be that appear. Ptr let’s add any book a database; okay, one of the Arduino game for data; ok, click, ok, let’s, go ahead and click right; click properties, uncheck, optimize book access; okay, then we’re going to add some values: ok, Arduino one, for example, it’s going to be tight stroke; Okay, we’ll see configuration ok and this is going to be t cone.

Ip v4 version – 4. Ok, here, we’re going to add the device. Hardware ID ok, 64 by 64 ID will type in any number. Ok, we’re going to tie to, for example, ok, this Taiwan type 2 we moved address, they are doing address. Ok, don’t forget to check out okay, it’s fine it’s one remote address they take universe’ want to support what I pull and also don’t forget to add. It’S going to be the dolly okay, it’s, fine don’t forget to compile okay, fine, now let’s, add so go back to the function. Block Arduino data value. Okay! Now, when the command, we in the data and configuration okay, we’ll, add a status: okay, walk home! Now we’re going to move this is this value to another type: okay, uh huh it’s, going to be a I’m going to move the head to on example, this okay and in this corporation we’re, going to compare okay. So this volume please and okay and I’m gon na add an OPA okay, now let’s, add this function block to our main main task: okay, now let’s dollar. Okay, we initially information. This would take some time. Okay, now let’s go line, go line and right click on the book open and monitor. Okay, we are within some values, okay display for my decimal 440, okay, so it’s fine I’m going to move the potentiometer a little bit; okay, it’s updating it works.


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NTgdlLde normal - arduino logo
Thu May 31 13:07:37 +0000 2018

Das soll eine SPS sein, die auf Arduino basiert und die Form einer LOGO hat, aber das Ganze halt mit deutlich mehr Ein- und Ausgängen und in C statt in FUP/KOP (🤮) programmiert.

NTgdlLde normal - arduino logo
Thu May 31 13:07:37 +0000 2018

Hab gestern beiläufig erwähnt, dass ich mal was mit Arduino gemacht hab, und jetzt soll ich einen Controllino statt eine LOGO (+ 2 Erweiterungen lol) in mein Projekt einbauen. 😎



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  1. Hola Javier Vargas, excelente proyecto!! Tienes algún proyecto de arduino uno modbus rtu? Para conectar a cualquier dispositivo como HMI o maestros modbus via RS-485?

  2. Disculpa al momento de hacer el ping para la comprobacion de la conexion ethernet entre mi PC y el arduino, me sale el error de “Host de destino inaccesible” he configurado mi arduino con la direccion IP “” y mi PC con la IP “”, hasta donde tengo entendido eso sale porque la subred no es la misma, pero pues en mi caso tengo la misma subred, agradezco sus ayudas.

  3. Hola Jair. Me gustaria si puede ser que pongas u video de comuncacion arduino con logo 8 en castellano para poder leer los sensores de temperatura en el plc. muchas gracias

  4. I just learning PLC ladder programming and I have problem because I not idea for sent variable from S7-1200 to Arduino. Someone resolved this problem?

  5. Hello ,
    Could you explain to me how to communicate arduino and the CPU because I can not even by following your video?
    Thank you very much

  6. Hi, please this modbus addres 30001 is for analog ?! i have 2 digital pins and i measure duration between pin one and two. This duration convert to distance, this is number in range 0-150cm. I need send this number to PLC 1200 ! Can i use this example or this modbus addres will be different ? thx

  7. Hello Jair,

    I tried to retrace your programming, but had some issues with the
    and the libraries. Can you tell me where you got them?

    Thx in advance!

  8. Your video was very informative. I am attempting to fire an air cannon remotely via an ethernet modbusTCP connection. Could you tell me how to locate and dwnload the Modbus and ModbusIP_ENC28J60 libraries?

  9. I put this together too, the arduino code compiles & programs, so does the step7.
    But theres no comms, the eno output of the modbus block is enabled but input value stays 0.
    I cant get a response when I ping the arduino.
    Maybe I have incorrect libraries.

  10. Hi you, i have connected susscesful, but the data i send from arduino to PLC is very slow, i want the fast transmitsion from arduino and plc, so in arduino and plc, what i need to change base on your code. Thank you


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