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5V5V, 10, 20, GPS, Millis, 30, GPS2, 70, Arduino Pro Mini LEDIC, 10mm GMSGPS, 3.1mA, 4.


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hCpH94yK normal - arduino gps
Wed Oct 10 16:36:04 +0000 2012

Avui hem fet un passeig i he provat l’electrònica del #GPS amb #Arduino utilitzant el mòdul NEO-6M i un mòdul de targetes microSD per guardar les dades de latitud i longitud. Després he pujat la ruta a @googlemaps. Aquí la podeu veure: 😎…Flipant!!
xT1qTBcQ normal - arduino gps
Sat Jul 28 20:27:58 +0000 2018

RT @programarfacilc: El SparkFun Weather Shield es un modulo fácil de usar con Arduino que le otorga acceso a la presión barométrica, humed…

Vlog Arduino Modulo GPS viene malo

Vlog Arduino Modulo GPS viene malo



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  1. Does it include an accelerator solenoid to speed the bike up to terminal velocity, then a hydraulic solenoid to slam on the brakes?

  2. I’m disappointed that the spark thing wasn’t an actual module you put onto the moped seat so that when the thief got a certain distance from your house he (or she) got a few hundred watt shock to the ass.

  3. there is only one problem, most providers don’t allow such use of the SIM card in their terms and conditions
    btw your videos are very interesting, please keep it up

  4. В России лучше такого не делать, могут просто посадить.
    If you think doing something like that in Russia, better reconsider or you find yourself in jail.


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