The brain harmonic frequencies provides a wide, ranging and extensive benefits in a painless and non invasive manner. With little or no side effects relieves stress, regain mental acuity and clarity, helps with addictions and cravings relief from insomnia, enhanced meditation experiences, pain management, etc. A project for making such a device was recently presented in a local magazine, but the device was relatively complex and contains checks. Six integrated circuits in a very simple way can be made similar device with the help of arduino microcontroller and a few discrete elements. The basic idea and code is from the end, vitronics forum. I send the code with a simple 20 minutes timer, which is the recommended uh time for this type of simulation. You can easily change this time in the code. I also added a switch with which we can choose between brain tuner and bm. Tuner mode arduino generates two frequencies, one hundred and eleven, and one thousand and one hundred and ten hertz modulated by a third one and all of them, multi multiplexed by an audio transformer and apply it to the ear lobes to use the brain tuner its simply a Matter of attaching ear clips with conductive rubber electrodes to the earlobes for relaxation for relaxation purposes typical uses from 20 to 40 minutes a day for up to 40 days in order to enjoy lasting effects, device is relatively simple to build and contains a few components. Arduino, nano microcontroller, discrete elements board containing four transistors, several resistors and diodes in the transformer.

Am i using a transformer from an from the old audio stage of an old radio receiver and you can see more detailed travel features on the above mentioned forum. Next two potentiometers timer button 3 leds 2 switches and ear clips and now lets see how the device works in reality. For that purpose, we will connect an oscilloscope to the output so that we can follow the shape of the output signal. For this purpose, a resistor with a value of 1.5 kilo ohm is connected in parallel to the output. This potential will will control current in direct routes, and you can set it while using the device according to the sensation in your ears too much current will cause discomfort and you – and you should only set it to the point where you can feel slight tingling or A bit more other potentiometer control the interrupts of signal selectable between 0.5 and 5 hertz. The signal we see on the oscilloscope screens corresponds to the signal of the commercial bob beck brain tuner, which sells of 150 dollars and up the device also has a biotuner mode that turns on with the switch, and this is the shape of this signal. This button turn on the timer, the leds, the lid lights up until 20 minutes have elapsed and then turns off due to the needs of this presentation. I reduced the time to 30 seconds. In addition to the led, a relay can be connected to the timer.

That will physically control the duration of the therapy. At the link with the detailed description you can see that there are two schematic diagrams of which the simple one represents only brain tuner and the other one has biotuner mode and timer, but it is more complicated to make. It is important to emphasize that for safety reasons, the device should be powered by a battery that, due to the low consumption, will consumption, which will last a long time uh this unit is not a medical device. I cant claim or prove any therapeutic effectiveness for this device, but if you are interested to trying it, the circuit is so cheap and relatively simple to build that an attempt can be made without quite no harm. Finally, the device is built into a suitable box made of pvc material and coated with a self adhesive color label. Here is what does arduino pin 3 signal looks like its a rectangular signal, with a frequency on 1.11 kilohertz and on pin 9 of arduino.