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In this video we’ll, see how to upgrade from version 5 to version 6.. We’Ll start from a program written for version 5 and upgrade it step by step. We’ll. Do this exercise with two different programs. Here you can see the original JsonParserExample from ArduinoJson 5.. If I try to compile it now, I get the following error: quotStaticJsonBuffer is a class from ArduinoJson 5quot In ArduinoJson, 6 JsonBuffer was replaced with JsonDocument.. They are similar because they both contain a memory pool.. However, JsonDocument also includes the root of the object. Tree., You can see a JsonDocument as a combination of JsonBuffer and JsonVariant. Let’s replace the JsonBuffer with a JsonDocument.. Now the compilation fails because doc doesn’t have a parseObject member. In ArduinoJson 6. You use the function deserializeJson to invoke the parser.. This function takes two arguments: the JsonDocument and the input Let’s replace parseObject with deserializeJson That’s, not all deserializeJson returns a DeserializationError. It’s, an error status that tells why parsing fails. Let’s save the error in a variable.. We can pass the variable directly to the if statement. And we can show the error code by calling cstr. Now it’s time to extract the values from the JsonDocument.. We simply need to replace the old quotrootquot variable with quotdocquot.. The JsonDocument will act as an object and return the values. That’s. All Our project is ready. Let’S run it., As you can see it works as before, and it took us less than 2 minutes to upgrade this program.

Cool. Now let’s upgrade another program.. This time. We’Ll start from the JsonGeneratorExample from ArduinoJson 5.. We can start by replacing the JsonBuffer with a JsonDocument.. Now we need to create the root object.. We could do that explicitly by calling JsonDocumenttoltJsonObjectgt, but in this case the JsonDocument can figure out that you want an object. So it’s not necessary.. Since the JsonDocument converts automatically, we can remove this line.. Then we simply need to replace the old quotrootquot variable with quotdocquot. It’s time for the nested array.. As you know, ArduinoJson 5 returns a reference to the JsonArray that’s. Why we have the ampersand here. In ArduinoJson 6, the same function returns a value, so we can remove. The ampersand. Here is an important difference between versions 5 and 6., As you just saw, we can get rid of the ampersand, so the result looks like a regular value. Object. No it’s, not In ArduinoJson 6 JsonArray, is a smart pointer that points to a data structure. In the JsonDocument., So it’s still a reference, because the JsonArray doesn’t own the data but it’s wrapped in a convenient class.. If I try to compile now, it says that JsonDocument has no member named quotprintTo.quot In ArduinoJson 6. We call the functions, serializeJson and serialzeJsonPretty to invoke the serializer.. These functions take two arguments: the JsonDocument and the destination. Let’s replace the two function calls. And run … That’s all we need to do. In less than 5 minutes. We updated the two programs.

. Of course, we only saw the essential differences between versions, 5 and 6. I invite you to read the documentation on for more information. Before you go. I just want to tell you that published a new edition of Mastering ArduinoJson.. It covers the new syntax of version. 6 and also comes with new examples like GitHub and Reddit.. So if you want to learn how to use the library efficiently or if you just want to support the project, you can purchase this book on


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