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I have professor in the electrical and computer engineering department at Carnegie, Mellon and I’m here to introduce the Kickstarter community with a groundbreaking project. You do with YouTube: won’t combine winning characteristics of Arduino and Raspberry Pi in one single board. The simplicity of Arduino in managing sensors, combined with the flexibility of technical computer Basin, are, are integrated in YouTube. Giving you a powerful prototyping board, able to run Linux or Android hi I’m, Marco and I’m part of the team that developed the you do board in you. Do AR mCP. You live side by side with one gig of ram memory. The board has the same pin out as I do. We know do a ensuring full compatibility. You do has full HD video outputs with touch display, support, Ethernet connections and Wi Fi module. There are two mini USB for programming and debugging and two standard USB audio and microphone jacks. You do also supports serial ata, hard drive and camera input. The operating system runs on micro sd and can be easily switched between Android and Linux, hi, I’m, Andrea and I’m. An interaction designer when we explore the concept behind you do. One of our main concern was the target you do should be for everyone, even for those people, without strong skill in coding and electronics. Like me, for example, now I’m going to lead you through five scenarios, to show you some of the capabilities of you do let’s go. This scenario is very easy.

You do is a Linux computer Excel and you can use the programming language to scratch for Arduino to play with it. Music Android 4 ran smoothly on YouTube board, with a lot of accessories and sensors, such as a touch display and RFID reader through embedded the idk connection, Music, Music Music. Whether you do everything can be a controller, build and plug in sensor to Arduino parts, and then file with your friends to do is open source teacher can easily use it to teach students. The basic of programming, Music, Music. You do is fully compatible with every Arduino to a shield available on the market. Like the motor shield, Music, Music, Music, urban furniture becomes smart with you do and it’s easy to envision your behaviors and services for the object around you giving least a four in Campania. Vienna is started to gentleman or amazing opportunities for students to experiment, try and test their designs in easy and intuitive way. You do is a great tool for Humanity, students that more and more love to be engaged in physical computing projects. We are very happy to test the you do board, because we believe that it would be very useful for both undergraduate and graduate students for design and testing control application. The YouTube platform seems to be promising for both teaching physical computing and rapid prototyping. We decided to present a project on Kickstarter because we need help to make this prototype a finished product.


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👋 Want to bring Tony Stark-like gesture control to your projects? Learn how with the BLE-enabled MKR WiFi 1010 and Nano 33 BLE Sense boards using the ArduinoBLE library.

Arduin-yo ho ho! A fairground favorite, the pirate ship is a fun way to explore the oscillation of a pendulum. How much fun, you ask? Access our Science Kit Physics Lab preview and see for yourself: http://bit.ly/2oC6L0Q

🔬 Now that you’ve gotten your feet wet, dive into the kit and enjoy all nine experiments. Order yours today: http://bit.ly/2MnQ7fr

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