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com. 30 DSP, 1000, 0.001, 1.44 TFT. 10, A 1.44 quot TFT ILI9163C, A 40 GND, 5V 2 3. Adafruit Adafruit GFX Sumotoy gt gt, Adafruit gt, FLASH ID 1000 Adafruit 50ms.


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Sun Aug 06 16:20:02 +0000 2017

Fingerprint Scanner for Garage (or other) Door Opener. Never get locked out again. We love this project!
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  1. sensors only limit 1000 templates to be saved to database, how to expand this limit ? i need more than 100,000 individuals..

  2. Hi .. i made this project .. but i use a 1.44 tft module.. now i am faceing a problem with tft .. the problem is that the screen is not fully covered.. display not showing from the top, instead of that it shifted downword 2 cm from the the end portion cannot show programme and it is missing.. can u pls help me frnd..

  3. Hi sir, Good Day! I am Hadassah from Philippines, and we have this capstone project in our school . we don’t know how to program the scanner to Arduino, we ask our adviser bad sad to say, he don’t know how,. sir I am looking forward to your response. thank you very much.

  4. hello i order parts for this project but insted of 1.44 i ordered 1.8 inch tft LCD display can anybody help me with that howto run that display ?

  5. i only get a white screen on this module, but sometimes the fingerprint image pops up for a few seconds, then it goes back to white. Any ideas?

  6. i want like three projects on only 7” touch battery voltage,speed meter,and fingerprint enroll….
    please do it sir….


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