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See the world through the eyes of this camera-equipped, snake-like robot.
safe image.php?d=AQB2kdm3zOD71KQX&w=720&h=720& content%2Fuploads%2F2019%2F09%2FUntitled 2 3 - arduino examples

This 3D-printed prosthesis uses computer vision to adjust its grip depending on the object.
safe image.php?d=AQD dQbotzfS6mLl&w=720&h=720&url=fbstaging%3A%2F%2Fgraph.facebook - arduino examples
KYHTlY1K normal - arduino examples
Wed Aug 03 18:20:47 +0000 2016

CTC GO CORE (1.3.0) for #arduino by @arduino
All in one library containing examples from lessons and projects for …
KYHTlY1K normal - arduino examples
Wed Aug 03 18:20:47 +0000 2016

Adafruit NeoTrellis M4 Library (1.2.1) for #arduino by @adafruit
Examples and code for the NeoTrellis M4

Where to Start?

helathra25 photo

Dial Test Indicator Gauge Precision Metric Mechanical Measurement Inspection Set

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  1. Impressed with this tutorial. Well structured. Clearly spoken. No “Whatsup guys” or bloody annoying music. Learned a lot and will definitely buy an arduino on the basis of watching this – big Thank you

  2. Fantastic overview! What version is this board though? Mine looks slightly different, as do all the boards on Amazon and even on Arduino’s site.

    (ex. the reset button is in the top left instead of toward the middle as shown here)

  3. I’m looking to control a half horse pump based on a few temperature readings, when tank temp gets low a circulator pump kicks on to circulate through either a solar water heater or through a coil over the wood stove. Based on the temp of the solar water heater or wood stove the speed the water is circulated is adjusted. Is there an arduino for high amperage devices? Wireless or wired temp sensors?

  4. Great video- I’m planning to use this in a motor timed on and then off triggered by proximity sensor. I will need the arduino to relay low voltage A/C to a contactor coil. Is this something the ardriuno is capable of doing the programming and attachment relay boards? Thanks for any helpful response …

  5. So many Electrical Engineers may ask what is so special about the Arduino microprocessor board. ?
    It is true that there are 100 of microprocessor boards on the market from Texas Intrument Atmel and others. The success of the Arduino is not the processor board, it is the software that goes with it.
    The software enables the user to express logic in simple English language terms.
    This is all about the Arduino learning to understand the English language of logic and not about the user learning complicated ‘ C ‘ language statements.

  6. What is the output voltage of the LEDs GPIO pin? A 1K resistor will provide a less than optimum current to the LED at 3.3V or 5V.
    Typically, LEDs like the one you’re using operate at 15mA ~ 20mA. This would be 220 ohms and 330 ohms for 3.3V and 5V respectively. A 1K resistor would work best on a LED operating on a 12V port, but will light considerably dimly at 3.3V.

  7. As an Arduino hobbyist who has been using Arduino to build robots for the last few years, this video indeed provides the clearest explanation on what Arduino actually is, so thank you! There are so many great videos out there but for those of you interested in seeing how one could build a simple robot with parts readily available on the web, including coding and wiring, feel free to check out Sorry this isn’t as professional as what you see here but I hope I can help for anyone interested in Arduino and robots. Thanks!

    1. are you located in the USA?? I’m looking to pick someone’s brain who is pretty tech savvy!! Would you be available for a interview??

    2. @Frankg718215 Martella Hi there, thanks for your reply. I am more than happy to share code for stuff I have been showing in my videos but interview may be tricky as I am not based in the US? What exactly are you looking for if you don’t mind me asking please?

  8. Might try to use one for custom car functionality. Such as push to start, make an application for remote start, window motor control, convertible top control, enhanced security, etc.

    should be fun

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