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They are very handy, especially the prefabricated ones. In this video, I want to show you five tricks to ease working with them. First trick length: you can buy them in three lengths, ten, twenty and thirty centimeters. I use all of them. If I have to connect a normal Arduino board with hearts. On my breadboard, I need longer wires. This is where the 20 or 30 centimeter wires come in for connections on the breadboard itself or if I have to connect pins on a module. The 10 centimeter wires are perfect. They are also good if I build a permanent project which I want to put into a box 20 or 30 centimeter wires. Just would be too long. Trach number 2 colors this trick. I learned the hard way because I did not care about colors. I blew up a module when I confused plus with since then I use a color Sheen black foreground and red 4 plus or VCC. Unfortunately, the prefabricated wires have 10 different colors and only one is black and one is red. These 2 colors were therefore always short, so I added a second rule with priority 2 I use now blue for ground and orange for plus, as long as there, no black or red in a connection, blue and orange, are plus and minus. Now, this problem is solved. All other colors can be used. My discretion trick number three empty shells. Many connections consists of several pins in a row.

Typical examples are I squared C or serial connectors. If you work with standard pre configured wires, you have several time consuming problems. First, if you stick with a color rule, the order of the pin on the modules is always different, as the sequence of the prefabricated wires to you have always to check the colors on both sides of the connection. If everything is hooked up the right way and three, if not, you lose a lot of time to find out why this bloody thing doesn’t work. I bought a set of empty shells to solve this problem. They are very cheap and usually sold for guys, which want to crimp their own cables, but you can use them also with prefabricated wires. Just remove the shells from your wires. Then these naked cables look exactly like hung, crimp cables, and now you can push them into the empty shells in the exact order needed handsome. And if you want to add a little finish, you can even label the connectors. If you do not need a particular connection anymore, you can reverse the process and use the shells and the cables for the next connection. Another goodie this works well for female and male connectors. You need only one type of empty shells trick number for splicing. Sometimes I need two pins connected to plus or two ground here I cut two wires with the same color in half and solder them. Together, I use any heat shrink tubes to protect the junction.

The same method can be used if you have to connect parts with attached wires to your project. Examples are strain gorgeous for measuring weight. These strain gorges by the way are already prepared to be used in one of my later videos trick: number 5 superglue. Sometimes I have connectors with more than one row. Examples are the stm32 port or the ESP 0 1 module. I could buy empty shells with 2 rows to solve this problem. I solve it differently. I take two empty shells with the necessary length and glue them together. With this trick, I can fabricate my own. Two Rose connectors just as fast as connectors with one row. The only exception is, if you work with a raspberry here, I would buy some twenty times. Two empty shells the hoodie here is: you – do not have to fill the hole connect with wires. The system works fine with a very few inserted wires. These were my tricks for working with DuPont wires in the next video. I will show some additional tricks with hot glue and heat shrink tubes just to scribe the channel and you get alerted when it’s ready.


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    1. You can buy 28 AWG stranded wire on AliExpress or on the other platforms. Or you buy ribbon cable with a similar AWG on the same platforms. Maybe you also watch my crimping video and the comments.
      I usually buy ready-made Dupont cables and cut them in two. Much easier.

  1. Literally the most useful video I have watched in a while. And 3 yrs after it was made. Brilliant. Thank you Andreas

  2. Thank you so much for sharing time saving tips. You earned that knowledge; thank you for passing it along.
    The empty shell tip is great.

  3. I’m getting back to electronics after about 25 years because I’m trying to teach my little son a few things. I seemed a little lost with the change that has happened. Your advice is fantastic and I found the second half after 3:00minutes more helpful. Thanks!


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