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Here we have the same shield. It goes on top of the Arduino Music. These are the stepper motor drivers. Of course, I leave links to all these products in the description of this waiting just make sure to put these stepper motor drivers the right way inside. You have to look at the letters and they have to be the right way up or down that’s done. I have some cables there. The plugs are bought so on the next link in the description. I’M cutting the cables. So I can hook my stepper motors to the cables Music that’s. It everything is done. This is the power supply. I got with the most machine when I bought it because the guy in Norway selling this old machine here we have the the power supply for the stepper motors and the power supply for the spindle. I found our wire I can put in the Norwegian outlets and I hooked it up. Fan was going and everything was okay. I checked the power for the spindle and it regulated all the way up to 60 volts and then down again. Then I check the power on the cables for the stepper motors. It was 14 volts and that is okay. I will put them in the input on the arduino teensy shield, 12 to 36 volts. Now I hooked up the spindle to test it out Music and it went okay. I spread it all the way up Music. Next, I hooked up all those stepper motors.

I marked them where I wanted them X, Y and z axis. I found the pairs for the engines first and I figure out online where, to hook up two pairs, some of the motors I had to change the polarity of the wires to get them running so well again, say is find a pair of him engines and then Hook them up now, let’s see what I had to do. On the software side. I had to go on to the Arduino website links in the description here. I downloaded the Arduino IDE software. I just downloaded it. You can donate if you want. You have to download this. If you want to put the program or anything on the Arduino itself, Music, Music, then I went to the grbl garbled website, links in the description and downloaded the garble code for the arduino. After done that, you get this zip file and you extract it to wherever you want inside the folder. You have another folder called google master. We go inside here inside this folder. You have a folder called verbal Music and you copy this folder or cut it out to the destination of your installation of the Arduino program and inside the libraries in the Arduino program. You paste it when it’s in there. You can start the Arduino program. One more time: Music inside Arduino program, you have to check first, if you, your Arduino, is connected. You check this here I have the Arduino gen, we know you know and the comport can you go to the libraries and find garble folder and goat on the upload.

Close the old window maximize new one and you have to compile it and verify its correctness: I’m supposed Music it’s, just a warning about the low memory. When is verified, you can upload it to your Arduino. You get the warning with low memory, but that’s okay. The next thing you have to do is to go on the github and download the universal decode center either links in the description and you download the zip file Music. Do you extract the zip file to wherever you want and you get this file start that? But before you do this, you have to remember. You have to go to the website and download java, unfortunately, for many but that’s what you have to do. Okay, go to the start back file and then you have the universal J call center be sure to have the right console. Ected have the maximum speed and you open. When you do that, you see your Arduino is connected, and here, as you can see on my engines, I have a connection and you can turn them or scare them by pressing the buttons Music, so all is well hair, always killed. I was very happy when this worked Music and the next thing I wanted to start a program. I usually I do this by using chili pepper, it’s a web based g code Center and go to the garble workspace. When you go in here, you figure out that you’re not connected, and you have to download serial port server it’s down here, it’s down there and you download the one for your operating system Music.

Once that I’ve done, you get one step done. You have to be sure to close to Universal g code Center. This is important and you get the zip file and you extract it and you get to start the server by one file when you’ve done that you refresh the window in the chili pepper comm window. Here you see that it has connected to your Arduino and you press it, and everything is ok, so I think it’s just to start the program. I never see all the stepper motors going according to the program Music Music. I had a fault on one of my stepper motor drivers. As you can see, I have order new ones. It wouldn’t dry. My engine, I tried to clone the x axis to get the two engines on the x axis. I also had a problem with my y axis. Engine gives us quite weird because it was a new engine, so here’s the problem. When I accelerate the speed it just stops. I don’t know why.


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  1. hello … I am doing the same for my university project. Done exactly the same. but i am struck somewhere please help me out.
    1. copied grbl to libraries
    2.downloaded java and unvi. G code sender
    3. the moment I start the .bat file and open G code sender… it connects to the board via com3
    but it shows a problem : grbl has not finished booting.
    what should I do ?

    1. You have to try it with different maximum speeds, when it “stalles” or “stops” you have to reduse the speed 20% down again 🙂

  2. @luke lewis I dont know but I dont think the a4899 should get warm when not in use? It sounds like they may be giving of holding power? Can you turn the steppers by hand freely when its powered up? Is Positive and negative is connected correct?
    And i recoon you have checked the pairs of the steppers are connected correctly?

  3. @WillysGarageNorway i can freely move the stepper motor with my hand there is no resistance when powered up. when i test the power on cnc terminals there is no 12 volt showing so i think it might be broken

  4. nice video sir do you have a video how to set-up (code) in arduino uno a homing and limit switch in x.y and z..thanks

  5. Hi friend thank you for your information, I make it one but I have one problem in the motor Z it’s not working can you help me thank you i started with software Grbl Controller

  6. can NEMA 23 steppers be used with this cnc shield? i just ordered my “kuman CNC Shield Expansion Board V3.0 +UNO R3 Board + A4988 Stepper Motor Driver with Heatsink for Arduino Kits K75 (CNC Shield+UNO R3+Stepper Motor)” off amazon. thanks and nice video guide

    1. Thanks for watching. I would be a bit carefull running the NEMA23 on the a4988’s. But if you keep it in the amp range (not over 2 amps) there should be no problem. But this type of setup is in the “danger” zone regards to overload. I would recommend using something like the TB6560 or tb6600 🙂 or NEMA17’s

  7. Just wondering why so many people are trying to run there DIY CNC with Arduino uno and having problems with them, instead  of using the Arduino Mega2560 witch runs a DIY cnc so much better. One of the  problems people are having is running out of memory. The Arduino Mega2560  has more memory, and runs faster, it has more digital out/inputs, doesn’t matter too much with a cnc.

  8. Your most wrong decision is that you are using a4988s they are so weak. Use drv 8825 is 2x powerful.

    1. Thanks for the advise. If you watch my cnc series you see that ended up using the tb6560 and nema23’s. As you say, the a4988 were way to weak 🙂

    2. @WillysGarageNorway Your machine is Small, if you would have used dvr8825 you might not required to upgrade to tb6500s.

  9. good video Willy, i have the same board but the motors just vibrate.. can you tell me the stepper pinout on the board ? thanks Joe

    1. WillysGarageNorway Willy, I got it figured out… it was the feed rate …too high.. thank you so much for the reply !!

  10. excelente e visto un monton de tutoriales y ninguna me servia, hasta que vi el tuyo y funciono en primera, solo tuve que configurar el gcode un poco para el tipo de husillo que tenia y perfecto, Muchas Gracias

  11. if i do extract here instead of getting a .bat file i get a folder that contains the same stuff as in het not extracted map, any help please????

    1. Hi, Im not sure I can help you a lot. I am no programmer, only do research online and fint stuff I need 🙂 what was your plan?

    2. Hi sir. Fist thanks you very much for replies. I have problems to write the program for arduino following.
      X- axis make 5 rotations Cw and 5 rotations ccw. And stop.
      Y – axis make. 2 rotations cw. And 3 rotations ccw. And stop

      After stop all axis in home position.
      Thanks you very much for your help.


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