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If you haven’t watched my first video, which explains all the features of it, please watch it so let’s get started. So the things you’re going to need for this project are two highlighters: an oil ad displayed 3.7 volts flipo battery, a micro pin header, a tiny switch and another switch with three pins in it at the hd1 one temperature and humidity sensor to our demos. You can use to pour Pro Mini or to Arduino Nano on a ds3231 RTC module and a5 a tactile switch. This is a lot like my micro, joystick and wires connected and wire port and you’ll need a makeup compact with built in mirror in it, and you need a crib sheet, so let’s get started now. First, take your makeup compact and open. You make a pumper and take your lighter and start heating up from the bottom. Take both limits and the mirror will come off now we have to cut the middle to finish. Our project now take your middle and draw line on the middle, where you want to cut them Music. Now you can cut this at home. If you have a middle credit, if you don’t, you can also get it to a shop and get it cut after cutting the mirror. Your mirror should look something like this. I got it cut from a local mirror, cutting shop. Now the size of the mirror is equivalent to the only be discreet so now keep the mirror.

Aside now take a acrylic sheet. Now I don’t have an acrylic sheet so I’m, using an old pen case. You can use any plastic that is transparent or clear. Now we also cut the acrylic sheet according to this template. So this is probably the people here, the overly difficult, and there is a diagonal plastic or acrylic, and this is two pieces of David here there and this is the move over and they will get to point 8 centimeter square on the top and the bottom now I’Ll show you the template of how the project will look, so this is the template, so there are two square and this is a diagonal acrylic, and this are the two handles on the front and back so now you have to get all of the image on Your collection, after cutting all the people, which will look something like this now we have to do it together, take the first feed and wipe it off with some dissipation so that it will not help the unclear and then make your superglue and do it on the Square Music, Music process, the taking this, it should look. Something like this now take your mirror and wipe it off with a tissue paper and stick it to the groove like this. Take the others where be and glued it bottom and then stick it. On top of the paper now take this and then stick it on couple. Oh wait, foursome and take out here there’s schools in this Music wait for few minutes after the blue haired right now we are finished making the prison.

So this is all good now, keep it upright. So now take all the components and we are going to need a plastic case to make the case for the project the template for cutting out the plastic pieces of the description. Now we have to solve all the components together with the help of thin wires, like this use a spin wires as possible. That makes the project compound now solve all the components according to this diagram Music. So after you wired up, all of this looks kinda like a junk. Now take your CD box. This is what we are going to use for our case for our project, so I have put my CD box. Now we have the preppy CD box up to like 1.5 centimeters long. So now I have cut the 3d box now this is the case for our project. You can open it now. You have to save all their furniture components inside this now let’s hot movie, speed incited one by one Music. Okay, now that we are talking to our we’re, not here and do assisted. So this one took this big function as a single fit for both of you. So whenever you turned it on, this also goes like that and then turn this like that it’s okay, so I have 600 LED display over here. So it goes something like this. Now we are too hot to do the battery. On top of your early be seen.

Music, just a hug Louis right now has loaded art into module to the up there right above the battery by poking image in the auto drive. So okay, so the last addresses little bit 5 is exciting. So I have already drilled a hole here for this that I switch the Roku now that’s hot, do this myself comes out to the hole and let it speak for hours, okay, so now that we are connected a joystick turn it around. Now we need three pieces of plastic heat which is voice, use the ecology box. So I have one with two holes connected for the charging port and for the Arduino for now keep it take this, and now we have to cut this this piece over see and then Music, okay, so now that we have hard to goodnight, do the same on The other side, with the other and Music now I’ll, see how you’ll both recite this and this now we have to take the final piece I have got to split here for the DOS ticket, so we have to keep it like this forever. This goes here, and this goes here so now take a hot glue. Music now wait 40 minutes to the hospital page. So after they lose the top part. Now we are almost done, our project should be finished and we just have to attach the prism now. Just turn on this switch and take this to work so it works.

This is the clock and we have the button on the backside. We press the button. You could please let me focus so you should give it a bigger humidity. Now this way is to turn on the game. It will switch this to the left side and wait for English will get my logo and the ping pong game to start. If you want to play it again or turn this break up and down so now that we have finished our casing and clicked all the electronic components inside it now take your prison, and now we have to attack the prism right over here. To do that cut four pieces of plastic like this. I have the template of this in the description, so now take your hot glue, gun and hot glue: 50 Music, okay, cursory and talk to erosion, Music, and then I glue here and then stick this piece over here then take the last piece and do it. On top, so as we have made this pot loop on the walkie and then fit this over here like they call it blue to dry and then take your prism and inoculate again and stick this over here. La chorus is right after the prism hug right now we are almost finished everything now this week, a ball of hot news like this and thence to get to the highway cat Eisley. Now, as I said, this finish now, take your highlighter and take out the cap and cut the caps right over here after I gather it.

If you look something like this now do the same with the pink one. Also, now take a hot glue and hard load.


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