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If you want to learn about how to find and fix these errors, then watch this tutorial from start to the very end hi guys. My name is Val and welcome to electronic clinic. If this is your first time here and you want to learn, Arduino programming, plc ladder, logic, programming, SCADA application, designing, SolidWorks, visual basic application, designing and programming for micro controls to send and receive data and write security systems, robotics image, processing and much more start now by Subscribing and clicking the bill icon so that you never miss anything. Welcome back and let’s start find and fix these errors. This type of error is generated when we forget to put a semicolon at the end of the instruction. Here is a very simple program and the purpose of this program is to turn on and off an LED which is connected with pin 13 of the hard we know now right now there is an error, so let’s compile this and check. Now you can see over here that expected semicolon before the digital right and over here, as you can see before it over here, we I’m semicolon has messed. So when we put a semicolon and compile now, there is no error, so each and every re know Omega instruction should be ended with a semicolon, which is a terminator which tells the compiler that the instruction is completed so and when we just forget to put one Even let’s, for example, over here and let’s, compile it again, so you can see expected a semicolon before delay so before delay over here.

So you can just put a semicolon and compile, and there is so. This was about the singing. A variable name is the most important part and programming. A variable is a place to store a piece of data. It has a name of value and a type. For example. This statement is called a declaration. A variable name should follow some rules now. Currently, this program has an error: if we compile this – and you can see – expected unqualified ID before numeric constant. Why? Because, as per the variable names and a sport, the rules no number is allowed in the beginning of a variable. So this is wrong. If we delete this in compile now there’s no error or, for example, there is a space and we write something, for example relay now. This is also an error, let’s compile this, and you can see that expected initializer before relay, as we know that in variable names, no spaces are allowed, no numbers are allowed in the beginning of variable names. No spaces are allowed okay. So if we write it like load relay equals to 13 now let’s compile this and Lord was not declared in this scope. Why? Because over here, I’m using load while the declared one is this one? So I will have to change it over here and then over here and then over here. So keep this in mind that our variable name should follow some rules and the rules are that no numbers are allowed in the beginning and no spaces are allowed.

Oh break. It missing areas is also one of the most frequent errors, and currently this program has an error. So when we compile this it’s still get expected break it at the end of input. So over here, if you put a bracket – and now this is completed now this break, it is for this one and this break. It is for this one, and this one is for this one. So we compile this there’s, no error. Oh, you know, what’s. Suppose we missed this break. It then expect it break it at the end, which is easy like it’s telling us that break it is missing, so this one is easy, but what happens when we, for example, miss a break it over here and let’s? Compile this then over here, you can see that the expected unqualified already before F, which is very unclear that where’s, the error let’s, compile this again and okay, now let’s compile this again. You know there is no error. Let’S, for example, clear this one: okay, so the expected declaration before the break it. So these are the bracket errors, and this is how we can trace and then remove this. This is also one of the most frequent errors and it really confuses the new beginners that the ones who are new to argue know let’s, for example, that we have downloaded this program from the internet. And now we want to use this and our project. But the problem is that when we compile this program it gives us so many errors like, for example, the one you can see that with the BWC expand was not declared and the scope file.

Ok, and there is a lot of lists. So if you look at the first one, that is the warning virtual world RH no such file or directory. So it means that the directory is missing. For this library, the virtual world artichoke, which is the header file, so let’s check this, so how we can check that go to the documents and in the documents, click on the arduino libraries and let’s check, whether we have the virtual wire target or not well virtual Wire library, so, as you can see, there is no virtual wire. We have the wire directory, but we don’t have the virtual wire directory. So what you have to do right now is just type on the Google and search for the virtual wire. You can easily download that from the github. I have already downloaded that, and so let me just copy the virtual world over here. The virtual wire got it Arduino libraries and paste it over here done and now compile this again. So after you add the desired library, then there is no error. Now this program is working just fine and what happens if I delete this line, control works and let’s compile again so now, if you look over here now, there is no directory type error. So for such error, all you need is just to add the header file and then compile so to avoid such type of errors. In actual that, the program you are going to use in our project, it’s, a header file or the library directory – is already installed in computer.

You know this is a program without any error, and I have already connected a whole dinner. You know with my laptop, but when I start uploading the program, it gives me an error like serial port compeiied not found – and this is just because that I didn’t select the port number jewels serial port and worried that his comm had so once I select this One, and now, if I click the airport but and now I can upload the program, so this type of reckon is – it can be easily fixed just by selecting the port number okay. Now this error that I’m going to talk about is one of the most confusing errors like I am myself owing in the beginning, I got this type of problem when I was really confused and when I was a hundred percent sure that my program is 100 percent. Correct there are no errors, but still when I upload a program into the microcontroller and I’m getting error, then I start thinking about that. Whether the or you know you know is not working or the microcontroller is not working. So what was a problem that I’m not able to upload the program into the microcontrollers, as you can see, on the screen that why I’m getting this error what’s wrong? Actually well, I have selected the port, the correct port number and the program is 100 okay. So this this type of problem is very confusing and most of the new beginners don’t know about this type of problems.

So whenever you get this type of problem, that or dude SDK 500 gainsaying and not in signalization. So when you get this the line and a we are due to done, thank you. So so, when you get this error, it means that the board is not selected. If you have selected are wrong poor, so go to the board clicks on the to tools menu. Then board and well here you can see that it’s, not our DNA, you know. Actually this one is selected. So when I select the Arduino you know and then I click on the upload, then it will won’t give me an error because right now the correct port is selected. So now let’s select another one, the board, and let me select this one. Okay and when I click this is still the same kind of problem. Okay, it’s know to fix this problem, just go to the board and select the order. You know you know, and then let’s compile with meme show you that the program has no errors. Okay, there are no errors and now click on the upload and now bytes off page verified and now it’s working correct, so that’s how to fix this problem. So this is the type of error with which is generated when we start communication with Arduino using Visual Basic 2006 or or any other application which is designed to communicate with Arduino. So let me play these applications and, as you can see, it’s giving me an error.

The runtime error, eight thousand two, which is the invalid port number, so now how to fix this type of problem. If you can see in the programming, I have used dot comp or equals to 8 now let’s check that which, on which party are windows installs. If you check over here, that’s comm 10, so now, let’s first change this one, which is the 10 and I’ll let’s play now. As you can see, it’s, not giving me any error. And now the communication has just started and sending welcome wet, sending welcome, because in the Arduino I did a little bit change in the program and that is serial dot print line. Welcome. So if I change this one to two electronic Winnick and now hold the program – and I will get to play again – you know you can see it’s printing electronic cleaning, so I have already posted Orioles on the two way communication. One way, communication sending and receiving so check those tutorials. If you want to learn the implication designing for the Arduino, so this type of problem can be fixed by changing the port number and make sure that the board Rodolfo’s keep the same. You use the same portrait as the one who’s using the controller problem that is 96 under and over here. Also, for example, with me change this to 4800 and now let’s play you can see. Well, here is a lord. I just understand what is this so make sure that avoid this type of error is used same portrait, so this this is another type of error, 9600 and now it’s, okay, now another one of the most common mistake that the new learners make is that when they Try to run a program which is written actually for the mega and when they try to run that program on Audrina, you know they get errors.

Why? Because? Because any program, like any program which is written for DNA, you know can be run on makeup, but the reverse may not apply because we know that the RNA you know has has this number of inputs input pins and the mega has so many pins. So it’s not important that any program which is written for mega can be run on or we know you know why, because, for example, if we have used the dependence which are already available in our Binet, you know that we can run that program on ordinary. You know, but if we have used numbers which are not present in or in a you know, then we cannot run that program which it will. It will generate in errors so make sure that when you run a mega program, a program which is written for the mega can only be run on ordinary. You know when those pins are already evolved in the RNA. You know okay right now, the type of error that I’m going to talk about it’s, not a programming error or a logical error. This is a kind of an error when we start uploading a program into the Arduino and while the already unit is connected with a module and that module is connected with, pin zero and been pin number 1 of the order you know and when the device is Turned on our powered out said, and in this situation, when we start plotting a program into order in a you know, it will give us an error.

We won’t be able to upload a program into our DNA. You know because the pin 0 and pin 1 or already connected, go module and module is already powered up so make sure like, for example, let’s, take an example of the Bluetooth module hc 05, for it is your 6 or any other module device. So when you power up the module, the blue device and it’s already connected with pins European one of the Arduino, you know so it will generate an error. They want to be able to upload the program. So whenever you connect a bluetooth device or any other device with pin zero and one of the Arduino, you know so make sure that you don’t apply power to the module, or at least you remove the pins from the zero and one of the Arduino. You know, and you can upload the program so first first, you have to upload the program and then of that you can connect the wires okay. Now the other type of errors can be due to the wrong connections. For example, I’m writing a program for an LED which is connected with pin number 13 of the Arduino. While later on, I connect that Italy with Ben 12 of the Arduino, so the program is working correctly. Do everything is just fine, but the old e is not working is just because that in the programming I defined pin number 13 while on the hardware side the LED is gon na do pin number 12.

So this is also a kind of error.


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  1. Hello, I got my Arduino and I’m trying to set up a MFRC52210 system to open an electromagnetic lock for a false bottom drawer. I’m having an issue because when I hit compile on my Arduino sketch it gives me a error code, “error compiling for board Arduino/genuine Uno”. I’m not sure what to do I would really love some help. I am a beginner at this so I’m probably doing something wrong.

    The exact error code that gives me is
    fork/exec /Users/mark2019/Library/Arduino15/packages/arduino/tools/avr-gcc/4.9.2-atmel3.5.4-arduino2/bin/avr-g++: no such file or directory
    Error compiling for board Arduino/Genuino Uno.

    i have all the library’s sett up

    just very confused and frustrated

  2. hi, I”m not a programmer, Just a newbe into 3d printing. I’ve been having a problem with compiling. I recently activated Manual mesh bed leveling and it compiled correctly and when I tried to use it it worked good but it was too close to edge so I went back to the marlin software and looked at adjusting were the probing starts I chg’d inset to another number and tried to verify and I get this error “‘Marlin’ does not name a type” Ive been searching now for several days for an answer and come up with nothing. I have since chg’d back to where it was before and same error can you explain what I can do.
    Bill Ct.


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